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Premium Quality Guhring Tools

We at MK Industrial Suppliers understand the importance of high-grade industrial tools and machineries. This is one of the major reasons why we mainly collaborate with renowned and highly trusted brands as we never compromise on quality when it comes to our customers. When it comes to offering rotary precision tools there is only brand that we trust and it is Guhring. Guhring tools are made with utmost precision and care to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Their vast product offerings consists of a wide variety of products like drilling tools, milling cutters, threading, tools, reamers, grooving systems, countersinking tools, gun drills, clamping systems and much more. Guhring tools are built to last and form an important part of different industries like automotive, aerospace and even typical engineering industries. Amongst other products Guhring drills stands out owing to its multi-utility and beneficial features.

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Does a Failed Credit Card Payment Pull Down Your Credit Score? Rohan is browsing through his mail. He sees the monthly credit card bill sitting in his inbox, oh-so-proudly. It was his birthday month and his bank gave him a new credit card with a generous limit. And this leads to the crux of the matter: he crossed the planned budget! Now, he is contemplating if he should pay a partial amount this month and the rest next month or leave all of it for the end of the month, when he receives his salary.

Growth of Cashless & Real-time Payments (UPI) in India Introduction of UPI in 2016 and the succeeding UPI 2.0 in 2018, turned out to be a game-changer for the payment landscape in India, taking the country a step closer to a cashless economy. An end-to-end digital transacting platform, UPI has revolutionized the payment structure by bringing multiple banking features, seamless fund routing & merchant payments under one umbrella. Facilitating instant payments, seamless and secure transaction experience, UPI is gaining momentum across the country. Having significantly impacted the other payment systems including card payments as well as net banking, the unified payment interface is likely to drive larger volumes of transactions in the future. Experts project that UPI could go as high as 60 billion annually by 2023, comprising half of India’s digital payment transactions[1]

Blood Clotting Disorders by Hematologist in Pune Blood Clotting Disorders (Hypercoagulable States) : Blood Clotting Disorders ( Hypercoagulable States) For more info, contact us: https :// / Slide2: High-Quality Kyocera Cutting Tools We at MK Industrial Suppliers have been in the industrial tool supply business for over three decades now and our extensive tenure has established us as an industry leader. Our collaborations with globally acclaimed brands like Kyocera is bears witness to this fact. Kyocera Group is a global brand that is passionate about developing unique technologies. They employ these technologies to form high-grade and innovative products that the markets across the world continually require. The organization has its reach across various verticals of the world. Kyocera cutting tools have proven to be useful for a number of varied industries like construction, aerospace, machinery and automotive.

Improve Your Collection Efficiency by Use of CRIFs credit solutions Manage your collections more efficiently by use of data, analytical and automation solutions provided by CRIF – reduce your cost and improve collection rates. Predictive Analytics Leverage power of statistics and analytics built on application data, credit bureau data and additional data points to help predict risk and support decisions. Our experts can build collections scorecards to make your collection process more robust. Our collections scorecards can help you improve your collection and recovery efficiency, reduce write-offs and decrease staff costs. Decision Management

The Evolving Needs of Merchant Management System Digital disruption has changed the way businesses are executed these days. With multifarious payment options, there is a need to think and redesign the ways merchants are handled by competitive banks. Being able to accept payments through myriad channels from your customers is one of the most important elements of accelerating your business. Payment regulators are constantly trying to devise ways to fortify the payment process and make it safe and secure.

How to Design an Effective Leadership Development Program? Today, the question isn’t whether you should invest in Leadership Development Program or not, many top MNCs like EY, Amazon and Marriott International throughout the globe are investing heavily in their leadership program and reaping the benefits. The real question is, how can you build an effective leadership program to help your organization and identify the right leaders? Every company – big or small – understands that to lead an organization from the front, their platoon leader has to be the wisest, sharpest and the most skilled. Tool Holder - MK Industrial Suppliers Otto Bilz is one of the many global brands from where we at MK Industrial Suppliers source our products from. Otto Bilz (India) is a subsidiary of a German-based BILZ GMBH & Co (Germany). They have been in the industry for almost three decades now and have made a name for themselves by consistently offering superior-quality products. With them you will be successful in finding a vast range of products like high precision holding systems for drilling, tapping and reaming operations. Their product list does not end here; they also manufacture other products like CNC-Precision holding systems, Hi-Power Milling Chucks, boring systems, and taps. One of the most interesting features of the products by Bliz is that they can be used for varied applications in different industries.

Due Diligence plays a critical role in minimizing & managing risk in a business In today's globalized economy, Due Diligence plays a critical role in making a success of a prospective business transaction, whether it be a merger, a contract with a new supplier or establishing a partnership with another company. The sole purpose of the due diligence is to minimize and manage risk before embarking in any kind of cooperation. At the end of the day, your company's standing, reliability, and degree of success, all depends upon selecting suitable and dependable customers, investors and partners. Our Business Information Reports can help you conduct due diligence checks and enable faster decision making without additional risk. With access to 200 million companies across the globe, CRIF's Business Information Reports helps you verify the identity of companies, validate shareholders and minimize risk associated with third-parties. Our reports help in the following risk assessments:

Innovating for A Fast and Secure Future of Payments The payments industry has been one of the most active areas of innovation in the banking industry. Fintech Firms and payment solutions company are fast transforming the P2P(person to person) and B2B(business to business) payments sector. Cash & cheques, which were the norms back in the day, are now giving way to contactless and chip-based payments. There was a time when consumers were starved of options. Consumer expectations are drastically different now with the need for easy and instant payments.

Flax –Diversified Crop on the Earth Flax seed (Linseed) has a very long and diversified history. It is one of those crops having various benefits in different industries. It is an unknown fact that wild flax was used as a textile in earlier days. Maximize power transmission efficiency with Poly V-Belt Drives. - Belt drives have played an integral part of every machining industry since the beginning of the industrial revolution. With the introduction of V-Belt drives, power transmission efficiency has been drastically improved. They have become a default standard in the industrial tool supply domain. Poly V-Belts.

DURASHINE® Color Coated Profile Sheet Job Title: Manager Corporate Strategy Qualification: B.E with MBA from Premiere Institute Location: Pune Corporate Office Work Experience: Experience in corporate planning and strategy preferably in manufacturing segment. Experience in strategy, planning, financial & business analysis, project management would be preferable. Candidate with business/strategy consulting experience from 2nd level consulting firms

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