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Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation - Georg Forster Research Fellowship Please send us your application, if you are a researcher with above average qualifications in a developing or transition country (see list of countries), if you intend to carry out long-term research of your own choice (6 to 24 months) at a research institution in Germany together with an academic host you have chosen yourself, if your research outline includes aspects that are important for the continued development of your country or region of origin and if you want to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and methods between Germany and your country of origin. We offer you Up to 95 Georg Forster Research Fellowships can be granted in 2016. In the last few years, about one third of applications were successful (see also positive selection decisions since March 2013). In addition, the Humboldt Foundation grants Georg Forster Research Awards every year to leading researchers from developing countries.

Data repositories - Open Access Directory This list is part of the Open Access Directory. This is a list of repositories and databases for open data. Please annotate the entries to indicate the hosting organization, scope, licensing, and usage restrictions (if any). If a repository is open in some respects but not others, please include it with an annotation rather than exclude it. If you're not sure whether a given dataset or data collection is open, post your query to Is It Open Data? Data repositories - Open Access Directory From Open Access Directory This list is part of the Open Access Directory. This is a list of repositories and databases for open data. Impact A Time of Planetary Change We live in a unique time in the history of our planet. Human activity has become the largest driver of change on the Earth. The systems that enable human flourishing—indeed all life—have come under unprecedented stress. And these stresses amplify new forms of connected change, volatility and risk. In areas as wide ranging as food security, environmental monitoring, urban planning, disaster response, public health and climate resilience, better stewardship of humanity’s impacts has never been more important.

List of Data Journals (in no particular order) (trac) We don't want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to writing guidelines for data journals, hence it makes sense to see what's out there in terms of pre-exisiting data journals, and what their guidelines are. Below is a (non-exhaustive, in no particular order) list of the data journals we know of, either through personal experience or through internet searches. (Thanks to Tom Pollard for the details about Ubiquity Press and Iryna Kuchma and Simon Hodson for pointing out other journals I missed.) Name of Data Journal Geoscience Data Journal Aims and Scope

How to create a good data management plan Data management plans are growing in importance in the world of research. Not only are funders increasingly making these plans a requirement when researchers submit their grant applications, they are also a very useful tool to save researchers time and effort when running experiments. Additionally, they add value to the wider scientific community as well-organized data provides a great starting point for other researchers to carry out further analysis. But what are they? Data management plans simply describe how data will be acquired, treated and preserved both during and after a research project.

Human Frontier Science Program The registration site for the 2017 Long-Term and Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships is not open yet. The application guidelines with the 2017 eligibility criteria will be available on our website in May. FOR REFERENCE (2016 competition) A Practical introduction to acquisition, validation, quality control and access to (biodiversity) data. (June 2016) NIOZ-Yerseke (alternatively: Zandvoort), the Netherlands, 14th – 15th June 2016 (2 days) Application deadline: 15 April 2016. Places: 20 candidates maximum (European and International applicants welcome). Places will need to be confirmed by 10 May 2016. Funds for travel, accommodation and subsistence will be provided (subject to limits*) Target Converting data between wide and long format Problem You want to do convert data from a wide format to a long format. Many functions in R expect data to be in a long format rather than a wide format. Programs like SPSS, however, often use wide-formatted data. Solution There are two sets of methods that are explained below:

DataCamp Course Zachary Deane-Mayer, who collaborates on caret, has put together a DataCamp course on Machine Learning in R. Zach and DataCamp did a great job of developing a course that is just right for people who are relatively new to R. The really cool thing about the course is that their system lets you execute the R code as the instructors walk you through it (on their system). If you are taking the class on your work machine and can’t easily get R, this takes all the burden of getting an install together. You can just focus on the code and the reasons why you might approach a problem in that way. (Disclosure: I contributed some videos to the course but I don’t make any money from it or DataCamp) In-Depth: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behavior that are behind people’s difficulties, and so change the way they feel. It is used to help treat a wide range of issues in a person’s life, from sleeping difficulties or relationship problems, to drug and alcohol abuse or anxiety and depression.

Dr. Karen’s (Partial) Rules of the Job Talk I’ve been asked by many readers to write about the Job Talk. I’ve resisted doing this because I believe that by the time you are writing your job talk, any meaningful advice has to be completely personalized. In other words, general rules about job talks would have to be so general as to be of minimal value.

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