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Starting Front-End Projects — So Coded Conference - 19.09.2013 Repetition from project to project Same tasks to set up development and deployment Teams need consistency Use a framework or boilerplateFind differences to your workflow/preferencesApply changes you needStart coding P3P Purpose[edit] As the World Wide Web became a genuine medium in which to sell products and services, electronic commerce websites tried to collect more information about the people who purchased their merchandise. Some companies used controversial practices such as tracker cookies to ascertain the users' demographic information and buying habits, using this information to provide specifically targeted advertisements. Users who saw this as an invasion of privacy would sometimes turn off HTTP cookies or use proxy servers to keep their personal information secure. P3P is designed to give users a more precise control of the kind of information that they allow to release.

Do You Wannabe a Social Media Influencer Turning into an online networking influencer sounds like something cool. Envision that individuals think about what you say or think or do. On the web, you can turn into a bit of a big name. However how would you do that? In the advanced world there are 1.25 billion Facebook clients and 500 million Twitter clients. The Fresh Rank Algorithm, Is It More Important Than PageRank First of all let me confess the term ‘fresh rank’ has been stolen from fellow SEO blogger Justin Briggs, I am going to refer to one of his excellent posts throughout the rest of this one. You will no doubt know about Google’s new QDF upgrade, an algorithm tweak designed to get you to ‘fresh’ content quicker, rather than bringing up old static results. You can see an example of it here; They’re not site links but links to fresh content on the BBC for the search term ‘football’. Google has stated that this affects around 35% of search queries, don’t get that mixed up with searches. Now that is all well and good but from my point of view I want to know a few key points;

Software - Percona Percona is committed to producing open-source software for Percona Server, MySQL®, and MariaDB® users. We offer a range of our own MySQL software solutions, and also participate actively in many non-Percona software projects. All of our software is open source and free of charge. “Percona is well known in the industry and offers trusted software, so it just made sense to move to it instead of MySQL Community Edition.” Percona Software Projects The following software is the sole creation of Percona:

Mistakes That Need to be Avoided For Flawless Translation Translation has evolved from a purely linguistic activity to an outright commercial business after globalization of trade and services in the international market. Though it is known as one of the oldest professions of the world, but it becomes an organised industry only after the formation of WTO in the mid 90s and the rise of internet further fueled the growth of translation industry. Now, any multi-national company cannot imagine to survive in this competitive world without the presence or support of proficient and experienced translators and interpreters. Even after the recognition of this service as an industry there are many people who still using old approaches and they yet to adapt modern practices.

Specify your canonical Carpe diem on any duplicate content worries: we now support a format that allows you to publicly specify your preferred version of a URL. If your site has identical or vastly similar content that's accessible through multiple URLs, this format provides you with more control over the URL returned in search results. It also helps to make sure that properties such as link popularity are consolidated to your preferred version. Let's take our old example of a site selling Swedish fish.

HTTP/1.1: Status Code Definitions Each Status-Code is described below, including a description of which method(s) it can follow and any metainformation required in the response. 10.1 Informational 1xx This class of status code indicates a provisional response, consisting only of the Status-Line and optional headers, and is terminated by an empty line. Copyright Policy Press releases* are available for free under a limited license subject to following terms and conditions - Press release content must not be altered. Do not add or remove hyperlinks.For internet use, reference PRLog as the source and link back to the original press release on PRLog.Org. For other media, please acknowledge PRLog.Org.No more than 10 press releases are used in any 24 hour period.Images shown in a press release must be used with the corresponding press release only.Press releases are not displayed on other press release submission and/or distribution websites.Press releases are not displayed on websites hosting illegal or adult content.You agree to remove the press release(s) within 48 hours when requested by PRLog.

Create The Right Content to Viably Impact Customers Enter in the customers' brain and comprehend the cognitive variables which impact their purchase decision, then create a content for social media. Studies show that the visual part of an item is the essential affecting variable to making a move. Intuitive judgments are made in the first moment and a half, with up to 90% of the judgments focused around colours, therefore the content team should act sensibly in choosing colours and shades for all types of promotional campaigns in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Whether it is pictorial presentation or a video about your product and services, right selection of words, images and colours should be the prime importance before your content and creative team.