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Brilliant Tutorials That Will Help You Manipulate Images On Photoshop Like A Pro Serene fantasy photo manipulation Hoping to make the ins and outs of Photoshop accessible to everyone, the team at Photodoto has gathered a list of brilliant online tutorials to help you learn the ropes of the image editing software. Covering a range of techniques and tools involved in creative retouching and the application of a variety of surreal, artistic and lighting effects, the tutorials offer a comprehensive understanding of various artistic processes and guide you in exploring the limits of the popular software. Check out some of the suggested tutorials below and view the complete list here. How to create an amazing watercolor artwork in Photoshop How to create an easy dispersion effect in Photoshop Create a surreal landscape using photo manipulation How to turn a photo into a beautiful painting [via Photodoto]

Aligner des calques de texte Cette astuce va nous montrer comment aligner facilement vos calques. Créer un nouveau document puis tapez votre texte.!!! ATTENTION !!! pour réaliser correctement ce tutorial photoshop vous devez taper chaque ligne sur un calque différent. Sélectionnez l'outil Déplacement Centrez votre premier calque Bonjour puis sélectionnez le. Voici les différents options disponibles. Cliquez sur Aligner les centres dans le sens horizontal Puis cliquez sur Répartir les centres verticaux Voila vous savez maintenant utiliser l'option "Aligner les calques. Voila nous sommes au bout de cette astuce.

6 Quick’n’Dirty Photoshop Text Effects From Scratch Photoshop is great for embellishing display text with little effects. When you add layer styles into the equation, you have the added benefit of the styles being easily transferable. In this tutorial I'll show you how to make six different effects using just layer styles. So really this is like six tutorials in one! All six of these effects use just layer styles. Quick Gold Text There are a lot of ways to make "gold" text. The font we're using here is Trajan—a very elegant typeface that suits gold text. First the top layer, which is made with the usual suspects—a bevel, a gradient overlay, and so on. This is the layer that gives the depth to our letters. There are a lot of ways to make "gold" text. 3D Metallic Text This effect is actually just a variation on the gold text. To try something slightly different, I also applied a text warp. Now if you apply a Bulge to one of the layers, but not the other, you get a slight distortion that looks neat. DoubleType HyperColor Thin Metal Digg

Brilliant Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials Brilliant Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials Details Category: Tutorials Hits: 23896 Movie Poster are very important aspect when promoting a film, where there is less concern for readability and more potential for using images in an artistic manner. Create a Dramatic Film Poster in 5 Minutes Using Photoshop Designing a film poster is pure fun. Create an Action Packed Movie Poster in Photoshop It doesn't get much more comprehensive than this. {ads2} Design a Grungy Western Movie Poster in Photoshop If you like westerns, this design will appeal to you. Your Own Crazy Movie Poster When you look at the POTC Posters (That will be Pirates of the Caribbean and NOT Passion of the Christ from here know you were thinking it!) Design a Sin City Style Poster In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create that effect in Photoshop, but this time we’ll use Illustrator to create the perspectives and text. Create an Intense Movie Poster in Photoshop How To Create A Movie Quality DVD Cover Wanted Poster

Advanced Creation Eye Sharpening - Photoshop Tutorial - 416 Studios With this tutorial you can create amazing, bright eyes within minutes. First retouch, adjust levels and do all necessary colour corrections on your image. With a Lasso Tool (L) select the eyes (hold Shift key to add to selection). Use Smart Sharpen filter on the eyes, the choice of right settings will depend on the size of your file. Add a layer mask to the sharpened layer, then using a white soft brush on 50% bring back paint only iris’ and pupils to expose the sharpened eyes. Using levels brighten the whole picture and then copy mask from previous layer to select only eyes by holding Alt while dragging the sharpened mask (“layer 1” in the pic) onto the “levels 2” layer. With a Colour Balance set desired eye colour, keep “Preserve Luminosity” ticked, again use copy of previously created mask to select eyes only. Reduce opacity of the colour layer to make the eyes look more natural. And voilà, the image is ready.

Tutoriaux Photoshop Les styles de calque Chez Sweety Les styles de calque. Les styles de calque permettent d'obtenir automatiquement différents effets visuels sur les zones opaques d'un calque. Ces effets peuvent être appliqués aux calques de texte, d'image, de remplissage aussi bien que sur les masque de fusion ou les masques vectoriels. Pour qu'un style de calque puisse être appliqué sur un calque de fond, il faut que celui-ci soit converti en un calque normal. Appliqué sur un texte, les effets sont automatiquement remis à jour si vous modifiez votre texte. Les styles de calque n'exige pas beaucoup de mémoire, ce sont de simples paramètres de calque, et ,'augmente pas beaucoup la taille de votre fichier. Après avoir modifié certains réglages, si vous souhaitez retrouver les valeurs initiales, enfoncez la touche ALT et clqiuer sur le bouton Annuler qui deviendra Réinitialiser. Pour aller de panneau en panneau, il faut cliquer sur le mot du panneau. Styles. Options de fusion : Par défaut. Ombre portée. Ombre interne. Lueur externe. Lueur interne.

25 Creative Menus And Navigation Tutorials of Photoshop Navigation menus are the most essential part of a blog or website. If made with impressive design and implemented at the right place on your web document, they can not only make the interface of a web document user friendly but also adds a better quality to its design. Basically they consist of links to various pages and categories within the website, however its website owner’s wish that which elements he/she wants to add in it. For example, you can add Facebook and twitter profile link, RSS profile link etc to your website menu also. Making a very easy to use, understandable and mesmerizing navigation menu is a designer’s priority while making a custom website design. If you are going to make a website for commercial or personal use, and need a highly influential design, then we can help you in choosing the right one. All designs given below are hand picked and really graceful. Blue on Black Navigation Bar An eye-catching navigation bar for technical blogs. Advertisement Interface Orbs

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