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Make Kulfi at Home

Make Kulfi at Home
Kulfi is a traditional Indian frozen dessert made using milk, sugar and dry fruits. It derives its name from a Persian word qulfi, meaning a covered cup. Once the kulfi base is prepared, the mixture is poured into metal qulfi cups, sealed with lids, and kept in large containers of ice to freeze. It is believed that the kulfi recipe was invented in 16th-century north India, which was then part of the Mughal Empire. In fact, food historian KT Achaya’s research into the subject has led him to believe that the original kulfi recipe was a concoction of condensed milk, loads of sugar, pistachios, green cardamoms and saffron. For the uninitiated, kulfi is like ice cream in appearance; however, its texture and flavours are quite different. jwplayerTo find out all the ingredients and steps of this kulfi recipe, click here.More Kulfi Recipe IdeasLiving Foodz chefs get creative with the kulfi recipe and present to you unique kulfi variations. jwplayer jwplayer jwplayer

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Make Barfi at Home With the variety of sweet recipes available in Indian cuisine, one can easily conclude that India is a nation with a sweet tooth. One can find all types of sweet dishes from deep-fried to baked and cooked to frozen. While desserts like jalebi and gulab jamun are usually store-bought, barfi is one of the sweet recipes that is usually made at home. Due to this, you are bound to find many kinds of barfi recipes.

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Bhel Puri Recipe Bhel puri is a popular Indian street snack made using puffed rice, sev, an assortment of vegetables, spices, some addictive chutneys and of course flat puri or papdi. With its combination of spicy, sweet and tangy flavours, bhel puri is a treat to one’s taste buds. Oh, and did we mention about the variety of textures?

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Easy Chicken Biryani Recipe Non-vegetarians love it, almost every state has their own version of it, and weddings in India are incomplete without it. Yes, we’re talking about chicken biryani, the all-time classic non-vegetarian dish that’s been winning hearts for a long time. And what’s not to love about this celebratory meal – tender and juicy chicken pieces nestled in a heap of fragrant rice, with each grain wrapped in the goodness of ghee and an assortment of delicate spices. Is your mouth watering already? Try this chicken biryani recipe at home. Chicken Biryani Recipe by Chef Amitesh Singh Virdi, Punjab Grill, Mumbai

Visiting The Detroit Of India-Things To Do And See In Chennai Rightly name ‘The Detroit Of India,’ Chennai contributes to one-third of India’s total automobile industry and is also home to the popular Tamil film industry. However, it still attracts many tourists, both domestic and international, who come to visit the city for its rich history and beautiful beaches and religious institutions. Best time to visit Chennai Chennai is quite humid during the summer, however the winter months from November to February are quite cool with temperatures hovering between 20 and 25 degree Celsius. A perfect time to visit the city and flee the winter cold. Airlines such as Air India in collaboration with travel companies also provide tourists with discounts. Urad Dal Idli Recipe Idli is a flavourful steamed rice cake made using the batter of fermented black lentils and parboiled rice. The idli recipe may have originated in south India but now it is a popular breakfast recipe across the country. Idli is usually served with sambar and coconut chutney. These rice cakes are also accompanied by other south Indian vegetable curries such as allam pachadi, potato korma and kadalai curry, to name a few. Other chutneys usually enjoyed with a serving of idli include milagai podi, beetroot chutney, pudina chutney and tomato kara chutney. Idli is considered a healthy food item because the idli recipe is made using fermented batter and is steamed instead of being fried.Idli RecipeThe idli recipe may look like it is time-consuming but making fluffy idlis at home is definitely not a tedious task, once you have the ingredients and method sorted.

Gujrati Dhokla Recipe An array of colours, a burst of flavours and a sweet tinge – that’s how we like to define one of Gujarat’s most irresistible snacks, dhokla – nope, not khaman, just dhokla. The dhokla recipe can be made using the fermented batter of rice, split chickpeas or rava. This bite-sized, spongy goodness is garnished with a tempering of mustard seeds, sesame seeds and coriander leaves before serving. Get Ready To Board On The Flight from Mumbai To Ahmedabad Flight from mumbai to ahmedabad | Image Resource: Mumbai is a famous Indian city. It features a beautiful cityscape adorned with gushing sea waves and unique markets. This city is popularly called because of the City of Dreams. This city never fails to cast magic on its tourists and locals. The only precious possession of this city is Bollywood.