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: OneClick has delivered a versatile range of solutions that have made a significant difference in our customer’s business. With an in-depth case study and research, we bring industry-specific solutions using the latest technology.

Getting started with core data programming. In this article, we will discuss Core Data basics and how Core Data framework is used in our iOS/MacOS applications.

Getting started with core data programming

What is Core Data? Core Data is an article chart and industriousness structure given by Apple in iOS and Mac OS. Core Data is utilized to maintain the model layer object in our application. You can utilize Core Data as a system to track, save, change and filter the information inside iOS/Mac applications. However, Core Data isn’t a Database. In this article, we will perceive how to embed, update and erase information utilizing the Core Data system. Measuring Distance Between Beacon & Device. Beacon is BLE(Bluetooth low energy) device which is frequently used in Assets Tracking, Marketing (Sending Push Notification with message and Url), Body Fitness tracking, Door Tracking, etc.

Measuring Distance Between Beacon & Device

Example: Let take the example of old age house or mental hospital where abnormal people are leaving and those people are mentor by some other people. It becomes quite a headache when sick people might leave their room or cross the exit door, so avoid this headache a card beacon or wrist beacon is attached to sick people. When an old person or sick people enter into other room or cross the exit door then beacon signal will be captured by gateway device which is mounted in each room or exit door. Entity framework in Depth. What is Entity Framework?

Entity framework in Depth

Entity Framework is a persistence framework which helps you to access database and load your object and save into the database. Workflows There are 3 workflows to build domain mode using entity framework. Most developers use the Database First and Code First approach to developing software. 1. Database-first development workflow generates the context and entities for the existing database using the EDM wizard integrated into Visual Studio or executing EF commands. 2. How to Publish Your Application on Apple's App Store. How to Publish Your Application on Apple’s App Store Once you developed an iOS application, you will need to submit it to the Apple App Store. and ensuring you submit your app to the App Store properly is very important.

How to Publish Your Application on Apple's App Store

According to Apple, 62% of common application rejections occur due to not follow the main Apple guidelines. How to use queue in Laravel. =>When we are sending multiple emails in laravel at one time, it takes a lot of time.

How to use queue in Laravel

This time-consuming process disturbs the user experience. =>For this problem we have one solution in laravel, which is called “Queue”. Queue place the task in sequential order and perform them one by one. =>In case of sending multiple emails at one time Queue store the tasks in queue table and execute it one by one after some time (whenever we want). Everything you need to know about optical computers. An optical computer (also called a photonic computer) is a device that uses the photons in visible light or infrared (IR) beams, rather than electric current, to perform digital computations.

Everything you need to know about optical computers

An electric current flows at only about 10 percent of the speed of light. This restricts the rate at which information can be exchanged over long separations, and is one of the components that prompted the advancement of optical fiber. By applying a some of the benefits of unmistakable and additionally IR systems at the gadget and part scale, a PC may some time or another be built up that can perform tasks 10 or more times faster than a conventional electronic computer. why optical computers? IoT change web development process. Nowadays, in IT sector there is major growth of “Buzz words” like ‘IoT’, ’Big Data’, ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘AI’.

IoT change web development process

All those words look very simple but believe me each one of them has depth concepts behind them. So, all of you wonder what is the meaning of ‘IoT’? Basically, ‘IoT’ is an acronym for ‘Internet of Things’. What is IoT? According to Wikipedia, “The Internet of things is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. Is flutter next big thing in mobile app development. Flutter is a hot topic, the framework which thought no one thought would be fascinating from its initial stages.

Is flutter next big thing in mobile app development

Flutter was first introduced in the market In the year 2017 which started as a cross-platform toolset.Like Android, Chrome OS flutter beta also gained huge adaptability worldwide, leading Google to launch the stable version- Flutter 1.0. Flutter is one of the most promising mobile app development frameworks of 2019, which empowers a smooth and straightforward cross-stage portable application improvement. With the launch of Flutter 1.0, many mobile app development companies look forward to using it to build native-like user experiences for cross-platform mobile apps by just using single codebase.

Why choose Flutter? App owner perspective the advantage of using flutter is it speeds up the process of development, reduces the production cost of the app and helps the team to build a beautiful app with animations. 7 advantages of Kotlin over Java. Before we start creating an app in kotlin, we need to know What is kotlin language and why we use this language to build Android Application.

7 advantages of Kotlin over Java

What is Kotlin Language? Kotlin created at JetBrains, the company behind IntelliJ IDEA, in 2010 and It has been open source since 2012. Kotlin is statically typed PRAGMATIC programming language for the JVM and ANDROID. Builderall - A Web Revolution. Imagine you have started a new business and you want to increase the scale of it or you want to reach out to more customers then what idea comes first in your mind?

Builderall - A Web Revolution

A website or a mobile application, right? But building a website or a mobile application can get a little expensive as you will have to either opt for different website building tools that require several plugins or you will have to appoint a Web-developer to do your work. What if there is an option where you can get all the necessary tools at a single place that too at a lower price. Travel mobile app Achievement. We at OneClick have been delivering highly technical solutions for our clients all over the globe for over 6 years.

Our team of experts serves with diligence and intelligence to develop and to deliver interactive, cost-effective products while satisfying the client’s needs, without ever compromising on the quality. Our process and people deliver extraordinary experiences. We always give importance to our client’s vision, recently we came across a client who had a rough vision of having to add the defining feature to his website will up bring his business. As we value our client needs we closely brainstorm and analyzed his business and provided with multiple solutions with detail documentation and architecture flow which helped him understand the complete process. The client was so impressed and satisfied with our analysis that he not only took our suggestion of improvements in the website also gave us the contract to work on his business app for which we still providing support.

Work valuable by help of Automated Unit Testing in node. Automated Testing What is Automated Testing? “The practice of writing code to test our code, and then run those tests in an automated fashion.” Benefits of Automated Testing Test your code frequently, in less timecatch bugs before deployingDeployed with confidenceRefactor your code with confidence (Refactoring means changing the structure of the code without changing its behavior).Helps you focus more on the quality of the code Types of automated tests. Variable Declaration & Data Types - Kotlin Language. In our last blog, we discuss what is Kotlin? And what are the Advantages of Kotlin? So after getting this little bit knowledge about Kotlin now, we can move on basics.

Let’s start with the Variable declaration, How to create a Variable? Kotlin uses two different keywords to declare variables: val and var. Var keyword is known as a mutable variable. How to build realtime webnotification inlaravel using pusher. Imagine you are developing a web application and you need to implement notification functionality which is displaying real-time than what do you think first to implement that functionality? Taking records from a database with certain framework queries, Right? But getting notifications from the database with database queries can be a little slower to show notifications, and for that user have to refresh the page every time to see new notifications. What if there are options in the market that give us notifications without refreshing the page. Sounds interesting right? That thing can be achieved by Laravel Pusher. Have you wonder how much it cost to develop Fitness App! Innovation is plainly beginning to be pushing us to be healthier and fitter with a booming mobile development industry, every smartphone user can do whatever he needs from the comfort of his home.

According to recent research, it has been found that the use of health and fitness apps have increased by 330% during the last few years. Furthermore, the report states that about 75% of the users go through the fitness apps at least twice a week and the rest 25% navigate these apps 10 times a week! According to a study, the market associated with fitness apps is expected to grow up to $31 billion by 2020 from $10 billion as per research study. It won’t be wrong to mention that the wearable devices such as the smartwatches and likewise other gadgets have also paved the way for an increment in the demand of such apps.

So, if you also keenly interested in getting developed a health and fitness app like Fitbit, then go on reading further. Cost to Develop AR Application in Android & iOS. How much would it cost to build an AR application? If you’re asking this question that means you are on the right path because AR applications are the biggest trend of the current year. And it’s not a joke, big companies are implementing their ideas using augmented reality technologies. Best enterprise mobile app development company. Whatsapp chatbot for Enterprise. The WhatsApp bot website needs to be designed to showcase the prospective customers on the use case of a WhatsApp bot integration in their business. There will be various domain target customers to sell the bot with the required features.

3-D printing revolution for different industry. Since the 1920 technology has involved a lot, now a day’s 3D printer is available for all who has $200 or more. you just need to know how to use it and have the patience throughout the process. you can make pretty much anything with it, the model with ABS plastic, PLA, polyamide (nylon), glass filled polyamide, stereolithography materials (epoxy resins), silver, titanium, steel, wax, photopolymers, and polycarbonate. People make jewelry, toys, pots, gun, guitar, fabrics anything pretty much you can think of. It’s a great tool for creative people and adventure programmers. Apple Special Event – September 10 2019, California.

Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage to start the much awaited ‘Apple Special Event’. Get more people Addicted to your Travel Services. Travel<img src=" alt=""> oneclick November 20, 2019 11:48 am The glee of traveling the world is not only getting hype amongst youngsters but also to the other set of generations. While having an idea of travelling more, comes the expectation of more ease on the trip. Increase the reach of your business through Chatbot. Chatbots have been in the talk for a while now. Tech Giants are taking renewable energy Seriously.

Top 4 Viator Booking engine programs for Tours & Attractions. Travel<img src=" alt=""> oneclick January 8, 2020 8:29 pm Viator is one of the leading service providers for finding and booking experiences anywhere from the world. Top booking apps and websites. Travel<img src=" alt=""> oneclick January 11, 2020 4:44 pm Travelers are more inclined towards customized and personalized Travel experience and Travel Technology companies have not left any stone unturned in impressing their guests.

Travel companies (technologies) have built overwhelming Booking Apps and Websites and the name of the few top ones are as follows: IoT in sports and fitness. Top marketing and sales initiatives using Chatbots. What is 3D Secure and benefits of using 3Dsecure? In CodeIgniter How to perform Database Migration. EmployeeEngagement - How to improve organizational culture? Web security and secure architecture. Apple's New SwiftUI Innovative Technology Features. 6 best hotel booking engines for 2020, why you need one! 6 reasons to adopt white label travel development strategy. 5 Tips to Increase Sales in Travel Business. Laravel WebSocket Pusher API Replacement. 6 Essential Feature Need To Put In TravelPortal Development. Ways to boost Online Booking Sales with B2B booking engine.

Top 6 Travel Technology Trends for 2020. Choose Best Travel Technology Solutions provider Company? Why do you need mobile app for your travel business? How B2B & B2C Travel Portal Boost your Business. Event Listeners in Laravel. IT Tech News. Top Travel Portal Development Company. 10 Tips to Improve Google Website Page Speed. Tech news - March week 2. Latest Email Marketing Trends 2020. Recognized as Top Software Developer in 2020 by Clutch. Latest tech to tackle coronavirus threat. Latest tech to tackle coronavirus threat. Latest tech news: iOS, Google cloud AI, india spend on quantum. Php unit testing in Laravel. 5 Examples of IoT Disrupting Technology. Car Rental Management System. How much it will cost to develop ecommerce application?

How much will it Cost to develop scheduling app like Buffer. How Much Cost to Develop Video Sharing App like TikTok? How Much Is The Cost To Develop Platform Like Quora? Cost to Develop Video Streaming App like Netflix? On demand food delivery app development cost. How much will it cost to develop app like Tile?

How much cost to develop app like Employee Management. Baby Learning App Development Cost. Travel Tech Platform/Portal App Development Services. How much cost to develop app like Employee Management. 10 Ways Machine Learning Can Boost Digital Marketing Effort. Travel solution provider company. Travel Website Design & Development.

Travel Technology Mobile application Development. B2B Travel Portal Development Solutions Company. Event management app development cost. Ecommerce App Development. How much will it Cost to develop scheduling app like Buffer. How much it will cost to develop online auctions platform. How much cost to develop app like Employee Management. 5 ways to drive online sales during COVID-19. Video Conferencing Solutions: An Anchor to Sail tough times.

7 Customer Retention Tips For Travel Website. How Web Conferencing fuels successful virtual meeting? Tips to build Perfect Email Marketing Sales Funnel. OneClick outshines at Goodfirm for its Value driven Service. 8 Reasons To Develop E-Learning In Your Company. 7 Techniques to Automate your Marketing Actions. OneClick outshines at Goodfirm for its Value driven Service. 8 Tips for Secure Video Conference App Development. Importance of Email Marketing Automation. 8 Steps To Launch Online Store. 6 Alternatives Video Sharing Application like Tiktok. 3 Points to Consider when Choosing eLearning Solution. 6 Best Free Video Conferencing Alternative to Zoom. How to develop app like Zoom or Google Meet? 14 Software & Services Made Free During COVID-19. We Are Now The Top Flutter App Development Company of 2020. What If Physical Stores Could Reinvent The Experience Virtually. 5 Digital Technologies That Are Trending During COVID-19.

7 Best Social Media Management Tool For Better Productivity. 7 Latest E-Commerce Mobile App Development Trends To Boost Your Sales. 4 Different Messaging App Solutions for Ecommerce Business. Mobile App Development Trends 2020.