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AT&T Internet Safety Connections Game

AT&T Internet Safety Connections Game
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Teach Online Safety Key concepts for students to understand and apply to their online experience. C-SAVE is our volunteer program to teach young people cybersecurity, cybersafety, and cyberethics. It's easy to participate and use! When you start college, you're taking on new responsibilities, making your own decisions, and becoming part of the campus community. Every person in the school community has a role in keeping the Internet safe and secure. Interested in starting your own community-based cybersecurity awareness program?

History - Ancient History in depth: Pyramid Challenge The Carnegie Cyber Academy - An Online Safety site and Games for Kids Download "Own Your Space--Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online" Digital Book for Teens by Linda McCarthy from Official Microsoft Download Center Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space Teen Book _All Chapters.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book _All Chapters.xps Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 01_Protect Your Turf.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 02_Know Your Villains.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 03_Nasty Ware.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 04_Hackers and Crackers.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 05_Taking SPAM Off the Menu.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 06_Cyberbullies.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 07_Phishing for Dollars.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 08_Safe Cyber Shopping.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 09_Browsers Bite Back.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 10_Private Blogs and Public Spaces.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 11_Going Social.pdf Own Your Space Teen Book\Own Your Space_Chapter 12_Friends, Creeps, and Pirates.pdf

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Will The World's Newest Lightest Material Be Instrumental In Cleaning Up Toxic Oil Spills? It weighs less than air and is extremely strong, yet flexible enough to bounce back to its original shape, after being compressed. And, it does not float away either, because a 10cm×10cm×10cm cube does not displace 1000 cubic centimeters of air, since a lot of air stays in the pores of the 'sponge'. But best of all, it can absorb up to 250-500 times its own weight of oil at a rapid pace of 68.8 grams per second. Unveiled in the February 18th online edition of Advanced Materials, this latest creation dubbed aerographite is a member of the family of the world's 'lightest' solids known as aerogels. First created in 1931, by American scientist Samuel Stephens Kistler, aerogels, are formed when water is removed from wet gel, leaving behind a complex web of nano-particles - A solid so light and strong, that a block of aerogel the size of a human, would only weigh 455gms (about one pound), yet, be capable of supporting an object weighing half a ton. Resources:, Where you are NOT alone! Created by Bill Belsey Online Language Arts Games Highlights Free Gift with Newsletter Sign-Up Do you receive our free newsletters? We send out seasonal content tie-ins, topical resources, and daily activities. And now when you sign up for any TeacherVision newsletter, we'll send you a packet of our most popular back-to-school essentials as a free gift! Read for the Record Take part in the world's largest shared reading experience with Jumpstart's Read for the Record this October 22! October Calendar of Events October is full of events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum. Bullying Prevention Month October is Bullying Prevention Month, and it's a crucial topic for teachers and administrators to address. Halloween Happy Halloween!

May Is National Inventors Month May is National Inventors Month, which means it's time to celebrate the innovators, tinkerers and creative thinkers that have enhanced our quality of life with their brilliant ideas. We would like to pay homage to each and everyone of them but alas, there are simply too many. So here are a few, whose inventions, ideas and vision impact most of us, on a daily basis. Ben Franklin While best known as the founding father of the Untied States of America, Ben Franklin was also a writer, inventor, scientist and visionary who is responsible for not just innovations, but also, the establishment of many essential services that we take for granted today. Born in the colonial era when young boys were removed from school at an early age and forced to apprentice with skilled craftsmen, Ben spent his early years helping his older brother James, at his printing shop. While he enjoyed the printing business, Ben was not happy living with his brother who beat him frequently. Thomas Alva Edison Steve Jobs

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