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Gestures and Tools for Kinect - Eternal Coding - HTML5 / Windows / Kinect / 3D development

Gestures and Tools for Kinect - Eternal Coding - HTML5 / Windows / Kinect / 3D development
You have certainly not missed (as a regular reader of this blog ) that the Kinect for Windows SDK is out! For now, however, no gestures recognition services are available. So throughout this paper we will create our own library that will automatically detect simple movements such as swipe but also movements more complex such as drawing a circle with your hand. The detection of such gestures enable Powerpoint control the Jedi way ! (similar to the Kinect Keyboard Simulator demo). If you are not familiar with the Kinect for Windows SDK, you should read a previous post that addressed the topic: There is an infinite number of solutions for detecting a gesture. Algorithmic search Template based search Note that these two techniques have many variants and refinements. You can find the code used in this article just here: GestureDetector class To standardize the use of our gestures system, we will therefore propose an abstract class GestureDetector inherited by all gesture classes: Skeleton stability

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Emptied Gestures: Physical Movement Translated into Symmetrical Charcoal Drawings by Heather Hansen Photo by Bryan Tarnowski Photo by Spencer Hansen at Ochi Gallery Splayed across a giant paper canvas with pieces of charcoal firmly grasped in each hand, Heather Hansen begins a grueling physical routine atop a sizeable paper canvas. How to Hack Your Kinect When the Kinect first launched last November, gamers were (to put it charitably) a bit skeptical. Here was a device with incredible technological potential, and the most impressive game that came out with it was a dance simulator. Still, the Kinect has become a bona fide hit, selling more than eight million units in the first 60 days alone and being named the “fastest-selling consumer electronics device” of all time by Guinness World Records.

Cinematics case study: Mass Effect 3 Earlier this year, Budapest studio Digic Pictures produced a stunning three minute trailer for the Bioware game Mass Effect 3. The trailer, dubbed 'Take Earth Back', tells the story of an alien invasion as Earth is attacked by the game's Reapers. We go in-depth with Digic to show how the cinematic was made - in stereo - featuring behind the scenes video breakdowns, images and commentary from several of the artists involved. Above: watch 'Take the Earth Back' NI mate and Blender With over four million downloads a year from, Blender is the world's favorite open source 3D suite. Our official add-on for the software allows you instant access to tracking data coming from your depth camera device. Plugin your camera, start up NI mate and the Blender plugin and do real-time motion capture for games and films or use your camera with the Blender game engine for instant depth camera enabled real-time 3D presentations or game prototypes. In order to get started, check out our video tutorials and download some free example .blend files. If you have any questions regarding the plugin, just head to our forum for support.

IIC_kinesthetic_cognition IIC. Kinesthetic Spatial Cognition “Kinesthetic spatial cognition” can be defined as referring to the perception, memory, and recall of spatial information via the kinesthetic perceptual-motor system. IIC.10 Spatial Cognition versus Verbal Cognition A great deal of research has demonstrated that spatial cognitive processes and verbal cognitive processes use separate cognitive resources. This has formed the basis of multi-channel models of information processing according to which cognitive attention can be allocated simultaneously to separate verbal and spatial tasks (eg.

The Kinect mouse controller C# Download the DLL - 2.5 KB The zip file provided with this article contains a DLL file KinectMouseController.DLL that could be used in all kinds of C# projects to control the cursor of Windows OS system from a Kinect device. This schema explains how the provided DLL could be useful to send position (x,y) from the Kinect device to the Windows cursor: Photography. Else Ernestine Neulander-Simon (A.k.a. YVA) Else Ernestine Neulander-Simon (Aka YVA) was a german photographer. Yva came from a Jewish middle-class family. She worked for many of the illustrated magazines and periodicals of the time. Towards the end of the 1920s, Yva began focusing on the commercial aspect of photography, specializing in advertising and photography.

Stream Kinect mocap data into Blender with NI mate Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 | Posted by Jim Thacker Programming duo Delicode – also known as Julius Tuomisto and Janne Karhu – has released NI mate, a free application for converting real-time motion capture recorded with a Kinect into MIDI or Open Sound Control data. The converted data can then be streamed into a 3D application via an import plugin: as yet, only the Blender plugin has been released, but Delicode plans to release one for a second (unnamed) app in a few months. Delicode’s demo short, The Kinected Bunny (above) shows Big Buck Bunny from the Blender Foundation’s open movie of the same name being controlled in real time via NI mate and the Blender game engine. The results are mixed: Big Buck tends to glide as he walks, and his jaw moves directly up and down – although it’s hard to say whether that’s the result of the software, the rig, or a combination of both. However, this is a tool that’s still in open beta.

The Geek Movement » UIST 2009 SIC: Laban Gestures for Expressive Keyboarding On October 5th, we participated in the Student Innovation Contest at the 2009 User Interface Software and Technology conference (UIST) in Victoria, BC. Student teams were given about a month to develop a novel use for a pressure sensitive keyboard developed by Microsoft Research, and all the entries were demonstrated and voted upon at the conference. Our submission is detailed below and in this demo video.

iClone5 Mocap Device Plug-in For those of you with Windows 64-bit systems /w Microsoft Kinect, the files required are likely going to be these ones. I have also included the DEV .msi binary filename. Framework (OpenNI ver. OpenNI-Win64-, OpenNI-Win64- Skeleton Middleware (NITE ver. NITE-Win64-, NITE-Win64-