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UX Myths

UX Myths

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How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist Estimated reading time: 12 minutes. I’m an expert on how technology hijacks our psychological vulnerabilities. That’s why I spent the last three years as Google’s Design Ethicist caring about how to design things in a way that defends a billion people’s minds from getting hijacked.

Limitations of HTML Email Design - Email Width and Size It was already almost 10 years ago when I first had to deal with editing an HTML email. Back then, I had no idea what it was exactly and what could go wrong if I changed some parts of the code. I'm not a software developer or a site builder, just an online marketer who needs to take care of many things - sometimes overwhelmingly too many - on his own. Do you know the feeling, when you make minor text changes to your HTML email template and everything breaks? I bet you do, if you ever needed to modify an HTML email using a classic WYSIWYG editor or the HTML itself. Responsive Logo Design & Branding Guide for Websites This article was contributed by Evan Brown. In a chaotic time of brands revamping their logos, minimalism on the rise, responsiveness being the new sexy, designers lead on by the mantra of “less is more”, we can only wonder; what is the design world coming to? The Essence of Responsive Logos To provide a comprehensive user experience across multiple mediums, a true responsive design isn’t limited to context or shrinking content on a page. Subtle design considerations, such as the icons and logos should also be flexible enough to follow similar contextual responsive principles.

52 Weeks of UX The user experience is made up of all the interactions a person has with your brand, company, or organization. This may include interactions with your software, your web site, your call center, an advertisement, with a sticker on someone else’s computer, with a mobile application, with your Twitter account, with you over email, maybe even face-to-face. The sum total of these interactions over time is the user experience. The interaction designer plans for these moments. Part of their responsibility is to make all interactions positive, and includes aspects of the software, the copy-writing, the graphics, layout, flows, physical experiences. Kano model The Kano model is a theory of product development and customer satisfaction developed in the 1980s by Professor Noriaki Kano, which classifies customer preferences into five categories. Categories[edit] These categories have been translated into English using various names (delighters/exciters, satisfiers, dissatisfiers, etc.), but all refer to the original articles written by Kano. Must-be Quality These attributes are taken for granted when fulfilled but result in dissatisfaction when not fulfilled. An example of this would be package of milk that leaks.

Great Alternatives to Hamburger Menus – UX Planet This is a much debated topic and while designers, developers mostly agree on when it is a good idea to use a navigational drawer and when not there are still a lot of mobile apps that rely on this pattern. It usually boils down to the fact that there is no place to put navigation on a small screen, because it lacks a well thought out information architecture or just because of the sheer amount of content. If your app gets too complex, think about unbundling. Look at what Facebook did with Messenger. They broke out functionality around key actions and put it in their own separate app. Hamburger menus drive engagement down, slow down exploration and confuse people.

A quick beginner’s guide to drawing – Personal Growth The basic craft of drawing is about two things: you learn to control your hand and to see. Tip: For the following 6 exercises I suggest you stick with one pen and one particular type of paper (for instance A5). Dexterity — two workouts The first two exercises are about controlling your hand. We want to build muscles and train our hand-eye-coordination. The ultimate guide to web content accessibility Websites with standards-compliant code all follow the typical W3C standards. But there’s a whole different level of compliance when it comes to WCAG, also known as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The same people who produce the HTML5/CSS3 specs organize and officiate these guidelines, so it’s truly an international system of coding standards. Most web developers never bother with WCAG accessibility, but it’s becoming a huge aspect of the internet. This post was originally published on Vandelay Design. If you’re looking to understand accessibility or just want to delve a bit deeper into the subject, then this guide is for you.

The End Of Apps As We Know Them The experience of our primary mobile screen being a bank of app icons that lead to independent destinations is dying. And that changes what we need to design and build. How we experience content via connected devices – laptops, phones, tablets, wearables – is undergoing a dramatic change. The idea of an app as an independent destination is becoming less important, and the idea of an app as a publishing tool, with related notifications that contain content and actions, is becoming more important.

Email Newsletter Design Best Practices Email marketing design has never been more important than today. In order to expand their reach to new audiences, and keep current users satisfied, businesses nowadays rely on email newsletters to promote their events and upcoming projects, share company info, or any additional news relevant to their followers. Email newsletter design, however, is more technical than it is creative, which is why we could all use some extra tips and email campaigns best practices when working on our projects. Email design best practices and examples of newsletters can help us cope with the growing importance of branding in the corporate environment. The core of this process is in fact very simple – the best newsletter design is the one that communicates a clear message potential customers can understand, it is placed in a strong and memorable framework, and attracts attention with striking appearance.

How to Declutter your Design – WDstack I’ts been said that “simplicity is an art form”, and in the case of UI design nothing could be more true. As designers, we’re often faced with use cases that require us to pack a lot of information into what should be a lean Web design. I often find it difficult to strike a balance between conveying relevant stuff to the user, and keeping the UI clean and minimal. When there’s too much “stuff” in the UI, user’s can be overwhelmed or distracted — — yep, that’s poor UX. In a Perfect World 14 of the Best Product Page Design Examples We've Ever Seen If you look at how product pages take shape across different companies, it's clear that they run the gamut. Some go for the direct approach, displaying an image of a product and explaining why someone should buy it. Other companies create elaborate pages with moving parts and fancy coded elements. Of course, some companies fare better than others at creating delightful product pages.

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