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Startups/Entrepreneurs need to focus on the following key aspect on the product development to be successful and be in race. Fast results are vital. Need to generate revenues before their funding runs out. Product to market--for the so-called first-mover advantage To achieve them, they need to ensure: Right technical talent and skills for product architecture, quality and performance. BOMT model is an innovative hybrid partner product development model by Leo TechnoSoft that offers a low-risk, hassle-free, cost-effective global sourcing strategy, that blends the advantages of traditional outsourcing and captive centers. To know more about B-O-M-T (Build, Operate, Market and Transform) Model and its benefits join our webinar: About the Presenter - Prakash Sathe - Head of Business Development & Sales (North America) Prakash is a Startup Mentor and Experience Business Executive with 20 + years of experience in business Management and consulting innovative business solution.

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Cyberspace 2020: Quest of Cyber Multiverse An initiative by LTS Secure, to put a light on diverging approaches of Cyber Multiverse for year 2020. With a series of Webinars, we strive discuss & demonstrate capabilities of evolving Cybertech solutions for users to foresee vision for best practices, standards & initiatives in Cyber Security domain. The top three risk areas for internal security teams and chief audit executives heading into 2020 are data governance, automations & orchestrations, and compliance management. Having dealt with first two in Unit I & II we go deep on how to optimize efforts to offload burden using full compliance reporting framework. The threat from cyberattacks is significant and continuously evolving along goes increase in compliances for certain industries. Many audit committees and boards have set an expectation for internal audit to understand and assess the organization’s capabilities in managing the compliance standards. Experience has shown that an effective internal audit and distill the findings into a concise summary for the audit committee and board is a cumbersome task.

Objective of product engineering is to ensure efficient product design that is flexible and scalable. It should also be easy and cost effective to manage, and can optimize the business delivery model. Object oriented product engineering is capable of embedding Product value, Benefits; user experience into the product architecture. Allowing ROI on every component that adds value to product. This part of series will accumulate proven approaches for curating a secure Enterprise from perspective insider threat Detection & risk monitoring for year 2020. Breaches come with an immense cost, estimated at close to millions of dollars and declining customers trust ensures that companies will be dealing with the consequences long after the initial expense is paid. While threat detection and risk monitoring has to be priority for every company heading into 2020, not every cyber threat poses the same degree of risk, and companies can work to provide unparalleled threat protection by fortifying their security approaches against the upcoming threats. In this webinar, we explain methods that you could opt to secure your enterprise in 2020 Provide in-depth information on emerging threats and vulnerabilities Asset risk Posture to ease risk monitoring for High Value Assets.

Regear Orchestration & Automation Tickets by Utsav Vyas, Thu Dec 26 2019, NA Event Enterprise data breaches continue to increase at an alarming pace. Organizations have too many alerts, too many technologies and not enough people. Security teams are overwhelmed, and it has become clear that traditional controls are no longer enough to keep data safe. To address this issue, many companies are fortifying their cyber security strategies with orchestration & automation. Simplifying this approach with : SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) is a solution stack of compatible software programs that allow an organization to collect data about security threats from multiple sources and respond to low-level security events without human assistance. Join us to know details on:

Leo TechnoSoft Blog - Offshore development Center, offshore development center india, offshore development It is a tough decision, which web development programming language to choose? If you desired to own a website for your business if expect it to be the interactive, engaging and attractive. The JavaScript the client-side programing language is the always worked on the front end of the website to make it easier and accessible. Among the various JavaScript framework, AngularJS is the best. The AngularJS development company chooses this web development programing language as the best practice.

Documentation is a critical component for pharmaceutical company. It facilitates audit and compliance for the pharma company, hence cannot be taken for granted. It requires a careful scrutiny and approval from multiple authorities before finalisation and acted upon. With production related tasks going on round the clock, documents are maintained for everything. The quantum of documentation produced everyday to execute and record details are exceptionally high in pharma Industry. Building mobile applications means designing a mobile app, testing it for bugs and submitting it to app store for approval. Easy it may sound, it is very time consuming. Developing an app for iOS version, and Android version takes time. Hence, it is Xamarin which saves your time. What is Xamarin? Xamarin is a programming language platform that can make an app designed using this platform, compatible with both iOS and Android.

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