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Market Insight & Industry insights on Retail & Commercial Loans to Help Plan Your Business

Market Insight & Industry insights on Retail & Commercial Loans to Help Plan Your Business
An organization’s ability to drive above competition hinges on the depth of its market insights and how well it translates those insights into effective action. Our market insight solution, PRISMATIC just does that. It helps businesses plan for next year with the unique benefits brought out by rich insights created from CRIF’s vast, reliable and comprehensive credit bureau database. Market Insights is designed to provide you with a snapshot of your portfolio performance, allowing you to benchmark it against industry segments such as multinational corporation banks, private banks, public sector banks and non-banking financial companies. These market insight reports help you in profiling customer bases based on geography, industry segments, loan products and customer demographics.

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Collection Management System CRIF solutions suite helps organizations to implement fully digital data-driven processes and transform the collection process into a profitable division. Contact is CRIFs 360 Degree solution for debt collection management. Contact collection management is a secure end-to-end debt collection solution that helps organizations to automate and streamline the collection process. Why opt for organic food amidst Covid-19? Organic Food is produced using natural way, i.e. without using any synthetic chemicals or processing. This way, organic food is much safer for consumption. Organic foods and products have been around for decades.

Consumer, Commercial, Microfinance Credit Bureau - CRIF Is One-Stop Shop Know more about applicant before approving a loan using CRIF's comprehensive credit bureau reports and manage risks early. The reports come with a Credit Score, a statistical score in the RBI recommended range of 300-900, which enables automating decisions. The credit bureau reports are available for Consumer (Individuals), Commercial (Non-Individuals) and Microfinance segment of applicants. Consumer Credit Report and Score 5 reasons to include sesame seed or til in your diet Nowadays Health care and beauty care are essential things in our lifestyle. Having a good source of fibre and good nutrition is something we need in our daily meals to keep us healthy and warm. In which one of the secretes sources is consuming sesame seeds til in our daily meal. It will help to reduce blood pressure, heart problems and reduce the risk of cancer diseases. Do you aware that Sesame seeds(til )have been medically proven that it contains an anti-inflammatory property that will helps to recur radical damage, reduce swelling, redness and reduce anti-ageing skin problem. Do you know India is one of the biggest production countries in the world?

Home-Loan lenders lay a lot of emphasis on Credit Score - Here’s why A home loan is an important step to building a personal asset – your home. Whenever you apply for a home loan (or any loan for that matter), lenders pull out your due diligence report to ensure your claimed identity and gauge your loan repayment capacity. For this, you are asked to submit supporting documents. Leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Psyllium Seeds & Psyllium Husk The Plantago ovate commonly named as Isabgol/Psyllium in India. The Isap and Ghol mean ear of the horse, which show the shape of the seeds. As this tiny pale brown colour seed are very popular across all countries today & which has almost 200 species.