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How to make a bamboo polytunnel

How to make a bamboo polytunnel
We used a local renewable material, caña (like bamboo). You could use anything long and bendy – we would like to try it with hazel next time we are further north. The only items we paid for are the plastic and string (pita string made from fibres of the giant succulent Agave plant). It took six days with four people working. It's a lovely material to work with, flexible, strong and graceful. The challenge throughout is to balance and work with the natural forces of the material. Step 1 Select locally growing caña and do a flex test. Step 2 Strip the outer leaves and bumpy nodules from the canes. Step 3 Bundle into a column of 7 canes tying with string at 25cm intervals. Step 4 Join one column to another to form a super column. Step 5 Dig holes to place feet of arches into. Step 6 Create smaller columns of 3 canes to act as supports between main arches Step 7 Protect plastic by covering outside edge of all canes with fabric or folded netting/fleece. Step 8 Roll plastic over the structure. Step 9

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Design Your Own Passive Solar Greenhouse (Online) Learn the secrets of the four seasons garden – and take your first step toward harvesting fresh produce year-round! Fresh produce, year-round? No, we haven’t moved Down Under, or lost touch with the Calgary growing season. We simply know how that cold and unpredictable northern weather can make growing your own food downright daunting… and we have a solution. Introduction to "Bamboo Theory" When I say bamboo is “green” I mean it does not take much energy to prepare the bamboo fiber for laminating, as the 0.3 mm thick veneer air dries quickly. It can be cut into strips and woven into mats or used as a “uni-directional” fiber in laminates." After over 10 years of bamboo board making, I would estimate that each layer of rotary bamboo veneer is roughly as strong as one layer of 4 ounce unidirectional fiberglass. Two layers of bamboo veneer with grains crossed, epoxy laminated and vacuum bagged uses less resin than a hand laid-up 8 oz. fiberglass. On bamboo NFC surfboard decks I use as many as five layers of bamboo in high stress areas.

5 Tips to Keep Your Greenhouse Thriving Hello everyone, Over the years of running our passive solar greenhouse, we’ve learned a few things about managing one. Here are our 5 top tips for ensuring that our passive solar greenhouse is thriving and productive. BAMBOO REINFORCED CONCRETE Bamboo has been used as a construction material in certain areas for centuries, but its application as reinforcement in concrete had received little attention until the Clemson study. Bamboo was given recent consideration for use as reinforcement in soil-cement pavement slabs in which the slabs behave inelastically even under light loads. For this case ultimate load analysis was shown to be more economical and suitable for use. The results of these investigations form the basis of the conclusions and recommendations presented in this report. Further studies will be required before complete confidence can be placed theoretical designs based on the material presented here.

The Fish Ponds of Molokai Trailer only – watch full video here! Geoff Lawton visits the Hawaiian Island of Molokai where an 800 year old traditional fish farming system is being restored. Fish farming has been practiced for centuries in many cultures. The Hawaiians built a sustainable system that worked from the top of the mountain range and ran right down to the base and out to sea. The Hawaiians built a network of terraced gardens – small spring systems in the upper slope of the island to grow their starch crops of taro. Excess water ran from terrace to terrace, over the most distance to build an abundant food harvesting system.

H&P Architects' Bamboo Homes Float Above Rising Flood Waters on Recycled Oil Drums Vietnamese design firm H&P Architects is looking to a future of rising flood waters with their new design for affordable housing. Made from sustainable local bamboo, the homes fight the severe flooding that is prevalent in Southeast Asia by rising and falling with the incoming waters. The thatched homes are built on platforms made from reused oil drums and kept in place with anchors, allowing the structures to float in place during flood season. Modern Rustic: Greenhouses and Gardening: A homesteading guidebook for subsistence gardening, heirloom vegetables and greenhouse ideas by Eric Beuning Start by marking “Modern Rustic: Greenhouses and Gardening: A homesteading guidebook for subsistence gardening, heirloom vegetables and greenhouse ideas” as Want to Read: Enlarge cover Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Rate this book

If You Love Vanilla, You Have Orchids To Thank While sometimes used as a synonym for bland, vanilla is anything but when it is pure extract. That wonderful flavoring, as it turns out, comes from an orchid that can easily be cultivated in a home environment. “Vanilla orchids are a great house plant,” said botanist Chuck Acker. “You can grow it indoors in the months that you need to, and they do also love to spend the summer outside — primarily in the shade, but they will tolerate some sunshine.” Acker works with Orchids Garden Centre & Nursery in Waunakee, and also propagates and sells orchids through his own business, Flasks by Chuck Acker.