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Anomalies-Unlimited Ghosts

Anomalies-Unlimited Ghosts
I've always got a kick how people will fall reverently silent and consider you blessed if you say you saw an angel or some "vision", but if you tell those same people you saw a ghost they'd tell you how full of it you were. Is there a difference? I sat in the library for 9 solid hours one day (heaven!), looking at every ghost book they had; "psychic photography", famous hauntings, the haunted; the stupid-ass "ectoplasm" photos of long-ago Mediums, badly faked portraits of spirit photography, the psychology and physiology behind those who claim demonic possession, EVP, infrared ghost photos, Near Death experiences. I reread all the yellowed books of a "famous" ghost hunter and remembered even as a kid realizing what a liar he was. I smiled at the photos of cigarette smoke, water drops, exhaled breath, film glitches, light leaks, developing drips and camera straps that passed as "plasma vortexes" and "spirit globes". Maybe not. But - I know better. Any good ghost stuff, Emaill me.

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PARANORMAL VIDEO PAGE - Copyright © 2011 SPOOKS - Scientific Paranormal Observation Of Kinetic Spirits - All Right Reserved Strange “Mirror Distortion” caught on camera. (Watch mirror for shadow that moves from left to right) The Videos on this page represent some of the most compelling paranormal video evidence out there. Top 10 Best Ghost Photographs While trying to decide which ghost photos are the “best” is largely an exercise in subjectivity, it’s difficult to know which ones are the best with any degree of objectivity. These are the photos I consider the most authentic “captures” of ghosts ever caught on film, but I leave it to you to decide for yourself how real they may be. Of course, I realize that almost any photo can be hoaxed, but many of these were taken many years or even decades before digital cameras and the advent of Photoshop and other photo manipulation software came on the scene, making them somewhat more difficult to fake than it would be today. 10. The Queensland Photo, 1946 Taken in 1946 in Queensland, Australia by a mother who was taking a picture of her teenage daughter’s grave.

Demons A to Z - Weird Encyclopedia A list of demons, devils, and evil gods from around the world. Probably not exhaustive. If you know of any more, keep it to yourself. Abaddon - King of the Demons of Hell. Also known as Apollyon (Greek). Abigor - Rides a horse and carries a scepter and lance. True Life Paranormal Experiences Tell us about your paranormal experience for entry on this page FloridaAround the first week in May of 2013 while shopping in the Dollar General I had a very strange experience. I was alone in a isle and heard my name quite clearly whispered in my ear "Pamela". I jumped and turned around and there was nobody else there. I was positive a friend would be there I even jumped when I heard my name because it was so clar.

Ghost And Paranormal Evidence of Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings And The After Life Strange Happenings Ghost And Hauntings Research Society Investigations & Reports Welcome to our investigations and reports pages. Here we will take you inside some of our past and present investigations. One of the many things you will find unique about the SHGHRS is, unlike the majority of ghost hunter websites you will happen upon, we do not simply fill our report pages with unorganized and undescriptive photos, EVP's and video clips. We of the Strange Happenings Ghost And Hauntings Research Society strive to present detailed, descriptive, compelling and scientific data. By doing so, we hope to one day help further the study and the understanding of ghosts, spirits and the after life.

Photo Gallery New 2012 ~ The Temperance Building - Harriman, TN In this photo look at the bottom window near the door - there appears to be a female watching us. The first pic is the original picture, second is spotlight/magnified and the third has an arrow pointing to the female. Not sure what to make of this one, but when we went inside later that night there was not a girl/female present, at least not in human form. Photos & Videos - Ohio Below you will find possible evidence of the paranormal that the Ohio Exploration Society has either collected during paranormal investigations and explorations of abandoned and historic locations or were submitted by contributors of the website. This includes Photographic Evidence, Video Evidence and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). None of the evidence has been altered in any way other than leveling audio to make the EVP clearer, adjusting brightness levels in photos, or adding the OES logos to videos. If you would like to know more about each piece of evidence, make sure to click the appropriate link to be transported to a page with more detail. <A HREF=" Widgets</a> <A HREF=" Widgets</A>

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