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The Photography Tips That 96 Photographers Wish They Would’ve Learned Sooner

The Photography Tips That 96 Photographers Wish They Would’ve Learned Sooner
Two weeks ago (I know, I’m slow…) on the Improve Photography Facebook fan page, I asked our community what photography tips they wish they would have learned sooner. I was looking for lessons that many photographers procrastinate learning and it ends up keeping them back from progressing as photographers. Over 96 photographers commented on that facebook comment with their hard earned lessons, and I grabbed the most popular lessons from the group to share here. I hope that this article teaches you many ways to save yourself from making rookie mistakes (like I still seem to do every day!). Lesson #1: Envision, plan, and then create There is nothing–at all-wrong with looking at great photography to get creative inspiration. Lesson #2: The histogram is NOT optional Spending just 5 or 10 minutes to learn how to use the histogram can make a huge difference in your photography. This photo would be pretty dull without great off-camera lighting... Lesson #4: Learn to change the active focus point

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The Most Epic Collection of Photography Links (Since Last Week) It’s been an action-packed week in the world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy compiling a list of the best links to tutorial, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone here. The Toad loves to follow the work of incredible artists and photographers, and loves to share the best of what he finds during his weekly adventures. We really hope you enjoy viewing the art and prose in this list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you. Check out the Toad’s new photoblog series “Two Toads in Wonderland” featuring the works of famous Canadian artist George Sawchuk who just recently passed away. This incredible outdoor art exhibit is hidden deep in the Canadian forest, making it one of the areas best kept secrets. Please feel free visit the first post in this new series “George Sawchuk’s Wacky Woods – In Memory“.

CS 178 - Digital Photography Course materials Course schedule (click here for the lecture notes) Course description (meeting time, units, prereqs, etc.) Course outline (textbooks, coursework, grading policies, etc.) Archive of class business (the "What's new?" Alternatives to Camera app can give you better iPhone photos iOS's built-in Camera app is a useful piece of software, enabling the most rank amateur to take a well-exposed photo under a variety of less-than-ideal situations. At the same time, we have lamented on several occasions that Apple's built-in Camera app leaves a lot of room for improvement when it comes to advanced controls. While Apple's approach favors "tap and snap" simplicity, experienced photographers often want more control. That added control is exactly what some third-party iOS photo apps aim to offer.

16 most influential photo blogs But don’t worry, because we’ve done all the work for you and compiled a list of 16 of the most influential photo blogs. There’s a lot you could gain from reading each of them, and we recommend that you spent some time checking them all out. Strobist Run by professional photographer David Hobby, Strobist is probably the most popular blog on the internet for learning how to use off-camera flash. Listed as one of the best blogs of 2010 by Time, this blog should undoubtedly be your go-to place for mastering off-camera flash. Quit Dissing My Megapixels–I love all 36 million of them! Photographer First of all, I must say that I have resisted the urge to write this post for over a year because I know I am going to get dozens of comments saying nothing more than “Megapixels are unnecessary–I want ISO.” I often think that photographers simply repeat what they have heard other pro photographers teach online, and stick to it instead of investigating things on their own. Before I get nerdy on you, allow me to provide some background if you’re newer to this debate. On a camera sensor, there are millions of light receptors (called photosites) that collect information about how much light is present, color, and other information.

16 Lightroom 4 tutorials for creative photographers There are many tutorials out there to help you get started with Lightroom workflow, but there’s also a growing number of videos and good old-fashioned step-by-step guides to getting more creative with the software. Here, we hand-pick 16 Lightroom 4 tutorials that explain some of the more creative effects you can apply to your photo collection. Let us know in the comments below how you get on with them… DON’T MISS: Discover how Canon’s Project1709 platform can simplify your photo management 645 PRO – Tutorial – How To Use This Very Popular iPhone Photography App 645 PRO is a very popular iPhone photography app, despite only hitting the App Store in the past few weeks. Feedback from our iPhone photography community confirmed that despite its popularity, some users were slightly ‘confused’ by the technological layout. We have written this tutorial as an introduction to using 645 PRO, to ensure you fully understand what the app is doing and you get the most out of it.

Greater than Gatsby We offer innovative Photoshop actions and overlays that elevate your photography to the next level. Our creative solutions to common photo editing challenges allow you to flawlessly execute your artistic vision in a short amount of time, and put more of your resources into what really matters — your images. Our versatile tools are easy to use, quick to implement and, best of all, totally within your control. Transform your photos into dramatic and rich works of art, or choose to keep your edit clean, crisp, and subtle — the processing options are endless!

Massive Collection of Photo Editing Tutorials and Photoshop Actions You don’t have to be a professional photographer and have thousands of dollars worth of equipment to have a lovely collection of photographs in your album or on your Flickr account; especially if you learn some techniques or download some Photoshop actions from this post! If you have Photoshop (or something similar) editing your dull photos using simple techniques or actions can make a huge difference. This post has a great selection of tutorials to help improve your photo-editing skills, and if you don’t want to or just don’t have the time to edit hundreds of photos, there’s a huge selection of great actions which you can download and use on all your photos! Part 1: Photo-Editing Tutorials Learning how to correctly edit your photos is great if you want to add that extra something to your photography, whether your a complete amateur or a long-term professional photographer.