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Spice Up Your Slides with 600+ Free Design Templates

Spice Up Your Slides with 600+ Free Design Templates
Google Slides is an excellent tool not just for creating presentations, but for making eBooks, stop-motion animation, Choose Your Own Adventure stories, comic strips, and much more. However, one aspect that is a little lacking in Slides is the amount of design themes available by default. When you create a Google slideshow you are given a simple list of 23 basic design themes to choose from. These control the colors, font choice, and overall style of the presentation. Although these are a great place to start, and work well for most presentations, what if you want a different look and feel. However as educators, the one thing we have less of than default design themes is time. In this blog post we will look at a wide range of online resources that provide over 600 design theme templates (as of last count) for you and your students to use in your creations. 1) Slides Car Over 130 design theme templates. Related:  Google SlidesWebové aplikace v informačním vzděláváníPresentation tools

Qu’est-ce qu’une fausse nouvelle ? - 30 secondes avant d'y croire Une fausse nouvelle c’est… ? Une fausse nouvelle c’est une invention – un mensonge créé de toutes pièces – qui prend l’allure d’une vraie nouvelle dans le but de tromper les gens. Autrement dit, l’information est fausse, mais elle semble vraie. C’est logique ! De la même façon que les vraies informations ont plusieurs visages, les fausses peuvent aussi prendre plusieurs formes. Les fausses nouvelles à caractère politique C’est surtout pour cette raison qu’on a autant parlé des fausses nouvelles au cours des dernières années : à cause de leur nombre énorme durant la campagne présidentielle américaine de 2016. Les fausses nouvelles à caractère spectaculaire Parfois, on partage une fausse nouvelle en raison de son caractère spectaculaire. C’est un truc souvent utilisé par ceux qui inventent des fausses nouvelles. Les fausses nouvelles qui mettent en scène une célébrité Les célébrités, ça attire l’attention. Les fausses nouvelles qui visent à vendre quelque chose Les canulars Les satires

How to Create a Presentation in Google Slides About a year ago I was informed by an acquaintance that Google Slides—the free-to-use, online, collaborative presentation app—was the poor man’s version of PowerPoint. This observation took me back a bit because I couldn’t understand where the animosity was coming from. I also found the critique unfair. Google Slides is a great program that allows you to create everything from workplace presentations to cookbooks. The only requirement is that you have a Google account. However, this critique got me wondering about how many people are unfamiliar with Google Slides. The first thing you’ll want to do is open up the Google Slides application. The Beginner's Guide to Gmail The Beginner's Guide to Gmail You may already have a Gmail account. If you’re in Google Drive, click New > Google Slides > From a template. You can use a blank presentation if you want, but for this tutorial, we’re just going to tweak a pre-existing design. Like Canva, Google groups templates according to the purpose.

Miloslav Khas: Aplikace na podporu formativního hodnocení O problematiku formativního hodnocení se zajímám již několik let, a tak jsem se domníval, že vybrat několik aplikací, které mohou sloužit jako podpora učiteli při vedení výuky, nebude nic tak náročného. Netušil jsem, jak složité to nakonec může být. Aplikací, které jsou primárně určené pro podporu formativního hodnocení, není příliš mnoho. Za to aplikací, které pro tento účel primárně určené nejsou, ale dají se skvěle využít, je naopak velké množství. Aplikace jsem vybíral dle následujících kritérií: ● podporují metody a techniky formativního hodnocení, ● podporují aktivizaci žáků, ● slouží jako zdroje učení pro žáky a jejich vrstevníky, ● jsou zdarma nebo skoro zdarma, ● žáci a učitelé mohou převzít aktivní roli při jejich používání. Animoto - studenti mohou natočit krátká, 30 sekundová videa o tom, co se v dané lekci naučili.AnswerGarden - pedagogové mohou nástroj využít například pro on-line brainstorming nebo anketu. Zjišťování aktuálního stavu porozumění žáků Sebehodnocení

Free PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes - PresentationGO Seven Good Tools for Creating Word Clouds The popularity of word cloud generation tools seems to have declined from their peak of about six years ago. None-the-less they are still useful in providing students with a nice way to visualize the most frequently used words in a passage of text. Wordle is probably the best known tool for making word clouds. But Wordle doesn't work well in many web browsers today so here are seven other word cloud generators to try. On you can create word clouds in a variety of shapes and sizes with a wide array of color schemes. I've even used it to make a word cloud about cats in the shape of a cat. Word Cloud Generator is a free Google Docs add-on for creating word clouds based on your Google Documents. WordWanderer attempts to be different from other word cloud creation tools by letting you drag and drop words to rearrange the look of your word clouds. Paste your text into Analyze My Writing and it will generate a ton of information about your writing. ABCya!

5 Engineering Challenges with Clothespins, Binder Clips, and Craft Sticks Five engineering challenges for kids – with wooden clothespins, binder clips, and craft sticks! It’s a simple STEM activity that kids of all ages will love. Move over, expensive building sets! Kids will have a blast just exploring with these materials, and it’s a great activity for hand-eye coordination. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Materials Used: We used a train table board as a building surface. Challenge #1: Build a structure that can support the most possible weight. For this one, you could either challenge kids to build a true bridge, or just a structure that supports weight. Two clothespins with a craft stick between them make great supports for a structure. We couldn’t believe how much weight this could hold! Then we tried building bridges. Then he tested the strength of his design with books. It held 8 books and then collapsed, which was not too bad! Then we tried a bridge with triangles in the design (since I knew that triangles are a stronger shape).

Google Slides interactive notebooks + 20 activities to fill them There are TONS of awesome multimedia activities you can do with interactive notebooks. They’re easy and free! Get the how-to’s and a downloadable template to get started! Interactive notebooks have taken lots of classrooms everywhere by storm. When they’re done well, students get that spark of excitement. When they’re done poorly, it becomes worksheets glued to pages. Interactive notebooks don’t have to go in paper notebooks, though. In fact, they can go in “digital notebooks”, and one option for those is Google Slides! Why use Google Slides for interactive notebooks If you think about it, a digital slide presentation is a lot like a notebook. It has multiple pages (the slides).You can even resize its pages to the size of a standard sheet of paper. Google Slides is free. You can rearrange them easily, adding new pages wherever you’d like. And since they’re stored in the cloud (Google Drive), you can access them anywhere you have an Internet connection. Of course you do! 1. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Databanka vzdělávacích knihovnických programů Kopia av Novel Study Tic-Tac-Toe Menu Choice Board by Kasey Bell - Google Dokument Đăng nhập một lần. Truy cập tất cả. Đăng nhập để tiếp tục đến Tài liệu Tìm tài khoản của tôi Bạn quên mật khẩu? Đăng nhập bằng tài khoản khác Tạo tài khoản Một tài khoản Google để truy cập mọi sản phẩm của Google Simple Collaborative Mind Maps & Flow Charts - Coggle