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Piccolo, the tiny CNC-bot

Piccolo, the tiny CNC-bot

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Piccolo Assembly Instructions · DiatomStudio/Piccolo Wiki #Piccolo v1.1 Assembly# ###Before You Begin### Assemble the PCB first - If your PCB is still naked, we recommend assembling it before you start putting your Piccolo together. Once the PCB is ready, assembling the rest of the Piccolo takes about 2 hours. Remove any protective plastic/paper coating - It is likely that your acrylic sheet will have a layer of protective plastic on it, so make sure you peel it off all the parts before you start assembling. The MDF may also have been cut with a protective paper layer on one or both sides, so make sure you peel this off too.

TV Volume Loudness Guard using Arduino UPDATES Mar 05, 2013 Featured on WonderHowTo Feb 14, 2013 Featured on LifeHacker Feb 13, 2013 I have updated the Arduino program in step 4 to support additional remote controls. Feb 13, 2013 Featured on Dangerous Prototypes Feb 12, 2013 Featured on Semageek Feb 12, 2013 Featured on Embedds Feb 12, 2013 Featured on Hackaday What can be more annoying than those TV commercials on steroid? 13 Ways of Looking at Painting by Julia Morrisroe There's been a lot of discussion about Michelle Grabner's show at James Cohan after Ken Johnson's review in the NY Times. Links to some of the debate are below and they're worth reading. The debate is primarily about the language used to frame or critique the show, and its a worthy debate, check it out here. Ken Johnson's ReviewJillian Steinhauer, On Ken Johnson and the Question of SexismCorinna Kirsch, Not Just a 'Soccer Mom"

Cheapest Smart Home for $38: 8 Steps (with Pictures) The Raspberry Pi Zero W does not have a header integrated but it’s very easy to add one (and you can buy it for less than $2 on Amazon). You can solder it very easily in a minute. Thanks to those PINs, we can now connect the Raspberry Pi Zero W to our RF transceiver. The latter will communicate via radio frequency with your RF sockets to turn them on and off. It’s a very economical way to connect devices/appliances that can be triggered by just being connected to a power supply (like lights and TV). You need to solder the RF transceiver and home-made antenna together. TeenLogger, a Teensy GPS Logger The goal In the past two years, i have released two version of GPS logger, with a lot of default like, poor autonomy, need to take off the sdcard to get the log, no function to upgrade the code easily, by the way, i have redesigned a new version with a lot of news feature, see bellow. – Better autonomy. – Be lightweight and portable. – Be rechargeable easily. – Got log directly from USB. – Upgrade code via IDE Arduino through USB. – Future options implemented for improvement. – Many more … Hardware – µC Section The hardware run around a Teensy 2 this very small board run with a ATMEGA32U4 8bit AVR 16 MHz Processor, 25 I/O.

Archive content from Machine Design Robert LipsettEngineering Manager Ball Screws & Actuators Co. San Jose, Calif. Leadscrews are an efficient and often cost-effective means to convert rotary motion to linear motion. Products incorporating leadscrews range from garage-door openers to precision laser-positioning systems. With such a wide range of applications, component selection can be a challenge, but this is only step one.

PiStation - A Raspberry Pi Emulation Console Now this guide isn't about the software end, only because there are so many tutorials that explain it better than I could, but I will give a quick explanation, as well as link you to some of my favorite tutorials. I'll do my best to answer any questions about this process as I can, I'm just not posting it here so I don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just know that you will need to download the newest release of the RetroPie Project SD-card Image, and burn that onto a bootable SD card of 4GB or more. Once you insert the SD card into the Pi, you can follow any of these guides along the setup process. It will take some time, but once you're done you can change the boot screen to my custom PiStation boot up screen if you'd like to stick with the whole PlayStation theme. Download boot screen here.

ATtiny programmer using Arduino ISP -Use Arduino for Projects Thanks to: For relatively small (less number of pins than ATmega328) projects, ATtiny series, ATtiny45 or Attiny85 are good choice in terms of its physical size (8-DIP or 8-SOIC) and low power consumption. There are many ways to program it. One of the popular device is USBtinyISP and DASA. Precision Fabrication, Inc. Precision Fabrication, Inc. specializes in commercial applications of close tolerance machining, fabrication, and welding. We take projects from an initial concept, through the prototype stage, and into production. We work with top designers, engineers, and others to meet the needs of our clients. Commitment to quality and the highest standards assure you that Precision Fabrication, Inc. will always meet your needs. Phone: 505-346-0199Fax: 505-323-5921E-mail:

Posts In the past I’ve written several blog posts about how to use Arduino to interface with remote power sockets. For home automation involving powerline devices (e.g. lights, heaters, pumps, fans), this is my favorite solution, because it’s low-cost (remote power sockets are widely available at cheap price) and convenient (no messing around with relays and powerline wires). Also, one Arduino plus transmitter can simultaneously talk to many power sockets, making this a scalable solution too.