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Charles2018. A New Open-Source Farming Robot Takes Shape. The world of automated farming may be an unglamorous one to those not invested in its attractions, but like the robots themselves that quietly get on in the background with tending crops, those who follow that path spend many seasons refining their designs.

A New Open-Source Farming Robot Takes Shape

The Acorn is a newly-open-sourced robot from Twisted Fields, a Californian research farm, and it provides a fascinating look at the progress of a farming robot design from germination onwards. ActivityPub Rocks! GrabCAD: Design Community, CAD Library, 3D Printing Software. Tutorial: How to control a LED-Strip with a Raspberry Pi. Sans titre. Sans titre. Sans titre. Sans titre. Sans titre. Sans titre. Sans titre. En mettant en orbite des milliers de satellites, la société SpaceX va rendre l’observation scientifique du ciel de plus en plus difficile.

sans titre

Le 23 mai 2019, le lancement en une seule fois d’une soixantaine de satellites de télécommunication par la société américaine SpaceX a fait l’effet d’un grand coup de flash en pleine nuit pour la communauté astronomique internationale, tant amateur que professionnelle ! Sans titre. Robots éducatifs, robots de service, robots programmables, robots d’accueil, robots pour la recherche. 1 million is so 2011 - WhatsApp Blog. Happy 2012 everyone!

2 millions de sockets TCP sur un seul serveur (1U). 2 millions d'utilisateurs en simultané en 2012. Deux ans plus tard, WhatsApp avait 500 millions utilisateurs actifs (mensuels). Il suffirait d'un rack pour faire tourner l'application... – vcharpenay
1 million is so 2011 - WhatsApp Blog

MuseNet. Samples Since MuseNet knows many different styles, we can blend generations in novel ways.


Here the model is given the first 6 notes of a Chopin Nocturne, but is asked to generate a piece in a pop style with piano, drums, bass, and guitar. The model manages to blend the two styles convincingly, with the full band joining in at around the 30 second mark: Try MuseNet. Anatomy of an AI System. About /e/ – /e/ /e/ is a non-profit project in the public interest.

About /e/ – /e/

It needs a fully independent structure to protect its assets and make them sustainable in the long run. The e Foundation hosts core /e/ assets: domain names, trademarks, intellectual rights, technical expertise. We provide free and low cost solutions that people and businesses use to keep their data private, ensuring minimal income to support our development. We also provide outreach and education to help anyone learn how to keep their personal data private on their phones and online. As a non profit, we welcome donations from individuals, corporates and governments. Some /e/ “sister companies” will have strong links with the e Foundation to develop business in specific related areas, and contribute to financing the e Foundation.

SPRK+® Accueil - Commown. User Guide · anantb/voicex Wiki. Basic User Commands and Syntax register.

User Guide · anantb/voicex Wiki

Almond. Mycroft – Open Source Voice Assistant - Mycroft. (2) Web 3.0: Semantic Web. Container Clamps. Réalisation en auto construction d'un dôme géodésique. Outline Montréal. TurtleBot. Getting Started with the SDK – Anki Developer. We designed the Cozmo SDK to be as simple to use as possible, while also giving you access to powerful computer vision and robotics technologies such as facial recognition and path planning.

Getting Started with the SDK – Anki Developer

If you have some experience programming or are comfortable using a command-line interface, getting the SDK up and running should be quick and easy. Required Hardware A Cozmo robot.A compatible mobile device to run the Cozmo mobile app.A computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux (ideally Ubuntu). It’s helpful to understand how the SDK works before getting started. First, the SDK itself runs on a host computer. Hardware setup for the Cozmo SDK. One benefit of this arrangement is that is allows you to connect Cozmo to any number of third-party libraries, via your computer’s network connection. The full installation instructions will vary depending on your specific hardware setup. Android / Windows installation tutorial.

Next Steps The Cozmo Explorer Tool by @GrinningHermit. SDK Resources. Index. Aux yeux de tous. How the Internet Travels Across Oceans. The internet consists of tiny bits of code that move around the world, traveling along wires as thin as a strand of hair strung across the ocean floor. The data zips from New York to Sydney, from Hong Kong to London, in the time it takes you to read this word. Nearly 750,000 miles of cable already connect the continents to support our insatiable demand for communication and entertainment. Companies have typically pooled their resources to collaborate on undersea cable projects, like a freeway for them all to share. But now Google is going its own way, in a first-of-its-kind project connecting the United States to Chile, home to the company’s largest data center in Latin America. “People think that data is in the cloud, but it’s not,” said Jayne Stowell, who oversees construction of Google’s undersea cable projects. Not much is known about this prot…

IBM Q Experience. Open Source Cellular Infrastructure. Donkey Car - Home. Bash scripting cheatsheet. Submarine Cable Map 2014. An Atlas of Cyberspaces- Historical Maps. Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2016–2021.

La consommation de données doublerait entre 2016 et 2019, du fait de la vidéo (encore majoritairement sur connexion fixe). – vcharpenay

Anouk Wipprecht FashionTech. #OktoberfestOfThings. Testing at the Hacker tent, once again!


#OktoberfestOfThings Hackday 2017 We’ll meet today Sept 27 at (map) to build some stuff. We got some LoRaWAN nodes, a TTN gateway and various sensors. JanWielemaker/swi-prolog-wasm: SWI-Prolog ported to WebAssembly. Georges le robot comptable - Le logiciel de comptabilité libérale. A Powerful Operating System- KaiOS. Une histoire de hackers. Mobile card payment with iPhone, iPad and Android - SumUp. Beakerbrowser/beaker: A peer-to-peer Web browser. Heritrix. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Heritrix a été développé conjointement par Internet Archive et les Bibliothèques Nationales Nordiques en 2003. Sa première publication officielle a eu lieu en janvier 2004, et il a depuis été continuellement amélioré par les membres d'Internet Archive et par des tiers intéressés. Projets utilisant Heritrix[modifier | modifier le code] Un nombre important d'organisations et de bibliothèques nationales utilisent Heritrix, parmi lesquels : A Brief History of Ajax. New technology quickly becomes so pervasive that it’s sometimes hard to remember what things were like before it.

A Brief History of Ajax

The latest example of this in miniature is the technique known as Ajax, which has become so widespread that it’s often thought that the technique has been around practically forever. In some ways it has. During the first big stretch of browser innovation, Netscape added a feature known as LiveScript, which allowed people to put small scripts in web pages so that they could continue to do things after you’d downloaded them. One early example was the Netscape form system, which would tell you if you’d entered an invalid value for a field as soon as you entered it, instead of after you tried to submit the form to the server. LiveScript became JavaScript and grew more powerful, leading to a technique known as Dynamic HTML, which was typically used to make things fly around the screen and change around in response to user input.

And the rest is future history. Terabee - Home. Sozi. Anleitung fuer ein demosicheres handy. ACONIT - Envoyer un tweet avec un minitel sans fil. Ou bien, comment faire du neuf avec de l’ancien... The Official NoPhone Store. The Social-Network Illusion That Tricks Your Mind.

One of the curious things about social networks is the way that some messages, pictures, or ideas can spread like wildfire while others that seem just as catchy or interesting barely register at all. The content itself cannot be the source of this difference. Instead, there must be some property of the network that changes to allow some ideas to spread but not others. German nuclear plant infected with computer viruses, operator says. Tay, Microsoft's AI chatbot, gets a crash course in racism from Twitter. Microsoft’s attempt at engaging millennials with artificial intelligence has backfired hours into its launch, with waggish Twitter users teaching its chatbot how to be racist. The company launched a verified Twitter account for “Tay” – billed as its “AI fam from the internet that’s got zero chill” – early on Wednesday. : Wireless Network Mapping.

PureLiFi™ The Home of LiFi - pureLiFi™ Alinto, Email Software Editor. R&D Awabot & OCINAEE : Najat Vallaud-Belkacem rencontre Albert. 12 PROJECTS. Own-Mailbox, la boîte mail confidentielle qui vous appartient vraiment.


How to Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2? (Video) How to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2? Yes, I am sure that you will ask this question if you have HTC HD2 with older Android version like 2.3 Gingerbread. Basically, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich installation on HTC HD2 is the same as previous version which use ClockworkMod Recovery CWM method. Your Graphviz, UMLGraph or PlantUML for your README. Dotguide.pdf. PIQO : quand on peut faire simple… Vicarious. Quelle banque choisir ? Avec Compte-Nickel, passez au compte sans banque. HTML Slidy. Copyright © 2005-2010 W3C ® (MIT, ERCIM, Keio), All Rights Reserved.

For handouts, its often useful to include extra notes using a div element with class="handout" following each slide, as in: <div class="slide"> ... your slide content ... 10 Services To Send Text Messages From The Web. Sometimes you need to send a text message, but you forgot your phone, or you have poor cell reception, so what can you do? Or you just prefer the comfort of the full keyboard to the crammed one on your phone?

No problem, we've got 10 sites to help you get started with staying in constant contact with your friends, families and even your customers.


Startseite. - File Streaming and Cloud Storage. OpenShift Online by Red Hat. Yify-pop/yify-pop. Qarnot Computing. Computer Glossary, Computer Terms - Technology Definitions and Cheat Sheets from - The Tech Dictionary and IT Encyclopedia. SIMILE Widgets. Coding. Music. The Evolution of the Web. The Official Motorola Blog: Goodbye Sticky. Hello Ara. Cozy, a personal cloud you can hack, host and delete. Contiki: The Open Source Operating System for the Internet of Things.