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Sortir à Paris : Les 100 choses qu'il faut avoir faites dans sa vie à Paris

Sortir à Paris : Les 100 choses qu'il faut avoir faites dans sa vie à Paris

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Narrative Table By Melody Rose NEWS 21 December 2011, 12.33 | - POSTED BY De Jeunes Gens Modernes For Christmas you have several ways to be creative on your table. You can make a Santa Claus in salt dough, play origami with napkins or choose the right crockery. The “Upcycled Vintage Ceramics” by Melody Rose is designed to change the look of your meal. Melanie Roseveare, the designer, is a canadian-born who currently lives and works in West London. Paris' 20 Best Vintage Clothing Shops - VINGT Paris Magazine Words: Meg Gagnard Our vintage clothing post has long been one of our readers’ favourites. We decided it needed an update, so we called on urban explorer Meg Gagnard of De Quelle planète es-tu?

Art of Destruction (or Art of Blowing Crap Up) Destruction pipelines today are key aspects of any major visual effects pipeline. Many current pipelines are based on Rigid Body Simulations (RBS) or otherwise referred to as Rigid Body Dynamics (RBD), but a new solution – Finite Element Analysis (FEA) – is beginning to emerge. In this ‘Art Of’ article, we talk to some of the major visual effects studios – ILM, Imageworks, MPC, Double Negative and Framestore – about how they approach their destruction toolsets. In VFX and CGI, RBS is most often relevant to the subdivision of objects due to collision or destruction, but unlike particles, which move only in three space and can be defined by a vector, rigid bodies occupy space and have geometrical properties, such as a center of mass, moments of inertia, and most importantly they can have six degrees of freedom (translation in all three axes plus rotation in three directions).

Peaceful Cruises on French Waterways Hidden from most roads, deep in the lovely French countryside, are a multitude of waterways. These ancient forms of navigation are still used to transport goods on barges across regions of France. But they are also enjoyed by plaisanciers (boaters), and several companies rent boats where a family or a group of friends can spend several days exploring the French back country. Nivernais Canal Taking such cruises harks back to slower times, when barges would be pulled by horses walking alongside the banks.

Stuff Parisians Like Nouvel article sur notre blog “Stuff Parisians Like” Il concerne le mot décalé!! All French people agree that Parisians are not normal people. Provinciaux deem that Parisians are below normal, usually beyond repair. Parisians on the other hand know full well that they navigate far beyond the norm. Such a striking opposition lies in the very definition each have of “the norm”.

F.E.U. inc. 3月13日 水曜日 2013 From Eastend TokyoAsakusa Jinta New album “Moonless Night” par Arnaud Pages par mental groove Paris Syndrome: A First-Class Problem for a First-Class Vacation - Chelsea Fagan - Life At least 20 people this summer -- most of them Japanese -- have suffered from the disorder after realizing Paris isn't what they expected As tourist season here in Paris winds to a close and the air once again becomes crisp, fresh, and new, we must unfortunately acknowledge that it does not end without a few casualties. Yes, this summer, like the ones that have come before it, has claimed at least 20 victims of a very particular affliction: Paris Syndrome. And though it may sound like a disease unique to freshman girls with Le Chat Noir posters everywhere, it is a serious disorder that causes tourists, especially Japanese tourists, many problems on their trip through the City of Light. And what is Paris Syndrome, exactly?

Freelance HDRI Services HDRI - High Dynamic Range Images Please Note: This section was written many years ago, when D-SLR Cameras and HDRI techniques were in its infancy. I decided to keep this old page up as the basics remain the same, even though the technology has progressed in leaps and bounds since the early days. All work on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License. [HDRI FAQ][Fisheye vs Mirror Ball][Fisheye D-SLR Workflow Explained Visually][LDRI Reflections][Examples][HDRI Services] HDRI for Film and Television Post Production.