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Adobe adresses photographers’ Creative Cloud subscription, file legacy concerns Adobe has issued a statement addressing photographers’ concerns about the Creative Cloud subscription-only model and the legacy of any work created in Photoshop CC, suggesting the company may soon offer a compromise. 0 Comments | Read more Photoshop CC: 10 things every photographer should know Adobe quietly announced some major changes to its Photoshop platform yesterday, chief among them re-branding the software as Photoshop CC to reinforce its commitment to its Creative Cloud service (which has also been updated with 15 new apps) 0 Comments | Read more

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6 Quick’n’Dirty Photoshop Text Effects From Scratch Photoshop is great for embellishing display text with little effects. When you add layer styles into the equation, you have the added benefit of the styles being easily transferable. In this tutorial I'll show you how to make six different effects using just layer styles. So really this is like six tutorials in one! All six of these effects use just layer styles.

Brilliant Tutorials That Will Help You Manipulate Images On Photoshop Like A Pro Serene fantasy photo manipulation Hoping to make the ins and outs of Photoshop accessible to everyone, the team at Photodoto has gathered a list of brilliant online tutorials to help you learn the ropes of the image editing software. Covering a range of techniques and tools involved in creative retouching and the application of a variety of surreal, artistic and lighting effects, the tutorials offer a comprehensive understanding of various artistic processes and guide you in exploring the limits of the popular software. Check out some of the suggested tutorials below and view the complete list here. How to create an amazing watercolor artwork in Photoshop

Brilliant Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials Brilliant Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials Details Category: Tutorials Hits: 23896 25 Creative Menus And Navigation Tutorials of Photoshop Navigation menus are the most essential part of a blog or website. If made with impressive design and implemented at the right place on your web document, they can not only make the interface of a web document user friendly but also adds a better quality to its design. Basically they consist of links to various pages and categories within the website, however its website owner’s wish that which elements he/she wants to add in it. For example, you can add Facebook and twitter profile link, RSS profile link etc to your website menu also. Making a very easy to use, understandable and mesmerizing navigation menu is a designer’s priority while making a custom website design. If you are going to make a website for commercial or personal use, and need a highly influential design, then we can help you in choosing the right one.

Eye Sharpening - Photoshop Tutorial - 416 Studios With this tutorial you can create amazing, bright eyes within minutes. First retouch, adjust levels and do all necessary colour corrections on your image. With a Lasso Tool (L) select the eyes (hold Shift key to add to selection). Make a Simple and Modern Web UI Button in Photoshop This beginner-level web/user interface design tutorial will walk you through the creation of a popular style of buttons that can be used in a variety of situations, such as in call-to-actions, common user tasks such as submitting a web form, and buying products from your e-store. In addition to the creation of the graphic in Photoshop, we will go over the HTML and CSS needed in order to make the design fully functional. Preview

200++ Photoshop Photo Effects EmailEmail Have you ever wonder where is that photo effect tutorial you saw the other day and start searching all over the internet but couldn’t find what you saw initially? Honestly, i have. That is why i throw them all into this article instead. But i also use these article to gain inspiration on what to do with my photo image. Sometimes we are like a lost bird when it comes to creative design.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Rainbows, Glows and Light Effects Advertisement Lighting effects in Adobe Photoshop are used to add flare and polish to images. They communicate feelings of creativity, technology, magic, and fantasy. Creating beams, glows, motion trails, rainbows, or an assortment of other lighting effects, give your images ambiance and depth.

Free Photoshop Tutorials ++60 « JinSpiration How To Create Detailed Gothic Linework Typography How To Create Detailed Gothic Linework Typography Tron Legacy Tutorial Tron Legacy Tutorial