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10 Hilarious Kid Videobombs. Kids crash their dad's serious BBC interview Robert Kelly, Associate Professor of Political Science at Pusan National University in Busan, was being interviewed by the BBC regarding South Korean President Park Geun-Hye's removal.

10 Hilarious Kid Videobombs

During the discussion, a toddler burst into the room, followed by a baby who made his way in via a walker. To complete the farce, Kelly's wife, Jung-a Kim, then came skidding through the threshold to collect the kids. Ah, the dangers of working at home! (Source) A pre-teen tee retriever videobombs a reporter during an NFL broadcast A young Detroit Lions fan used his chance to run on Ford Field to videobomb NBC sideline reporter Michele Tafoya in January 2017.

The boy got to run on the field during the Lions vs. A teen with Down Syndrome gives her parents a shout out on live TV. 12 Hilarious News Videobombs. The San Antonio Spurs that sneaked up on an Australian reporter Julian de Stoop was not pleased as two obnoxious men barged into his shot while he was reporting on the Australian Football League for Fox Sports Australia.

12 Hilarious News Videobombs

Angry, he shoved them out of the way. However, he didn't know that he was shoving away San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills and Larry O'Brien Trophy-carrying forward Aron Baynes. He wrote a short story on, explaining the situation: The Royals or Jennifer Lawrence? Vote for the best photobomb of 2014 - News. Trending Matt Murray TODAY Dec. 17, 2014 at 2:35 PM ET It may have been the year of the selfie in 2014, but that doesn't mean 2013's term of viral endearment slipped into the shadows.

The Royals or Jennifer Lawrence? Vote for the best photobomb of 2014 - News

John Is A Devil Worshipper, Apparently. 19 People Who Just Don’t Care Anymore. 21 Panoramic Photos That Went Horribly Wrong. The iPhone 5 has a panoramic feature that allows you to take long photographs.

21 Panoramic Photos That Went Horribly Wrong

As you can see, the technology is far from perfect. via via via via via via via via via via via via via via. Public Affairs Officials Seek To Reduce Incidents Of Combat Photobombing. FORT LEE, VA – The deputy commander of the Army’s Public Affairs Office is seeking assistance from leaders of major Army commands in reducing instances of “photobombing,” which renders combat photographs unusable, and often makes the public relations war unwinnable.

Public Affairs Officials Seek To Reduce Incidents Of Combat Photobombing

“Our job is to get out there and capture real-world moments in combat, so that we can really tell the story of the Army to the public,” said Col. James Hutton, U.S. Army deputy chief of public affairs. “Our combat cameramen and women are some of the hardest working soldiers in today’s Army. They really do have a difficult job, and we want to make sure that people aren’t making it harder for them than it needs to be.” Officials estimate the cost of photobombing to the Army — in terms of wasted man-hours and ruined photographs — at roughly $125 annually. Combat camera soldiers are often attached to infantry units on patrols, sometimes carrying dozens of pounds of photography equipment.

Antique Victorian Photobomb. He's Coming For You Tiger. Babby's First Photobomb. This Is Photobomb - Surprise! Ruined Photos - photobomb that guy. It Sure Is a New Look. Say Cheese, Muffin. 12 of the Best Animal Photobombs. This was one of many photos off the coast of Koh Tao in Thailand, near Koh Phangan, where Nick Kelly - the photographer - trained.

12 of the Best Animal Photobombs

A fish just happened to steal the shot. Ever seen a whale photobomb a juvenile gull? You have now. Photo via @raubrey Photobombing the photographer. If you want to photobomb someone, it takes hard work and speed. Melissa Brandts wasn't trying to take a photo of this ground squirrel at Banff National Park.

She hadn't counted on this ground squirrel hogging the foreground. Photo by Melissa Brandt, from the Your Shot Daily Dozen at National Geographic magazine. Stingray photobomb. Husky Photobomb. French photographer Michel Watson, along with other photographers, tried to shoot penguins on South Georgia Island in the Falklands, but a photobombing elephant seal wanted to be the star of the show. 12 Hilarious TV Photobombs - (photobombs, hilarious tv)

People - January, 2009. It’s Behind You… Thanks for the Drink. Ready to Vomit Photobomber. Terminator Photobomber. Biking Photobomber. Wedding Ostrich Neck Photobomber. Do the Creep Ahhhh…. Demon Woman Approaching… Scary Woman Photobomber. Lick a Head Photobomb. Breakfast Table Photobomb. Eye Popping Photobomber. Red Eyed Devil Photobombs. Rat Boy Photobombs. Cichlid Photobomb! Double Bomb. I'mma Let You Finish Kimye... I'm Here to Ruin Your Night. Eyes Offa THESE Buns, Mr. IRVINE! Just Another Club Photobomb... Insert Sarah Jessica Parker Joke Here. Girl Ruins Photos With Hilarious Photobombs (15 Pics. 25 Awesome Baby Photobombs (PICTURES) We all know that animals are pretty awesome photobombers, but they're not the only experts in the family.

25 Awesome Baby Photobombs (PICTURES)

Babies know a thing or two about taking a normal snapshot and making it something amazing too. Don't believe us? Just check out these 25 expert examples and you'll be singing a different tune. And if this is how funny they are young, just imagine how great they're going to be when they get older. Loading Slideshow Forced Baby BombOk, so sometimes it's hard for babies to bomb photos by themselves. — Photobombing - the fine art of spoiling a photograph by jumping in on the action! This Birthday Party Is Dumb. Where Are My Presents? Parent of the Year Award Goes To... Bomb ALL the Hipsters. RUN! No Title Needed.