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Reorganizing Office Space for Aging Workforce

Reorganizing Office Space for Aging Workforce
Ideally speaking, there are no age barriers when it comes to producing quality work and exhibiting professionalism. Gone are the days when 60 years was considered the death knell for one’s career. The companies too are not willing to part ways with their older staff, the reason is simple; they bring in with them valuable experience and skills that contribute immensely to the organization’s productivity. However, age-related conditions and functional abilities cannot be undermined. These are the prime considerations that an employer must deal with, to create the right work environment for the aging staff. Employers are required to take measures that reduce work-related stress and assist workers to perform their daily tasks conveniently and productively. MSD or musculoskeletal disorder is one of the growing concerns among the working class. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Needles to say physical activity and regular exercise offer a wide range of health benefits. Reference: 1.

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Is Your Office Chair Killing You Slowly? Among the various workplace stresses that could kill someone, an act as innocent as sitting might secretly be making it to the fore. According to a study by Dr. Hamilton, the author of “Too Little Exercise and Too Much Sitting: Inactivity Physiology and the Need for New Recommendations on Sedentary Behavior” [1], sitting in a place for too long can cause various health complications. Building A Sustainable & Colourful World with Metal Roofing Sheets - The metal sheet has become the ‘Tesla’ of the roofing landscape, as it is a truly innovative product that is destined to transcend the industrial challenges of conventional roofing solutions and is bound to bring a positive change for the environment. A product that is advanced in all imaginable ways and does not cost a fortune to make. It stands as a remarkable accomplishment, as all the years of hard work, research and investments have paid off big-time! Leading roofing sheets manufacturers like TATA BlueScope Steel and JSW Steel are betting big on this and are offering a wide array of metal roofing solutions for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Metal roofing has shown tremendous success across all business verticals due to its ground-breaking advantages.

MFI Sector Growth Falters and Defaults Rise with Assam Protests, Slowdown - CRIF Insights Growth in the microfinance sector has tapered and defaults are on the rise. The slowdown in the sector is being attributed to the recent spate of defaults in Assam, along with other factors like natural calamities, over-lending and liquidity issues in the non-banking finance sector. According to the latest report from CRIF High Mark, the credit bureau for the microfinance segment, Q2 of FY 2019-20 witnessed overall higher delinquency levels than in Q1. PAR 1-30 (portfolio at risk open for loans overdue between one and 30 days) was contained at one percent during the quarter ended June 2019 after rising to 2.9 percent in the quarter ended September 2018. However, it once again breached the one-percent mark and was reported at 1.3 percent at the end of Q2 this financial year. What is more worrisome is that PAR 180+ (portfolio at risk open for loans overdue for 180 days) stands high at 4.5 percent.

Revamp Your Office Interiors with Industrial Style Design Industrial office designs refer to an interior design trend that takes inspiration from old factories and industries that had been abandoned in the recent past owing to the modern revolution. The typical components reminiscent of the industrial era include tall ceilings, exposed brick walls, bulky pipes, beams and ducts along with worn-out wood and metallic furniture. In contrast to modern workplace designs, Industrial design embraces the utilitarian nature of the building and focuses on them rather than concealing them. If you are looking forward to applying this style to your office space, here are some useful tips by ‘HNI India’ on how you can go about it.

At 7.3%, Retail Loan Growth Slips to 5-year Low In First Half of 2019- CRIF Insights Banks have disbursed retail loans at the slowest rate in five years in the first half of 2019, latest data from RBI showed, amidst growing concerns of sluggish consumption demand and rising unemployment pegging down the country’s economic growth. As per RBI’s monthly sectoral deployment of credit data analysed by ET, the retail personal credit disbursement growth in the first half of 2019 between January and June was 7.3%. The credit growth in the first half 2018 was 7.7% while for the same period in 2017 it was 8.6%. The loan growth in the first halves of 2016 and 2015 was at 8.1% and 8.5%, respectively. The last time a slower retail credit disbursement by banks in the first half of a year was seen between January and June 2014 when a credit growth of 6.4% was registered; the same period when BJP-led NDA formed its first government with a record mandate. Source: Publication: The Economic Times, Delhi| Page No-07,

Can Advanced Analytics for Credit Scoring Change the Lending Market? Anyone who has ever applied for a loan or a credit card knows the importance of maintaining a good credit score. Building a good consumer credit score involves a lot of financial planning and discipline and is a time-consuming process. In case you have no idea, a credit score is a three-digit number assigned by a credit bureau to every lendee, indicating their ability to repay a debt. In India, the credit score ranges from 300 to 900, where a score above 650 considered as good. This score helps the banks and lenders decide whether to pass you a loan and at what interest rate. A consumer credit score takes into account various factors such as total debt, payment history and the length of credit history.

Automation & Process Efficiency key to Credit Bureaus To Address customer Needs- Pinkesh's Insights On Increasing Use Of Credit Bureaus In India Credit bureaus today are one of the key enablers of the changes taking place in the lending space and financial services sector as a whole. CRIF High Mark, one of the leading credit bureaus in the country, deals with massive amounts of customer data. How does the firm make this data available to creditors on a near real-time basis? How does technology help them in this process? 6 Ways Identity Thieves Get Hold of Your Data & How to Dodge Them - Identity Verification Identity thieves are the ones who steal personal or financial information of another person and use it to make transactions or purchases. Acts committed under identity theft are categorised as identity fraud. A variant of identity theft is application fraud where an applicant uses somebody else’s stolen identity to make an application for an account, policy, service or insurance claim. While identity thefts can be conducted in many ways, the proliferation of the internet and smartphones today has made way for more high-tech fraud methods. Here are some ‘cyber’ ways in which your identity may be stolen by the thieves.

CRIF’s Basic Guide To Usage Of Policy Rules: Old Wine In A New Glass by Atrideb Basu After the NBFC debacle, the Indian economy has seen liquidity drying up at a rapid pace. The lending industry has been affected so severely that credit growth has reduced to half by the end of September 2019 compared to what it was at the beginning of the year, as per the latest RBI data. While some significant non-banking financial companies have witnessed diminished revenues, others have ceased to exist. To understand how general credit policy rules affect the lending industry, we got in touch with Atrideb Basu, Senior Vice President, Products & Consulting at CRIF India. In an insightful interaction, Basu elaborated on how current lending policy rules are doing more harm than benefit the industry along with what can be done to improve the situation.

Importance of Financial Due Diligence When Acquiring New Business – My Credit Score If you are thinking of buying a business or expanding your existing one or are looking to onboard a new supplier for your business, this is where you stop in your steps to conduct what is called ‘due diligence’. Due diligence is an investigative process which covers a wide range of critical areas including legal, financial and operational matters. Financial due diligence helps determine the exact value of the target company. It goes beyond auditing, which is an opinion on whether the historical financial statements represent a fair view of the company’s operations; it instead delves deeper into the reasons for those statements with their relevancy. It focuses specifically on the key information that has been asserted to the buyer, often largely through the financial statements.

Obesity and Office Ergonomics As an average employee, you spend most of your hours, sitting at the office desk, fixing your gaze on one of the multiple displays from your PC to your phone. And while you are at it, you also need something to munch on to keep you fueled. Add to it, the artificial environment viz. the stale air rotated by the air conditioner, the plastic plants decorating your office workstation and the dull white LED lights which are an attempt at replacing the natural sunlight your body actually needs. 5 Technologies That Will Help Us Curb the Water Scarcity Crisis - India is on a path to becoming a global super power. We are witnessing a massive-scale industrialization and urbanization across the nation, leading to an increased usage of water resources. But that’s only the beginning the of the problem!

4 reasons to check your business credit score PowerPoint Presentation - ID:9799872 Reasons to check your Business Credit Score 4What’s in your Credit Score? What’s in your Credit Score? How much credit do you use? How many accounts do you have? How often do you apply for credit? 5 Technologies That Will Help Us Curb the Water Scarcity Crisis India is on a path to becoming a global super power. We are witnessing a massive-scale industrialization and urbanization across the nation, leading to an increased usage of water resources. But that’s only the beginning the of the problem! The main issue we are facing, is the rapid increase wastewater discharges from every new residential, commercial and industrial project.