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6 Best Practices to Ace Your Social Media Customer Support - SuperStaff BPO

6 Best Practices to Ace Your Social Media Customer Support - SuperStaff BPO
Before social media took over the world, customers could only reach out to you—specifically, your customer support agents—with concerns through phone calls, in-person conversations, or later on, via email. In addition to frustratingly slow response times, another issue with that kind of support was that reasonable grievances would only make it as far as the agents. Although your customer support team would help each individual customer on a case by case basis, the root cause of the call volumes were never escalated past the operational floor of the call center. In effect, businesses were simply ignoring complaints, thinking that a handful of disappointed clients couldn’t possibly hurt their bottom line. Luckily, recent technological advancements are now changing how brands treat customer feedback. One such development is social media. What is Social Media Support? The practice makes perfect sense. 6 Social Media Customer Support Best Practices Provide immediate response Use the right tone

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The Online Classroom: 17 eLearning Statistics You Should Know Through digital tools and innovations, online learning has seen a rise. Here are all the online learning statistics you need to know. With the fast-paced developments in technology, learning is no longer confined within the four walls of a classroom. 5 Marketing Lessons from Lady Gaga - Spiralytics Inc Lady Gaga has officially introduced her new era of “Chromatica” last May 29 around the world. With a little hiatus from her last full-length album “Joanne”, Gaga is back with a new sound from previously released singles such as “Stupid Love”, “Rain On Me”, and “Sour Candy”. “Rain On Me” hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 breaking records for both Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. While it’s no surprise that her song is performing well, this success was built by months of detailed marketing.

An MSME's Guide to a Winning SMS Marketing Campaign - Mobile360 Around 5 billion people in the world—nearly 65% of the world’s population—can send and receive SMS messages. While smartphones and digital marketing may be on the rise, SMS messages have a massive potential for marketing efforts. In fact, consumers who receive SMS marketing messages are 40% more likely to convert. What is SMS Marketing? SMS marketing leverages SMS messaging as a channel for brands to send offers, promos, alerts, and other marketing materials to their customers and prospects. A Complete Guide to E-Commerce Success - Spiralytics Inc Welcome to our comprehensive guide to e-commerce success! Jump to a section: What is E-commerce? E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) refers to the use of platforms that facilitate the buying and selling of products online. This involves exchanging digital funds and data to conduct business transactions.

Hear, hear! Common Ear Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore Imagine life without sound. We can no longer listen to our favorite tunes, there is difficulty communicating with others, and it becomes challenging to navigate through the environment. Just like sight and touch, our sense of hearing enables us to perceive and understand the world on a deeper scale. 6 UX Strategies for More Leads and Conversions (with Examples) - Spiralytics Inc “Good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more.” – Alexander Isley Did you know that listening to your customer’s feedback can sky-rocket conversion rates by 250%! This is probably why companies should focus on enhancing their customer (or user) experience by way of design, content, animation, the works. If you’re not already aware, here’s an interesting post that highlights the importance of integrating UX design principles into your marketing goals and website strategies in the modern age: A Beginner’s Guide to UX Design.

7 Types of Text Messages You Should Be Sending Your Customers - Mobile360 More and more brands are now incorporating modern marketing strategies, such as social media marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising, to boost their business and drive customer engagement. However, some are missing out on one crucial channel, thinking that it has gotten out of date: SMS marketing. SMS marketing is as relevant today as it was in the past years. 6 Types of Facial Cleansers: Which is Best For Your Skin Type? You may be asking yourself, “what exactly does a facial cleanser do?” Out of all the skincare practices out there, washing your face is the foundational part of the routine. Since it removes dirt, and increases other products' effectivity, daily cleansing will give your face that smooth and healthy glow. With that said, you’ll need to have a reliable cleanser in your arsenal.

Got Laid Off or Furloughed? Here Are Your Legal Rights - Shegerian Law Regardless of the circumstances, losing your job is never a good thing. However, the landscape of business operations has been shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. With businesses shutting down or rapidly downsizing to better brace for losses, the number of unemployed workers continues to rise. To date, 20.5 million Americans had lost their jobs, with the increase in unemployment from March to May 2020 larger than that of the Great Recession of late 2007 to early 2010.