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Dot Net Application Developement

Dot Net Application Developement

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Best Full Stack Development Company in USA The full-stack web development is a cross-development at any technology stack, service front-end and back-end included. Our full-stack developers master the whole package. They immediately identify the client and server responsibilities of an application and analyze the pros and cons of various solutions. EdTech, MedTech, FinTech, IoT, Media & Digital Services, handling automation - our teams have successfully taken up the challenges of mature or much younger companies in many sectors.

Android App Development Service Android apps represent almost 65% of the market share of smartphones and 35% of tablets across the world. Moreover, there are more than 24,000 different models of smart-devices. This fragmentation is both a strength and a weakness of the Android ecosystem. The devices come in all shapes and sizes, with different performance levels and screen sizes. In addition, there are many versions of Android that are simultaneously active.

How Chatbot can help Real Estate Sector flourish? A new wave of technology could affect the real estate industry in the years to come. These are chatbots (also called bots or conversational agents) for real estate. These small robots rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to play the role of an automatic interface between a service and a user. Only a few months after Facebook’s launch of bot solutions via its Messenger, there were more than 11,000 active robots. CRM management software Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a concept advocating the centralization within a database of all interactions between a company and its customers. This makes it possible to pool and maximize the knowledge of a given client and, thus to better understand, anticipate, and manage their needs. Customer management platform software covers several key areas - customer support, sales analysis, management of marketing campaigns, and management of sales forces. Custom CRM Software Solutions allow real-time access to data and thus offers a personalized service: management of information requests, technical incidents, intervention planning, etc.

Flutter Mobile App Development The main goal of Flutter Mobile App Development is to allow simple and fast creation of optimized and cross-platform applications. It allows an identical design on each device, whatever its platform, the version of its operating system or its year of production. This is done using its own Widgets which are copies of graphical elements of Android and iOS, drawn directly at the screen. Flutter also offers a non-optimized mode used during development to quickly integrate the interface, and logic of the application without having to redeploy it on a device between each change, unlike Android or iOS. Why are Businesses Choosing Cross-Platform Apps? Over the years, the mobile development market has seen the emergence of 3 main families of applications. Native applications, which are mobile applications developed with a language specific to the OS such as Swift/Objective-C for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android. Hybrid applications, which use web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and which are displayed in web views in applications. Ionic, Cordova, and Phonegap are examples of hybrid technologies. Cross-platform applications, which are native mobile applications generated from a single code base. Thanks to technologies like Xamarin, React Native, or even Flutter, it is possible to generate applications for several OS without having to develop several distinct applications.

Flight Booking Engine Solution The complex tasks that must be managed in the field of travel and reservations require the use of well-adapted tools. Unlike other travel agency reservation systems, OneClick offers an Online flight reservation system that allows for a continuous and consistent flow of much more targeted reservation plan searches. Such tools help the travel and hospitality industry to monetize and grow your travel services business. IoT Web App Development The race has already started, equip yourself and don't miss the boat! From health to sports, including home automation and smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) has invaded our daily lives. This new connected world in full emergence obliges companies to prepare themselves to exploit new opportunities and to imagine new business models around the generated data. Full-stack support for your IoT web app development project From R&D and UI / UX, through architecture, technical advice, and software engineering to release and launch marketing operations, OneClick offers full-stack support for your IoT mobile app development projects.

7 Cloud App Security Practices for Better Risk Management Given the simplicity and low cost of the public cloud, it is becoming evident that companies turn to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It is easy to create a new account in minutes, increase or decrease resources as needed, all by paying only for what is used and avoiding paying high costs for hardware. Although the public cloud eliminates the need for hardware, it is nevertheless the source of new puzzles. The secret to effective cloud application security is to improve it globally – guarantee the protection and correct configuration of your architecture, obtain visibility on your infrastructure, and, very importantly, on who can access it. On paper, cloud risk management sounds simple, but the reality is quite different.