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The Seven Universal Laws Explained

The Seven Universal Laws Explained
There are seven Universal Laws or Principles by which everything in the Universe is governed. The Universe exists in perfect harmony by virtue of these Laws. Ancient mystical, esoteric and secret teachings dating back over 5,000 years from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece and to the Vedic tradition of Ancient India, all have as their common thread these seven Spiritual Laws of the Universe. Once you understand, apply and align yourself with these Universal Laws, you will experience transformation in every area of your life beyond that which you have ever dared to imagine. The Immutable and the Mutable: Of the seven Universal Laws, the first three are immutable, eternal Laws, meaning they are Absolute and can never be changed or transcended. They have always existed and will always exist. 1. 2. 3. The axiom that "like energy attracts like energy", upon which the Law of Attraction is based, has it's foundation in this Law. 4. 5. 6. 7. To download the articles in e-book format click here.

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Earth's Grid System, Becker-Hagens, Ley Lines, Hartmann Net, Curry Lines - Science and Pseudoscience Earth's Grid Systems Science and Pseudoscience Topography, is the study of Earth's surface shape and features or those of planets, moons, and asteroids. It is also the description of such surface shapes and features (especially their depiction in maps). The Seven Shamanic Levels of Consciousness Preface Although formerly only known by shamans, I present this knowledge now to spiritual seekers and for the benefit of mankind.In 1989 I met a Hungarian Shaman, Joska Soos, in Antwerp, Belgium, who helped people with his private "shamanizations" and classes. Over the years I learned a lot, with new information about shamanism I had never read about in any literature. Among it was the system of seven levels of consciousness. Although he did not talk that much about it, it seemed such a useful system to me that I went further into it myself. I began to understand that some of my spiritual experiences in my past corresponded with those levels of consciousness.

IMAGINE YOURSELF: Manage your thoughts and manifest your desires Deep down, most of us have desires, needs, or goals. There are things we wish were different. Some of us want to have a different weight or body shape. Some people hope for a new career, more money, or a new relationship. Robert Zucker Qabalah: Robert Zucker By Robert Zucker My interest in the occult began while in high school. As I read more from authors like Aryeh Kaplan, Gershom Scholem, Israel Regardie, even Aleister Crowley, A.E. January 2007 Newsletter - Methods For Clearing Your Crystals - Crystal Healing Articles HEALING CRYSTALS NEWSLETTER Vol. 16 - January 2007 “Methods for Clearing your Crystals” Be sure to check out our Crystals Currently on Sale. We change these each month especially for our newsletter. Dear Healing Crystal Enthusiast: Clearing Your Crystals, by Crystal CAT

The Laws of the Improbability Principle The Law of Selection You can make things as likely as you want if you choose after the event One of the classic stories about unlikely coincidences, into which some people read hidden messages, is that of the parallels between the lives of the two U.S. presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. It’s well-known that both were assassinated, but what is less well-known is that both were killed on a Friday, and both in the presence of their wives.

The Kabbalah Centre The ancient Kabbalist Rav Shimon bar Yochai wrote in the Zohar that it was Moses, not God, who parted the Red Sea, allowing the Israelites to narrowly escape Pharaoh and the Egyptian army. In order to accomplish this miracle, Moses combined the power of certainty with a very powerful spiritual technology. He had possession of a formula that literally gave him access to the subatomic realm of nature. The formula Moses used to overcome the laws of nature has been hidden in the Zohar for 2000 years. This formula is called the 72 Names of God.

How to Make "Chembusters" (CB's) From Don Croft & Ken Adachi's "Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies!" on History of the Cloudbuster Opinion Stew  Everyone has opinions. You probably know what they say about that. But leaving aside the olfactory qualities of all the opinions to which we are entitled, we at least tend to know when our opinions are just opinions. But not with nutrition*, where not only does everyone have an opinion, but everyone seems to think theirs is an expert opinion. And our culture seems to be okay with that. I'm not. Tree of the knowledge of good and evil In Genesis[edit] Motif[edit] Composition[edit] Welcome to »Home Date Last Updated - 03.07.2015 "Skeptics and Naysayers dismiss what they have not risen to the level to see. Armchair investigators cast opinions from afar, condemnation without investigaton is the height of ignorance."Albert Einstein

Science denier indicators – the pseudoscience bullshit meter 657 Shares As anyone who reads this blog regularly, it doesn’t take a genius to know I have little or no respect for science deniers. Over time, I’ve come to understand that dedicated science deniers don’t know or understand science, and live in a world of delusion that keeps them firmly planted in their anti-science dogma. The Masters of Light: September As Received by Ruth Ryden 8/31/13 - The Crystal Gateway The Masters of Light: September As Received by Ruth Ryden 8/31/13 September 2, 2013 Question from Ruth: Masters, what can you tell us about this coming month of September? Answer from the Masters: