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9 Websites You Can Use to Learn a Foreign Language - StumbleUpon

9 Websites You Can Use to Learn a Foreign Language - StumbleUpon
Traveling is a great way to see a country and learn about the people who live there. But if you really want to learn what makes them tick than you need to learn their language. Immersing yourself in a new language can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are great free resources available to turn your first few words into fluency. BBC Languages A great resource to get you going. Word2Word This site can really increase your vocabulary and syntax. Internet Polyglot This site isn’t intended to be used as your sole learning site. Busuu A language learning community. Madinah Arabic Language Course This site was set up over 8 years ago specifically to teach Arabic for free. Livemocha Another learning language community. Skritter This site focuses on just Chinese and Japanese. Ethnologue Owned by SIL International, the Ethnologue is a listing of the known living languages of the world. My Happy Planet One more language community, but this one is different from the others. Related:  A Radical View of Chinese Characters

75 Free Language Learning Resources Online Whether you’re trying to learn English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Italian –you get the picture – it’s good to get free help along the way. Luckily, there are tons of free online resources out there. Here are 75 to get you started … 1. – Learn basics like vowels, consonants, phrases and vocabulary for various languages like Arabic, Bambara, Cebuano, Estonian, Icelandic, Latvian and Serbian. 2. – 123TeachMe offers free learning materials, including games, quizzes, vocabulary builders, mp3 study lists, RSS vocabulary lists and more for adults and children. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. – While the site isn’t completely free, it does offer free resources for various languages, including grammar guides. 17. – A huge resource for learning multiple languages, including Dutch, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Korean and German. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 31. 32. 34. 35.

How I Became a Xenolinguist Wikiuniversity offers a wry definition of Xenolinguistics: “the scientific study of languages of non-human intelligences. Publications in this field tend to be speculative as few people have made the claim to have understood an alien language, at least not reliably.” The grand convergence of psychedelics and technology came in the summer of 1998. I was a grad student at RPI in communication and rhetoric, fully indoctrinated in (mostly French) critical theory, semiotics, new media theory, and the history of communication technology. The fictional world had established itself well enough that I could enter it, look around, and ask questions of the characters. Glide presented itself in the story-world as an alien language. When summer of 1998 was over, I did not have a visual language topic framed in terms of a semiotic or new media theory. Lily Pads Glide Maze Lily Glyph Blue Lily A series of software applications emerged from this process of psychedelic self-exploration. Like this:

Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards Cours de Latin Les cours qui suivent n'ont pas la prétention de vous apprendre à parler et à écrire le latin aussi bien que Cicéron, Vitruve ou Columelle, mais plutôt de vous apporter une aide pour mieux comprendre les textes anciens et le sens des mots. Ces cours sont tirés du livre de l'abbé Moreux, intitulé "Pour comprendre le latin" (G. Doin & Cie éditeurs, Paris, 1931). Vous pouvez désormais vous munir d'un dictionnaire latin-français (format de poche) : celui de Henri Goelzer, par exemple, conviendra très bien (éditions Flammarion). Premier cours (Introduction) (cours du 13 septembre 1997) Deuxième cours (cours du 20 septembre 1997) Troisième cours (cours du 27 septembre 1997) Quatrième cours (cours du 4 octobre 1997) Cinquième cours (cours du 11 octobre 1997) Sixième cours (cours du 18 octobre 1997) Septième cours (cours du 25 octobre 1997) Huitième cours (cours du 8 novembre 1997) Neuvième cours (cours du 15 novembre 1997) Dixième cours (cours du 22 novembre 1997)

World Wide Words The Mnemosyne Project MyMemory Flashcards Verb conjugation in 100s of languages. Free on-line verb conjugator. Building an Archive of ALL Documented Human Languages. - The Rosetta Project Languages of the world Mappa dialetti italiani