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‎InShot - Editor de vídeo en App Store - Adaptar la tipografía de las letras y ponerle un sticker delante de la cara

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Issuu - Convierte documentos PDF en revistas digitales en formato flash Storytelling for Children - Child Development From babyhood to the early teens, children love to hear a good story. Without the use of books, telling stories takes on a different dimension. It offers a new way of looking at stories and is reminiscent of the old radio days when families gathered around and listened together. So whether you read a story from a book or tell a story from memory, here are some tips on how to make storytelling time truly beneficial for your kids. How, exactly, does storytelling benefit children? Language Skills As young children listen to a storyteller, they’re hearing inflections in speech and words presented in a compelling and fascinating way. Storytelling also presents certain literary devices in a demonstrative and memorable way. Memory Without books or illustrations, children have to remember key points of the plot and character names. New Worlds Storytelling opens children’s minds to other cultures and life philosophies; it develops the inner world of imagination and creative thinking. 1. 2. 3. 4.

‎Unsplash on the App Store The Unsplash app is home to over 3 million free high-resolution images brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers. Want in? Beautiful, free images With Unsplash, you’ve got access to over three million high-resolution photos that are free to do-whatever-you-want with. Unlimited Unsplash Access When you create a free account, you’ll be able to collect photos to keep coming back to and access them anywhere: iPhone, iPad, your computer — you name it. Drag & Drop Plus, our app plays well with others on iPad. Anyone can join the Unsplash community No pro camera? Make something awesome Millions of creators from around the world have downloaded over 3 billion Unsplash images to create presentations, artwork, mockups, and more. About Unsplash We built Unsplash as a way to empower creativity by sharing copyright-free photography.

Vultr The vultr integration allows you to access information about and interact with your Vultr subscriptions (Virtual Private Servers) from Home Assistant. There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant: Configuration Obtain your API key from your Vultr Account. Ensure you allow the public IP of Home Assistant under the Access Control heading. To integrate your Vultr subscriptions with Home Assistant, add the following section to your configuration.yaml file: vultr: api_key: YOUR_API_KEY Binary sensor The vultr binary sensor platform allows you to monitor your Vultr subscription to see if it is powered on or not. Configuration To use this binary sensor, you first have to set up your Vultr hub. The following examples assume a subscription that has an ID of 123456 and a label of Web Server Minimal configuration.yaml (produces binary_sensor.vultr_web_server): binary_sensor: - platform: vultr subscription: 123456 Configuration Variables subscription string Required Default:

Wikipedia Wikipedia ( pronunciation ) is a free online encyclopedia website in 334 languages of the world, 323 languages which are currently active and 11 are closed. People can freely use it, share it, and change it, without having to pay. It is also one of the biggest wiki organizations. People can choose to donate to the Wikimedia Foundation to fund Wikipedia and its sister projects. Wikipedia is owned by an American organization, the Wikimedia Foundation, which is in San Francisco, California. Wikipedia's name is a portmanteau of two words, wiki and encyclopedia.[3] Wikipedia was started on January 10, 2001, by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger as part of an earlier online encyclopedia named Nupedia. Anyone who wishes to can change the pages on Wikipedia, or even make new ones. As of September 2011, Wikipedia had about 18 million pages in about 300 languages and more than 3.50 billion words across all Wikipedias. History[change | change source] Wikipedia began as a related project for Nupedia.

15 webs con plantillas para crear lapbooks en clase Meme Generator The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet. Easily add text to images or memes. My I Bet He's Thinking About Other Women ← Background color. Font Outline Width Max Font Size (px) Text Align Vertical Align Generate meme text with AI. Note: font can be customized per-textbox by clicking the gear icon. Tip: If you , your memes will be saved in your account What is the Meme Generator? It's a free online image maker that lets you add custom resizable text, images, and much more to templates. How to make a meme Choose a template. How can I customize my meme? You can move and resize the text boxes by dragging them around. Can I use the generator for more than just memes? Yes! Can I make animated or video memes? Yes! Do you have a wacky AI that can write memes for me? Funny you ask. 4.95 / month3.95 / month

YouTube Get the official YouTube app on Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Subscribe to channels you love, create content of your own, share with friends, and watch on any device. Watch and subscribe ● Browse personal recommendations on Home● See the latest from your favorite channels in Subscriptions ● Look up videos you’ve watched, liked, and saved for later in Library Explore different topics, what’s popular, and on the rise (available in select countries)● Stay up to date on what’s popular in music, gaming, beauty, news, learning and more● See what’s trending on YouTube and around the world on Explore● Learn about the coolest Creators, Gamers, and Artists on the Rise (available in select countries) Find the experience that fits you and your family (available in select countries)● Every family has their own approach to online video.

‎DMD Panorama on the App Store Pro Panoramic Camera - up to 100MP Since your camera can shoot a Panorama, why bothering with this app?Because it completes the whole turn, works with front camera for panoramic selfies, shows the result with an incredibly nice 3d viewer, allows your friends and followers to see the same 3d result even without having the app, makes better pictures even in low-light, exports the 360 Panorama as a looping video, lets you experiment Virtual Reality with Google Carboard... ...along many other things:- use the Ultra Wide lens on newest phones to capture panoramas with floors and ceilings- get fantastic resolution with HD upgrade, up to 100MP panoramas- discover more than 1.3 Million panoramas shared from all over the world,- create breath-taking panoramas with 3 different Exposure settings,- follow other panorama lovers and be notified when they upload new pictures,- edit description, tags, geolocation and privacy settings,- view your panoramas with our interactive 3d viewer.

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