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Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world

Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world
Peter Weyland has been a magnet for controversy since he announced his intent to build the first convincingly humanoid robotic system by the end of the decade. Whether challenging the ethical boundaries of medicine with nanotechnology or going toe to toe with the Vatican itself on the issue of gene-therapy sterilization, Sir Peter prides himself on his motto, “If we can, we must.” After a three year media blackout, Weyland has finally emerged to reveal where he’s heading next. Wherever that may be, we will most certainly want to follow. Conceived and designed by Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof and directed by Luke Scott. Sir Peter Weyland was born in Mumbai, India at the turn of the Millennium. In less than a decade, Weyland Corporation became a worldwide leader in emerging technologies and launched the first privatized industrial mission to leave the planet Earth.

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Pay it forward Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. The concept is old, but the phrase may have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight.[1] "Pay it forward" is implemented in contract law of loans in the concept of third party beneficiaries. Greenland Is Building The Perfect Place To Watch The World End A stunning structure built 241km inside the Arctic Circle will serve as a crucial research centre for glaciologists. But perhaps more importantly, it will be a place where humans can travel to see the real-time impact of climate change.Images: Dorte Mandrup The Illulissat Icefjord is a UNESCO-protected site on Greenland’s west coast that’s known for both its stunning natural features and its long history of human habitation. Illulissat is one of the few spots where Greenland’s continental ice sheet calves into the sea, allowing scientists rare access to glacial ice that’s over 250,000 years old. This is why it’s known as climate change “ground zero”.

PROMETHEUS Teaser Poster Photo As you may have noticed, summer 2012 movies are getting marketed like crazy as audiences head to the multiplex over the holidays. We’ve recently had at least one trailer every day this week for a summer film, and posters usually come along with the package. We haven’t gotten a trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (or anything beyond these images), but a poster for the film may have gone online. Collider reader John sent us a link to a snapped photo of what could be the film’s teaser poster. It looks legit, especially since there’s no MPAA rating on the bottom.

Don't mention income inequality please, we're entrepreneurs - Media Criticism There was a bit of a scandal last week when it was reported that a TED Talk on income equality had been censored. That turned out to be not quite the entire story. Nick Hanauer, a venture capitalist with a book out on income inequality, was invited to speak at a TED function. He spoke for a few minutes, making the argument that rich people like himself are not in fact job creators and that they should be taxed at a higher rate. 40 Photo-Illustrated Questions to Refocus Your Mind Asking the right questions is the answer… It’s not the answers you get from others that will help you, but the questions you ask of yourself. Here are 40 thought-provoking questions to help you refresh and refocus your thinking: Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Starship Troopers (film) Starship Troopers is a 1997 American military science fiction action film directed by Paul Verhoeven and written by Edward Neumeier, originally from an unrelated script called Bug Hunt at Outpost Nine,[2] but eventually licensing the name Starship Troopers, from a science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein. It is the only theatrically released film in the Starship Troopers franchise.

Bruder Exp-6 Expedition Trailer The appeal of getting out into nature and enjoying the majesty of it – the sheer size of open land, the wildlife, and the stars at night – is nearly universal. On the other hand, a tolerance for bigs, dirt, and not showering for a couple weeks is not. That’s where the Bruder Exp-6 Trailer comes in. Bruder has pushed the envelope with this trailer by melding rugged capability with luxury. Not only does this trailer feature a 4mm galvanized chassis that can carry up to 11 times its own weight, along with an high tech suspension (300mm of travel, folks), but when you walk in through the spaceship-like back hatch, you essentially walk into a nice apartment. Featuring two fridges, a pantry and kitchen that can be accessed from inside or out, and a full bathroom – you can really combine the best of both worlds; homelike comfort with the wilderness right outside your doors.

PROMETHEUS: HUGE SPOILER EXCLUSIVE CONTAINED IN CALLSHEET (YES I SAID SPOILER!) Okay boys and girls. Im a spoiler freak. I love em…BUT….I know not everyone does so Im not going to talk about them in the article. If you arent wanting to know don’t read or look at it. Global TEDGlobal 2012 on the TED Blog Monday June 25 Tuesday June 26 Wednesday June 27 How to run a successful research lab without having a lab At the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Atul Butte gave a talk entitled, "Translational Medical Discoveries Through Data Transparency and Reuse." It could just as easily been called "how to run a successful research lab without having a lab." Butte, who is faculty at Stanford, was part of a panel that discussed the open sharing of data, and he used his own experience to provide a compelling case study that showed that, when researchers share their data, it enables others to drive a field forward in new ways. Butte focused on a specific type of data, generated by what are called DNA or gene chips.

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