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IoMT in the Covid World - Enable better care in the new normal. VIRTUAL SESSION: Achieving Operational Resilience in Today’s Challenging Environment. Overview Topic: Achieving Operational Resilience in Today’s Challenging EnvironmentDate: Wednesday, 16th December 2020Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (CST)Duration: 1 HourModerator: Dylan Schweitzer (Director of Partnerships, Leo Technosoft)Speaker: Robert Enrico (Chief Executive Officer, Run2geo) Achieving operational resilience in today’s challenging environment A simple concept demanding highly complex and careful execution; entrepreneurial ventures are on the rise.

VIRTUAL SESSION: Achieving Operational Resilience in Today’s Challenging Environment

Carving a successful business from a small potent idea involves the combination of an agile mind-set, innovation, technological expertise and much more. Understanding the collective nature of entrepreneurship has always been transitional. Join us while we bring you a curated segment on the gems of entrepreneurial growth, marketing and customer relations along with LTS Accelerator’s Build-Operate-Market-Transform model. Leo TechnoSoft announces the appointment of Dylan Schweitzer as Director of Partnerships: Launches Chicago Office for LTS Accelerator - Blog - Leo TechnoSoft.

While the global music industry is one giant revenue machine, the internal details are not as appealing.

When we talk about the music industry, bands or musicians, we almost never talk about the struggles of aspiring ones; the musician entrepreneurs. In this digitally driven era of social media and music platforms, and studio giants ruling the market, there are very few or no positives for aspiring musicians. With deceitful contracts, low payments, less premium subscriptions, major percentage cuts to platforms, labels and producers and skyrocketing piracy, artists have not been able to generate optimum revenue through creative content.

To address these problems and provide a just platform to music artists of varied scale, aiming towards higher and transparent revenue process, our client approached us with the idea of a unique music platform. With a chain of clinics across Indiana and Illinois region, our client, a healthcare service management company dealing with prosthetic and orthotics caters to numerous patients and has a vast network of partners and vendors.

While we are not unaware of the fact of how disappointing and critical it is to not have adequate amount of inventory when clients need it, it is also very evident that advanced and precision components in prosthetic and orthotics add up to millions when combined. This amounts to investment being blocked and released if and when clients have requirements. It all started with the 3Rs in retail: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; by limiting unnecessary consumption, Reduce waste production, Reuse everything possible to limit environmental waste and Recycle all environmental waste produced, as much as possible.

Environmentalists critically judge apparel giants with the entire product usage and lifecycle, expecting companies to produce as less waste as possible, re purpose and reuse products and encourage customers to reduce, reuse and recycle through collection, donations and second hand sales. Today, a brand’s Corporate Social Responsibility decides how they give back to the society and the environment, reflecting their brand values.

The peak in technologies and virtually enhanced education models has called for some more transformation in the field of education.

Initially a small and skeptical concept of e Learning would have such tremendous potential, no one expected. It has not only changed the way students learn, but also the way teachers teach eventually changing audiences’ preference. Providing both education and skill training opportunities enhancing employment potential, e learning platforms provide a wide array of academic learning options. In any company, big or small, digital marketing is practiced extensively and is an important aspect of marketing, driving business growth using channels and methods with proper understanding of real time scenarios. The idea was to merge these two concepts – digital marketing and e learning. Startups and Entrepreneurs have been buzzwords for quite a long time now.

There is not fail-proof trick to establish and grow businesses and win markets, strategists need to put in a lot of efforts to understand the idea, bring investment and build technologically potent models. Not a lot of people understand the intricacies and hence not a lot of startup facilitators have been able to do justice to the process as well as the business. It’s safe to say that allowing entrepreneurs to launch their ideas and initialize businesses, bootstrapping in an undervalued aspect of entrepreneurship. With evolution from monolithic architecture to micro services architecture, application designing has seen various methodologies come and go, some with more advantages than the other, some with higher complexities and higher performance.

Being a buzzword, we are well versed with microservices architecture which has been a hit with about 63% enterprise level companies and now being implemented with small and medium sized businesses. Also known as microservice architecture, microservices is an architectural style that structures an application or product as a collection of independent components that primarily are highly maintainable and testable, loosely coupled and independently deploy able and upgradable. Customer Profile: Our client has been a leader in Ophthalmology in California and is one of the largest in North America since 1995.

Employing over 7,400 people and having offices in 20 locations, our client is a recognized international leader in ophthalmology. Current Trends With the adoption rate of EHR systems running at about 55% according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, more and more hospitals and practices nationwide are leaving paper behind. EMR turned mobile definitely emerged as one of the most promising solutions to the time problem. 69 percent of responding health centers has adopted EHR, with 45 percent fully electronic at all sites and 24 percent partially implemented. Business Situation. Customer Profile: Our client is one of the oldest and most established commercial construction companies headquartered in the US and having presence worldwide.

With 70,000 employees throughout 1,400 business units in 40 countries on 5 continents, our client carries out over 100,000 projects each year. Current Trends In recent years the file-sharing world has become more diverse than ever before. Corporate investment in mobile software for remote workers is expected to reach nearly $80 billion by 2017. Customer Profile: Our client is one of the leading healthcare providers in UK with global presence.

They are committed to striving towards better health for patients worldwide through leading innovation in medicine and are recognized as the brand in major countries worldwide. Current Trends Healthcare professionals have been relying on health IT applications like Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management software for managing the clinical and non-clinical workflows respectively. The expansion of the virtual world has majorly transformed the way business operates and its arena. For present-day, small and medium-size business establishments and enterprises have to create a strong online persona and a reliable suite of desktop applications to sustain the expansion and operation. As a business owner, it is inevitable to ensure unsurpassed user experience for the website visitors or application users. Leo Technosoft is the most preferred provider when it comes to offering the best CMS Portal.

The leading and the most popular name for enterprise portal solutions, Liferay is an open source platform that uses the advanced technologies of Java as well as Web 2.0. We are renowned for offering comprehensive Liferay Development and consulting services. Clients are often confused between Liferay and SharePoint Development Company. This article will help clear the confusion by recognising the benefits accrued by using them.

Encompassing Services for the benefit of clients One of the most appreciated Liferay Developer, Leo TechnoSoft offers an entire range of services right from installation assistance to performance tuning. The experienced professionals at Leo TechnoSoft create front-themes for the client that is in sync with their brand positioning in the industry. As a product development company are you finding it increasingly difficult to: Face rising competitive pressureDeal with shorter product cycle timesRush into new product introductionsMaintain an IT infrastructureFind and retain scarce technical resourcesControl rising IT expendituresDeal with periodic software bug fixes Software-as-a-Service also known as SaaS offers a highly scalable solution to deal with all these issues and is the best alternative to buying expensive software and paying for periodic upgrades.

For companies, this means that they do not have to worry about building an infrastructure for the software they propose to develop. Instead, the software is available through a hosting company via the web browser in exchange for a subscription fee. Enterprise Quality Management Software. Building mobile applications means designing a mobile app, testing it for bugs and submitting it to app store for approval.

Documentation is a critical component for pharmaceutical company. LTS Secure SIEM & Log Management. LTS_Secure_Security_Analytics.pdf. Objective of product engineering is to ensure efficient product design that is flexible and scalable. It should also be easy and cost effective to manage, and can optimize the business delivery model. Object oriented product engineering is capable of embedding Product value, Benefits; user experience into the product architecture. Allowing ROI on every component that adds value to product. This part of series will focus upgrade of security automation and orchestration to address cyber-attacks happening at machine speed. With majority of threats detected by Security Operation Centers (SOCs) around the world are now orchestrated by supervised machine learning and threat intelligence. Now it’s on security expert’s use of algorithms to recognize patterns, identify anomalies and automatically orchestrate security controls. Smart_Car_Parking_revolutionizing_the_Automobile_Industry.pdf.

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BOMT Model - Partner Product Development for startups, isv’s by LeoTechnoSoft. Technology Development Partners. Free demo on how to build a startup using our model. Tickets, Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 7:30 PM.