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Augmented Reality with #Processing - Tutorial by Amnon Owed

Augmented Reality with #Processing - Tutorial by Amnon Owed
All of the visuals in the above video were created using NyArtoolkit for Processing. NyARToolkit is an augmented reality toolkit built with 100% pure Java. It is derived from ARToolkit-2.72.1. All right so let’s start with the general setup. 1. 2. 3. 4. All right, time to recap. Example 1: Basic The first example is basic, but holds all of the important techniques that are necessary for more advanced uses of the NyArtoolkit. If you input the following image (place it in the sketch’s data subdirectory)… …into the first code example, you should end up with something like this… Example 2: Dynamic Time to get a little more dynamic. Example 3: OOP The third example serves two purposes. Main Sketch ARObject Troubleshooting & General Tips If you get an “Exception occurred at Multimarker.Multimarker” you probably haven’t changed the camPara String. I hope you have learned something and this tutorial has been useful to get you off to a running start with augmented reality. Related:  Augmented RealityGraphics Software

GoldRun's App Features Smurfs In Augmented Reality 5 December '11, 10:41pm Follow GoldRun just launched an augmented reality app that places a virtual Smurf inside your iPhone photos. The app extends the recent movie experience into reality, affording kids and parents the ability to see themselves standing right next to their favorite Smurf characters. To keep up the suspense, a new Smurf will appear weekly, counting down to the release of The Smurfs movie on Blu-ray and DVD. But it doesn’t matter if you liked the latest Smurf feature film, hated it or never even heard about the damn thing. The campaign itself dawns a new type of brand experience, one that you should expect to see packaged with tons of other animated features as smartphones become commonplace for younger and younger kids. ➤ GoldRun, via the App Store

3 ejemplos de Realidad Aumentada que podéis practicar en casa Con todos los textos que ya hemos publicado sobre Realidad Aumentada seguramente no os quedará ninguna duda relacionada con las posibilidades que tiene en diversas categorías profesionales. Hoy os vamos a mostrar algunos ejemplos para que lo practiquéis en casa, siendo necesario una impresora para obtener el código y una webcam que lo capture para mostrar el “contenido oculto”. Pero antes de comenzar con la lista, recordemos algunas anteriores que no podéis perderos, ya publicadas en la categoría de Realidad Aumentada: – 5 aplicaciones de Realidad Aumentada con fines educativos – La Realidad Aumentada aplicada a Marketing Online – Realidad Aumentada aplicada en la educación – Realidad aumentada en anuncios de prensa escrita – 18 vídeos de realidad aumentada aplicada al marketing y a la publicidad – Realidad aumentada en museos – Realidad Aumentada aplicada al periodismo Os dejamos ahora con las actividades: Neandertales paseando Energía Limpia Tarjetas de visita con Realidad Aumentada

Map Stack: Maps for all Jun 12, 2013 Map Stack: Maps for all Good-looking maps used to be the domain of experts. That’s been changing quite a bit in the last few years, and it’s easier than ever now for developers to access mapping data (the recent State of the Map US conference was a great place to hear about this). Never content to leave well enough alone, we thought we’d kick this sideways a bit and make it easy for the rest of us to make some great stuff. We call it Map Stack. The project was designed to let people easily use Open Street Map data in their own applications, and to provide well-designed map styles that would raise the bar for what people expect from open data. Watercolor punched through by satellite imagery from MapBox. You don't need to sign up for anything, know how to code, or know much about cartography to make great looking maps. Opening Hours? We’d originally talked about calling the project the “map sandwich,” since it’s all about the stacking of layers of maps.

junaio Augmented Reality - Apps in Android Market Mach’ Dein Handy zum Mitdenk-Navi. Kostenlose Staumeldungen, Warnungen vor festen Blitzern, Restaurantempfehlungen, mobile Gutscheine, Karten von TomTom und noch viel mehr – alles was Du in Deiner Nähe brauchst, in einer einzigen App. JETZT NEU: Kostenlose Verkehrsinfo und Warnungen vor festen Blitzern – bleib nie mehr im Stau stecken! ★★★★★ „M8 – Das Mitdenk-Navi“ ist ein gelungenes Navigationsprogramm, das zahlreiche Zusatzinformationen bereithält, die sich auf Reisen als nützlich erweisen.- – ★★★★★ M8 zeigt, dass auch kostenlose Apps vollauf überzeugen können.- connect android 01/2013 – ★★★★★ M8 – Das Mitdenk-Navi gehört der gehobenen Klasse von Applikationen an. - Du brauchst ein gutes Navi mit Stau Infos für Dein Smartphone, egal ob Du zu Fuß oder mit dem Auto unterwegs bist? KARTEN & NAVIGATIONProfessionelles Kartenmaterial von TomTom bringt Dich immer sicher ans Ziel – und die Online-Anbindung garantiert, dass sie immer auf dem neuesten Stand sind.

My 10 Favorite Educational Mind Maps 7 Online Quiz Tools Perfect For Classrooms 19.93K Views 0 Likes Whether you want to have students turn in homework via an online form or simply take a quiz or test, online quiz tools are critical to having a connected classroom. Field: Digital Movement and Visual Expression, a Rich Open Source, Code + Visual Framework What if one environment blended the code goodness of Processing with visual programming metaphors and patches, creating a single world for high definition video and OpenGL-powered 3D, with friendly-looking HyperCard-style inspectors, live coding, extensible graphical elements everywhere, an open-ended canvas, drawing with splines and images… In other words, what if you could make anything, more easily? That’s the vision of Field, a new authoring environment built on Java and Jython (Python on the Java VM). It’s Mac-only, with other platforms possible in the future (the underlying libraries are largely cross-platform, and apparently there’s the beginnings of a Windows build somewhere). I asked Nick Rothwell to describe what it was about. Nick is collaborating with creator Marc Downie on choreographic generation and visualisation tools for Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance Company at Sadler’s Wells in London. And Field can make your development environment feel, well, like a Muggle.

Disney Parks Get Augmented in Times Square Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse! Walt Disney's beloved icon turns 83 today and Disney Parks is celebrating at the Disney Store in Times Square with an innovative augmented reality installation. Running through Saturday at the Disney Store on Broadway and 45th Street, the Disney Parks team has implemented a 60-foot digital billboard AR experience. Visitors step on an orb and interact with characters projected on the big screen. Disney tells us that unlike other AR events, many of the character interactions are done live. The display is also serving to kickstart Disney's second "Let the Memories Begin" campaign. That effort includes crowdsourced home videos and photos of real families visits to the Disney Parks. Disney is using the hashtag #DisneyMemories to track experiences at Times Square and throughout the campaign.

20+ Creative Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms A couple of days ago I created and shared with you a Google Form tutorial simplifying the process of creating forms to use in your teaching. The assessment form I included at the end of that post proved to me that you really liked and benefited from this tutorial. I am so glad you did and thank you for the time you spent reading and filling in the form. Today I am sharing with you another resource on how to use Google Forms with your students or as Tanya, the creator of this slideshow, named them innovative pedagogical strategies for using Google Forms.There is alot to learn from Tanya's ideas and which you can apply in your own teaching context. I invite you to go through the entire slideshow and share with us your feedback in the comment form. Here is in brief the innovative pedagogical ways of using Google Forms Tanya talked about in this slide : Check out the slide HERE

Comment éviter les conflits : "Two libraries are competing for this sketch" Net-A-Porter: Augmented Reality Shop Windows  NET-A-PORTER are rolling out Augmented Reality Shopping Windows, around the world including Paris, New York, London, Munich and Sydney. The video demo above is from late last year for Fashion’s Night Out celebrations in London and New York, but as of today, it’s been rolled out globally for the new Karl by Karl Lagerfeld collection, with the same sort of features. After downloading the NET-A-PORTER iPhone/iPad app, customers who turn up at stores can activate an Augmented Reality shopping experience by pointing the camera at the various pieces in the window, revealing 360 degree product models, video catwalk showcases, product information, pricing and the ability to buy instantly… It’s also a great way to generate after hours sales. Be Sociable, Share! AR Shopping, AR Shopping Windows, Augmented Reality Pop-Up Stores, Net-A-Porter, Net-A-Porter Augmented Reality Shopping

5 Tools For Making Custom Timelines Creating custom timelines is an age old school project, especially for history classes (since history is basically a giant timeline, after all!) Way back in the day, when I was a student, I remember drawing out my timelines with colored pencils on pieces of taped together construction paper (to make the line long enough). We’ve come a long way since the late ’80′s, and there are a lot of web tools and apps out there that help users make much more advanced timelines than I could crank out with my awesome colored pencils. Whether you’re using them to chronicle well known historical events, or your own personal history, these tools can bring together audio, video, photos, text, and more to showcase a well rounded, multimedia timeline to tell your story. Time Toast Time Toast also offers uses free, unlimited timelines and easy Facebook integration. Meograph Meograph ‘s tagline is ‘Four Dimensional Storytelling’. Capzles Dipity XTimeline

Augmented reality for your car with iOnRoad - TNW Apps It’s great to see developers that are working on apps specifically for the Android platform. Sometimes it’s because of Apple’s constraints on iOS, other times (as is the case with Lightbox Photos) these developers just want to create for something other than Apple. iOnRoad is precisely one of those apps that has its sole focus on the robot. It’s an app that will turn your Android phone into an augmented reality display, warning you of impending collisions when you’re driving. But it does have a few more tricks up its sleeve, as well. Now it’s worth noting from the start that you’ll need to mount your phone in your front window of your car. First and foremost, iOnRoad uses your phone’s camera and sensors to detect traffic around you. Beyond the augmented reality side of things, iOnRoad gives you some handy features. Notification narration – Text-to-speech lets you listen to your incoming notifications while watching the road.Road Snapshots – Bad traffic?

Recursos Web para el aula. Herramientas TIC para docentes | aprendo y lo cuento Hace unos días tuve que realizar una presentación que me gustaría compartir aquí con vosotros para darle una segunda vida a la misma. Se trataba de hablar de algunos recursos y herramientas TIC para el docente y su posible utilización en el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje. La clave está en utilizar todas estas herramientas para convertir la ingente cantidad de información en conocimiento. Todo un desafío. La presentación se estructura en 4 partes: Introducción en la que se realiza una breve reflexión sobre qué son los recursos centrándonos principalmente en recursos web. 1. 2. 3. Incrusto aquí la presentación, tiene mucho texto para que los asistentes puedan analizarla después de la charla. La cuelgo aquí también para, como decía darle una segunda vida. Me gusta: Me gusta Cargando...

Navigation und erweiterte Realität auf Augenhöhe: Google könnte 2012 eine AR-Brille auf den Markt bringen Google könnte noch dieses Jahr eine Augemented-Reality-Brille auf den Markt bringen. Das Gerät vereint ein sogenanntes Heads-Up-Display, eine Kamera und Smartphone-Technik in einem tragbaren Gestell. Durch die AR-Brille werden dem Nutzer Informationen von Diensten wie Google Maps im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes vor Augen geführt. Das Gestell hat auf einer Seite ein nicht durchsichtiges, sogenanntes Heads-Up-Display (Blickfeldanzeige, die bisher hauptsächlich von Piloten genutzt wurde) im unteren Bereich des Sichtfeldes integriert, auf welchem der User die jeweiligen Informationen angezeigt bekommt. Die Brille wird über 3G oder 4G verfügen, sodass Daten an die Cloud geschickt beziehungsweise von dieser empfangen werden, um Navigations- und Augmented-Reality-Inhalte über das HU-Display nutzen zu können. Die Brille registriert via GPS, wann der Nutzer sich bewegt und passt die angezeigten Informationen entsprechend an.

Basé sur Processng, ce sont des exemples de programmes de réalité augmenté. by trackingnewtech May 14