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About multilingualism policy Why is multilingualism important? The EU's motto ‘united in diversity’ symbolises the essential contribution that linguistic diversity and language learning make to the European project. Languages unite people, render other countries and their cultures accessible, and strengthen intercultural understanding. Foreign language skills play a vital role in enhancing employability and mobility. Multilingualism also improves the competitiveness of the EU economy.

How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made Walt Disney's 1937 production, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, broke new ground on a number of fronts. It was 1) the first cel-animated feature film ever produced; 2.) the first animated film made in color - technicolor actually; and 3.) Disney's first animated film, one of many commercial and artistic hits to come. (Catch a quick clip here.)

German sounds, symbols and pronunciation Hold onto your Bratwürste, you're about to learn... How to deal with all those weird German symbols and letters Which letters have a different sound in German than they do in English Some people might say that German is not the world's love language. Jens doesn’t agree — he’s never had a problem wooing the ladies with words like these: Play

Pygmalion : Gabriel Pascal : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter, Resources – The Yellow Tile Path What are Story Cubes? Basically, Rory’s Story Cubes are a set of dice with different icons printed on them. They were originally designed as a problem solving tool for adults, but it developed into an entertaining storytelling game that is used widely all around the world, and it has caught on among the educational community for their endless possibilities. There are so many! Which cubes do I need? There are several sets that can be combined to fit a given topic.

How to ask a question in a quiz on Kahoot! Kahoot! is a really flexible platform where it’s entirely up to you how you ask a question in a game. You are the game designer! Last week, I wrote about the importance of coming up with the right questions and answers in your learning game. Now, let’s look at the practical details. Study: Older Students May Learn Language Rules Faster After years of sighing over reports touting the advantages of learning a second language as a toddler, it’s always nice to see a study that gives hope to older second-language learners, like this one from Israel, presented at last week’s International Congress for the Study of Child Language meeting in Montreal. There’s a slew of research suggesting that children learn a second language most naturally and implicitly in infancy and toddlerhood. It’s widely thought that the window for learning begins to close after age 7, when at least some schools might begin teaching foreign languages. Though emerging research suggests regular second-language exposure can help keep the window for learning open longer, evidence still stacks against someone like me—who, like many folks, took my first language classes in high school and college—becoming fluent in another language.

Age no excuse for failing to learn a new language By Catherine de Lange IT’S never too late to learn another language. Surprisingly, under controlled conditions adults turn out to be better than children at acquiring a new language skill. It is widely believed that children younger than 7 are good at picking up new languages because their brains rewire themselves more easily, and because they use what is called procedural, or implicit, memory to learn – meaning they pick up a new language without giving it conscious thought. Adults are thought to rely on explicit memory, whereby they actively learn the rules of a language. But some linguists now question whether this apparent difference in language-learning ability reflects our attitudes to young children and adults rather than differences in the brain.

Omniglot puzzles These are questions submitted by visitors to Omniglot. I post them here because I don't know the solutions. Please copy me in on your suggestions/solutions so that I know when puzzles have been solved (feedback[at]omniglot[dot]com)a. Archive of solved puzzles If you have a puzzle, please post it on the Omniglot Facebook page. Lead plate inscription The Construction Zone Skip to content The Construction Zone Occasional thoughts about education and 'who is in charge of the learning' NSTA News Even though much has been written about cooperative learning in recent years, busy high school teachers contending with heavy curricular and teaching demands might not know much about the instructional method. Equipped with only a partial understanding of cooperative learning, some teachers may view it as a series of forced artificial constructs while others may view it as simply separating students into groups for an activity. Cooperative learning definition Cooperative learning is an instructional method in which students work in small groups to accomplish a common learning goal under the guidance of a teacher. The method is characterized by the following features, which are distinct from other forms of group work:

Resources - IASCE - Cooperative Learning Manchester, England 2002 Conference Presentations and Papers. Conference theme: Cooperative Learning and Responsible Citizenship in the 21st Century Plenary presentations: Other Organizations IAIE: International Association for Intercultural Education Co-sponsors of the 2008 Torino, Italy Conference. IASCE had a CL strand at the IAIE conferences in Athens (2009), in Mexico (2012), and in Budapest (2016). The United Kingdom Co-operative College Co-sponsors of the 2002 Manchester Conference.

What Is A Jigsaw? The jigsaw method could be described as "info gap squared." As the father of jigsaws, Professor Eliot Aron says, it promotes positive interdependence and also provides a simple method to ensure individual accountability. From the language learner perspective, it creates a genuine communication situation. Watch this video to get a 3 minute explanation of the method: Watch this 9 minute video to learn how to use the jigsaw most successfully and how to make your own jigsaws: In the jigsaw form of instruction, the target material is divided, usually into four parts, and distributed to small groups to learn. Hans Magnus Enzensberger Two passengers in a railway compartment. They have commandeered the little tables, clothes-hooks and baggage-racks: made themselves at home. Newspapers, coats and handbags lie around on the empty seats. The door opens, and two new travellers enter. Their arrival is not welcomed.