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Serious Games & Jeux Sérieux

Serious Games & Jeux Sérieux

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processing : black hole pong Robert Unwin summer project 2010 This game is a light-hearted remake of the old classic, except with a cosmic twist! The original game of Pong involved each player controlling a paddle which they would use to bounce a ball back to their opponent, in the hope they would miss. Guess My Race Guess My Race is a quiz game that was designed to get people thinking in new ways, allowing them to think more critically about the extremely complex issues of race, diversity, ethnicity, religion, nationality, class, and culture. The Guess My Race app takes the form of a “quiz” in which you will see stunning photographs of real people and you must try to guess how these people answered the question “What race are you?” After each guess, you will find out how the person really defines him or herself, along with a quote from that person regarding their identity or their experiences with race. Then you will be shown a thought provoking historical or cultural fact directly related to identity issues. Each quiz will display ten pictures, but you can play over and over with new pictures, quotes and facts each time.

BEAT THE CENSOR - an illustration of different censoring attempts SCORE: 0000 | Users connected: 000 Why do some countries censor the internet? Frankly we do not know and you would need to ask the respective governments why they are doing it. Where does the data comes from? We use a mashup of data coming from and the OpenNet Initiative. The data was made available to us during the EU Hackathon 2011.

Sweatshop Through a series of thirty challenging levels players must balance the unreasonable demands of Boss, the temperamental factory owner and Boy, a gentle, hard-working child labourer. Together, the team must work to make the factory a roaring success supplying clothes to their ever-demanding retail clients. The game presents a series of moral dilemmas to the player, who must juggle the needs of clients with the welfare of workers. Me Tycoon Me Tycoon is a casual, simulation game that offers young people a way to find out more about resources and opportunities about future careers. Young people often lack the resources, help or opportunities to think about their career. Being able to find out about different types of work, get to grips with transferable skills, or discover the changing nature of the jobs market usually doesn’t happen until well after leaving school. We set out to create a captivating and satisfying online experience that would encourage young teenagers to proactively explore career opportunities; combining videos of real people doing real jobs within a game world based on skills, activities and money to determine happiness. We built an online social game that encourages players to explore and develop their virtual life, and compete with others to rise to the top.

Admongo Created by the Federal Trade Commission and PR agency Fleishman-Hillard, Admongo explores the fact that children spend billions of dollars a year on products and services, and influence billions more in family purchases. Advertising is ubiquitous, and the distinction between advertising and other content in new media — advergames, for example — often is blurred. It is likely that many children may not understand when they are being “pitched” a product or service. The heart of the learning experience is, an interactive website that teaches core ad literacy concepts through an entertaining game with multiple levels and challenges. A curriculum was designed to equip children with the skills they need to recognize why, where, and how commercial messages are constructed and placed.

Stop Disasters Disaster prevention awareness on a grand scale. This game for the UN ISDR tackles the very real issue around the World of saving lives and reducing the financial impact that natural hazards cause when they turn into disasters. The aim of this game is simply to raise awareness of how disasters affect people every day and how often very simple measures can save many lives. The Curfew The Curfew is an online interactive drama created by Littleloud, published by Channel 4 and written by comic book author, Kieron Gillen. The Curfew addresses a range of political themes targeted at young people, challenging them to examine the freedoms they currently enjoy and the potential consequences if they do not protect them. The story starts as the player receives important data from a mysterious contact. The contact persuades the player to pass on the data to somebody who will use it to bring down the out of control government. The player proceeds to a safe house where they meet 4 Sub-citizens who are avoiding curfew.

Farm Blitz Created by and for low-income adults with inspiration from the world’s two most popular games (Bejeweled and Farmville), Farm Blitz combines elements of both titles to simulate the process of creating good savings habits and avoiding the pitfalls of accumulating too much debt. Financial Entertainment is an engaging new media that teaches consumers how to better manage their money. It is the brainchild of the Doorways to Dreams Fund (D2D), a nonprofit organization that provides innovative financial education to improve the lives of Americans. Celebrity Calamity, our first financial entertainment product, is a video game that’s fun to play and gives players valuable financial information they can use in daily life. In this game, players become the Business Manager for three up-and-coming celebrities—Alice Albudget, Buster Buyin, and Missy Moolah—who spend beyond their means.

The Garbage Dreams Game The documentary Garbage Dreams goes inside the world of Egypt’s Zaballeen (Arabic for “garbage people”). The Garbage Dreams Recycling game invites players to take on the role of the Zaballeen, who impressively recycle 80% of the trash they collect. Take on the Role of the Zaballeen. Start with one neighborhood, one factory, and one hungry goat. You have 8 months to build your recycling empire and get Cairo’s total recycling as high as you can. Can you be as eco-savvy as the Zaballeen? Wondermind Wondermind is a unique suite of mini-games and interactive films for children aged 8-12, designed to illustrate the neuroscience of the growing brain in child development in simple, fun ways. The games aim to encourage an understanding of core aspects of neuroscience, including neural plasticity, spatial cognition, memory and language. The games are imbued with the essence of Lewis Caroll’s timeless story and feature some of the classic characters. Quests include searching for the Cheshire Cat in an increasingly complex maze using reflected light; catching the White Rabbit whilst trying to keep untrodden paths from growing over; and making sure the Mad Hatter serves the right type of tea to his eccentric guests. The games use familiar and engaging mechanics to convey basic neuroscience concepts to a non-scientific audience.

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