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Genre: SoundtrackDate: 2014Country: USAAudio codec: MP3Quality: 320 kbsPlaytime: 3:07:04 Read More Genre: ScoreDate: 2014Country: USAAudio codec: MP3Quality: 320 kbsPlaytime: 1:00:58 Read More Genre: ScoreDate: 2014Country: USAAudio codec: MP3Quality: 320 kbsPlaytime: 04:14 Read More

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Soundtracks from movies and games Human Body Meridian Chart & The Nervous System (Click to enlarge) (image from Wikipedia) For general information on the meridians, please see:American Acupuncture, Yin Yang House, Holistic Guide Re: the Conception Vessel (CV) Please see: Yin Yang House, American Acupuncture The 25 Most Exquisitely Sad Songs in the Whole World Posted May 3rd 2007 7:00PM by Spinner Staff Filed under: The Hit List source There's no shortage of sad songs about rainy days and lovers who don't bring flowers. Jared & The Mill: Western Expansion (Self-released)US: 17 Sep 2013UK: 17 Sep 2013 All signs indicate the nouveau folk renaissance isn’t losing steam anytime soon, with new bands joining in the fray at an exponential level. Of course, the inherent challenge of any upcoming group is to assert their individuality and present what it is about them that warrants more attention than is received by the rest, and this is especially true in a lucrative and popular genre. The Phoenix sextet Jared & The Mill manages to be one of those outfits to stamp their distinctiveness, employing and expanding upon previously understated textures in Americana folk. Now, on first listen of the group’s debut LP, Western Expansion, the comparisons to trendsetters Mumford & Sons is almost a requisite — the abundance of the banjo, the earnest vocals, the rollicking melodies and jaunty rhythms.

IsraBox Δε θέλω πια να είμαι καλή, να είμαι καλά θέλω Δε θέλω πια να είμαι καλή. Να είμαι καλά θέλω. Να μη γίνομαι άλλο χαλί να σκουπίζουν τα πόδια τους οι ξένοι που μπαίνουν στην ζωή μου. Να μην είμαι πια το λιμάνι που θα αράξουν οι ναυτικοί μέχρι να περάσει η μπόρα τους. Qu'est-ce qu'on écoutait en 1930 au Japon ? Une map fait le tour du monde des radios Qu’écoutaient les Suédois dans les 90′s ? Et les Français en 1940 ? Grâce au site Radiooooo et à sa map cliquable, on écoute beaucoup et on découvre vraiment ! Le principe est si malin qu’on s’étonne d’avoir attendu si longtemps pour le voir créé. Prenez une map. Cliquez sur le pays de votre choix, admettons l’Argentine.

The 50 Best Albums of 2016 The Montclair, N.J. group Pinegrove have two logos: one, a small box intersected with an identical box, is favored among their legions of young and tattooed fans, as evidenced in an endless stream of RTs on the band’s page. The other is an ampersand. This summer, when Pitchfork interviewed the band’s frontman, Evan Stephens Hall—a 27-year-old of highly enthusiastic, bookish charisma—he said he’d thought about publishing a pamphlet on Pinegrove iconography. Both symbols, he said, are intended to reflect an ethos of multiplicity, of many simultaneous realities, and thus of radical empathy. On Cardinal, Hall’s plainspoken lyrics belie this epistemological headiness, but you can feel the compassion in their raw alt-country arrangements, in phrases that reach and erupt.