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The Seven Universal Laws Explained

The Seven Universal Laws Explained
There are seven Universal Laws or Principles by which everything in the Universe is governed. The Universe exists in perfect harmony by virtue of these Laws. Ancient mystical, esoteric and secret teachings dating back over 5,000 years from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece and to the Vedic tradition of Ancient India, all have as their common thread these seven Spiritual Laws of the Universe. Once you understand, apply and align yourself with these Universal Laws, you will experience transformation in every area of your life beyond that which you have ever dared to imagine. The Immutable and the Mutable: Of the seven Universal Laws, the first three are immutable, eternal Laws, meaning they are Absolute and can never be changed or transcended. They have always existed and will always exist. 1. 2. 3. The axiom that "like energy attracts like energy", upon which the Law of Attraction is based, has it's foundation in this Law. 4. 5. 6. 7. To download the articles in e-book format click here.

Universal Laws The universe is governed by many different universal laws such as the Law of Attraction, Law of Vibration, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Forgiveness, Law of abundance, Law of Relativity, Law of Polarity, Law of Perpetual Transmutation, Law of Rhythm, Law of Sacrifice and many more. Take Action NOW - The most known Law is the Law of Attraction. It became practically a household name due to the success of the The Secret (2006) - both the book and the movie. In his great book "A Happy Pocket Full of Money"David Cameron share with us his views about these governing laws: Everything in this universe runs under universal laws that never err even once. He goes on to say: "a universal law is a bond that connects all experience so as to achieve total knowing.... and it is important to know that these laws do not punish you for breaking them; they cannot be broken. But how many such cosmic laws are there? 7 laws Others believe there are more than 7 laws 12 laws 20 laws ShareThis

Tantra et sexualité sacrée Plusieurs philosophies orientales considèrent la sexualité comme un élément fondamental du développement intégral de l’individu. Son action se ferait sentir sur tous les plans : physique, psychologique, émotif et spirituel. Dans ce contexte, la sexualité est considérée comme sacrée. Les dimensions masculine et féminine représentent alors des forces énergétiques complémentaires, et c'est la fusion de la polarité mâle avec la polarité femelle qui permet d'atteindre l’extase et le « sacré ». Le sacré dont il est question ici est le sentiment de participer à la grande danse de l'existence, d'être en connexion intime et aimante avec tout ce qui vit. Éveil et extase par le tantra En Occident, grâce à l'arrivée des pratiques spirituelles orientales depuis la deuxième moitié du XXe siècle, des centaines de milliers de personnes ont découvert non seulement la méditation et le yoga, mais aussi ces points de vue inattendus sur la sexualité. Au-delà du génital Le tantra, qu’est-ce que c’est?

There Were Giants Upon the Earth The following is excerpted from There Were Giants Upon the Earth: Gods, Demigods, and Human Ancestry: The Evidence of Alien DNA, available from Bear and Company. If you would like to learn more about this book or buy a copy, please do so here. Introduction And It Came to Pass And it came to pass, When men began to multiply on the face of the Earth and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose. There were giants upon the Earth in those days and also thereafter too, When the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them- the same Mighty Men of old, Men of Renown. The reader, if familiar with the King James English version of the Bible, will recognize these verses in chapter 6 of Genesis as the preamble to the story of the Deluge, the Great Flood in which Noah, huddled in an ark, was saved to repopulate the Earth. The schoolboy was I. Sumer: Where Civilization Began

Osho est l'un des mystiques contemporains les plus connus et les plus provocateurs du XXe siècle Hi all Osho is one of the best-known contemporary Mystics and the most provocative of the 20th century Osho Osho is a contemporary mystic who brings the wisdom of ancient times in response to questions from men and women of today. Osho is an iconoclast who offers a new vision of human and it is this strange mixture that makes him perhaps one of the spiritual masters of today ' today! Zen master, because it offends and destroyed all our beliefs and our packaging! "Doubt and find your way through yourself!". Sufi master, because he constantly reminds us that meditation can secede from the opening of the heart and that life is a celebration, a dance: you forgot to start living! Waived by the Sufis... laugh, dance and enjoy life! Master of Tantra, as it integrates the body and sex in the vision of spirituality: "enjoy your sexuality!" Tantra asks you to accept whatever you are. Excerpt from Osho speech with translations in french with subtitles Although friendly.

The reincarnation of Jesus By Kevin Williams More evidence of reincarnation being a teaching by Jesus can be found in the belief systems of the early Judeo-Christians. One group, known as the Ebionites, believed the Holy Spirit had incarnated first as Adam and then later Jesus. Other groups, such as the Elkasaites and Nazarites, also believed this. In the Clementine Homilies, an early Judeo-Christian document, also taught of Jesus having many previous incarnations. The articles listed below presents a large amount of evidence that the Christ soul, not only incarnated as Jesus, but incarnated previously within other Old Testament personalities. Modern research into both near-death experiences and reincarnation, such as that of Dr.

Sexual Tantra - WHat No One Will Tell You I’m getting tired about all the crazy ideas I read about tantra, and the left door Tao school practices, and the crazy porn you see on the Internet and on TV and the fact that people think this is "making love" or the correct way to have sex. So a few words on sexual tantra. There are tantric cultivation methods without sex, which are called "Tantra" as well, but I wish to speak specifically about sexual tantra, or sexual cultivation. It’s not that easy to practice sexual cultivation. In the past 100 years, including what is now propagated as teachings from Tibet, when people mention "Tantra" (sexual cultivation) it’s all virtually nonsense. One of the schools of Esoteric Buddhism in Tibet says that you can use tantra or sexual cultivation to change your chi channel, which is correct, and this thereby helps you transform your body and makes the attainment of enlightenment possibly easier if you have the merits and do everything else right as wells. 1. 2. But enough. But enough of this.

7 Pieces of Wisdom from Socrates Socrates is considered one of the chief founders of Western philosophy. We know Socrates primarily from the accounts of other writers: from his student, Plato, from Xenophon, the historian, as well as from the plays of Aristophanes. Through Plato’s writing (primarily) we’ve come to comprehend the depth of Socrates’ wisdom. Socrates said, “I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.” 7 Must Read Life Lessons From Socrates:Be Content“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” Having a beautiful home and a gorgeous car will not make you content. Faithful are the wounds of a friend“Think not those faithful who praise all thy words and actions; but those who kindly reprove thy faults.” The Scripture says, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” Study “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.”

THE G SPOT AND FEMALE EJACULATION | Complete Confidence To Feel Supreme Sexual Ecstasy The question of the sexual phenomenon known as female ejaculation and whether there exists a female erogenous zone popularly known as the “G-Spot” have been major areas of continued controversy and debate among sex researchers, gynecologists and sex educators. Perhaps no two sexual issues, including the question of clitoral vs. vaginal orgasms, have created so much public interest. These subjects are continuing to attract the attention of the public, particularly of women, as well as the so-called experts in human sexuality, because they are biological issues that have significant social ramifications. Since the 1920′s the conventional medical establishment has dismissed “female ejaculation” as actually being a condition known as urinary stress incontinence. The Nature of Female Orgasm All of this highlights how subjective and personal a woman’s experience of orgasm can be. Historical References To Female Ejaculation In 1953, Dr.

'Metaphysics' Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it,[1] although the term is not easily defined.[2] Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:[3] Ultimately, what is there?What is it like? Prior to the modern history of science, scientific questions were addressed as a part of metaphysics known as natural philosophy. Originally, the term "science" (Latin scientia) simply meant "knowledge". Etymology[edit] However, once the name was given, the commentators sought to find intrinsic reasons for its appropriateness. There is a widespread use of the term in current popular literature which replicates this understanding, i.e. that the metaphysical equates to the non-physical: thus, "metaphysical healing" means healing by means of remedies that are not physical.[8] Central questions[edit] Cosmology and cosmogony[edit] Determinism and free will[edit] [edit]

The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm | In order to further public awareness and knowledge regarding this controversy, we are posting a verbatim copy of the 1950 article. It is exactly as it appeared in the International Journal of Sexology except that we have bolded and italicized portions that are relevant to the debate. A rather high percentage of women do not reach the climax in sexual intercourse. The frigidity figures of different authors vary from 10-80 per cent and come closer to the statistics of older sexologists. Adler (Berlin) came to the conclusion that 80 per cent of women did not reach the sexual climax. Many of these statistics cannot be compared, since the various authors use different criteria. Lack of orgasm and frigidity are not identical. Although female erotism has been discussed for many centuries or even thousands of years, the problems of female satisfaction are not yet solved. The criteria for sexual satisfaction have first to be fixed before we make comparisons. References:

Veil of ignorance The veil of ignorance, along with the original position, is a concept that has been in use by other names for centuries by philosophers such as John Stuart Mill, John Rawls, and Immanuel Kant whose work discussed the concept of the social contract. John Harsanyi helped to formalize the concept in economics.[1][2] The modern usage was developed by John Rawls in A Theory of Justice.[3][4] It is a method of determining the morality of a certain issue (e.g., slavery) based upon the following thought experiment: parties to the original position know nothing about their particular abilities, tastes, and position within the social order of society. The veil of ignorance blocks off this knowledge, such that one does not know what burdens and benefits of social cooperation might fall to him/her once the veil is lifted. For example, in the imaginary society, one might or might not be intelligent, rich, or born into a preferred class. Examples[edit] "I will give you a talisman. See also[edit]

Tantra Cosmology The Different Worlds There are fourteen worlds (lokas) which are spheres of existence: At the very 'bottom' is Vishnu in his form of Sesha or Ananta, carrying the entire creation in the form of a serpent. The we have the seven lower worlds: Patala Atala Rasatala Mahatala Talatala Vitala Sutala In between the seven lower and the seven higher worlds are the 34 hells. Then we have the seven higher worlds: Bhuh, the Earth where we are. Existence in those three spheres are the result of karmic actions. Maharloka, is mixed (mishra) Janaloka Tapoloka Satyaloka These three last spheres are for Jivas (souls) who have attained a certain degrees of liberation (moksa). All these worlds are occupied by numerous living beings. All these beings are dominated and limited by time and karma. The Five Human Bodies The human body is our vehicle to express ourselves in the world. Anna Maya Kosha In this food vessel the physical being is bound by birth and death. Prana Maya Kosha Pancha prana:

Liber Libræ sub figura XXX :: The Book of the Balance sub figura XXX The Book of the Balance 0. Learn first - Oh thou who aspirest unto our ancient Order! - that Equilibrium is the basis of the Work. 1. 2. 3. Is it but now that the Higher Life is beset with dangers and difficulties; hath it not ever been so with the Sages and Hierophants of the past? 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.