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Les verbes irréguliers anglais

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Mémoriser (enfin !) les verbes irréguliers – Memovoc Vous en avez assez de les apprendre et de les oublier ? Mémorisez les 100 verbes irréguliers les plus courants avec cette méthode hybride, qui associe exercices écrits et activités en ligne : des vidéos pour les découvrir et bien les prononcer, des activités interactives en ligne, et un cahier d’activités écrites (exercices d’association, mots croisés, mots cachés…) pour les mémoriser à long terme ! Voir les vidéos et les exercices en ligne (en libre accès) Acheter le cahier d'activités Irregulars ♦ Acheter : ♦ un cahier format PDF photocopiable dans la boutique. ♦ un cahier format PDF photocopiable ou papier avec un bon de commande (pour les établissements scolaires). ♦ un cahier format papier. Voir quelques pages du cahier Irregulars :

2 minutes de reportage en Anglais Expressing purpose – A great video and activities – Spanish and Catalan speakers tend to overuse “for” when expressing purpose in English, especially before verbs. Awareness-raising and practice is needed in order to foster the correct use of the infinitive of purpose. The following video, by the charity Team World Vision, contains 15 examples of expressions of purpose, with nouns, verbs and clauses. A common practice when using texts, audio or video is to create some introductory questions to activate the students’ previous knowledge on the topic. Conversation is usually productive and, unless teachers fear disruption, student groups may be richer than pair work in terms of ideas. These are the instructions and questions I prepared: Work in groups of three or four. Do you usually go running? The discussion usually lasts about 10 minutes, as some time is necessary to explain the activity, to put some ideas in common with the whole class, and to get back to silence. Students are ready to watch the video. Work in groups of three.

Verbes irréguliers : techniques pour passer ceinture noire – ❄️️ It's English O'Clock ! ⛄ Apprendre et mémoriser les verbes irréguliers n’est pas une tâche facile. Dans cet article, je vais partager avec vous divers moyens pour aider les élèves à mémoriser ceux-ci. Diversifiez les listes et trouvez la vôtre J’adore tester de nouvelles listes, les manuels proposent plusieurs manières de faire, les collègues aussi en proposent et permettent ainsi de sortir du schéma “grand tableau recto verso”. Anglais Facile propose également une liste similaire. 2. Mon site favori reste Logiciel Éducatif, c’est celui dont je parle le plus à mes élèves car il permet de sélectionner les verbes voulus et ensuite le site propose un test en 20 verbes. Mon gros coup de cœur 2020 est le site Foxiverbs. Vous retrouverez sur le site une liste de verbes irréguliers ainsi qu’un diaporama avec la prononciation des verbes. Le site de Laure Savourat est aussi une belle petite pépite où vous trouverez des listes et des activités ! 3. Vous êtes dans l’Académie de Versailles ? 4.

Halloween Flying witches, pumpkin lanterns, trick or treat ... What do you know about Halloween? Here are some Halloween facts to get started. Halloween is celebrated on 31 October. This isn’t a public holiday in Britain. In the UK Halloween traditions are very much alive and popular, especially amongst kids and teenagers. Pumpkin lanterns These are pumpkins with the inside removed and eyes, mouth and a nose cut into one side. Apple bobbing To play this game, lots of apples are placed in a large tub or bowl of water. Apple bobbing may be related to the ancient Roman festival of remembering the dead, which was also in October. Dressing up People of all ages dress up on Halloween. Trick or treating Children dress up and then visit the houses in their neighbourhood asking for a ‘trick or treat’. Halloween parties If you are in Sheffield, in the north of England, at the end of October you can go to Fright Night. Watch a horror film Not in the mood for a Halloween party? Happy Halloween!

2 – That’s me – English Aubras Can you define yourself in one word ? Can you define yourself in one word? The first pupil is adventurous and curious, because he likes discovering new things. The third pupil hard-working, because she likes getting the best grade in school. The first pupil is curious and adventurous because he likes discovering new things. Mr. First missionQuestions to get to know someone What is Little Miss Shy doing now ? Final missionFiche de révision avant l’évaluation

Formation of questions exercise Make interrogative sentences. 1. ........................... James play cricket? 2. .................................... Alice speak French? 3. ..................................... heat expand bodies? 4. 5. 6. ..................................... they play well yesterday? 7. ................................... he go to office by train? 8. ..................................... the doctor coming to see her? 9. ................................. the tablets bitter? 10. 11. .................................... 12. Answers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Grammar notes If there is no auxiliary verb in the affirmative sentence, we use do, does or did to form questions. Paper Roll Flowers All activities should be supervised by an adult. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. This post may contain affiliate links. With Spring here we have heard from many of you that you’re looking forward to making some Summer and Spring crafts! RELATED: Toilet Paper Flowers Craft Paper Roll Flowers The best part about this craft is you can recycle paper rolls to make these! Supplies Needed to Make Paper Roll Flowers and Butterflies – Paper Rolls – we painted one per color – Popsicle sticks – Pipe cleaners – Paint – white cardstock – Glue dots – these are great for kids to use Watch the full tutorial video here before you get started! Toilet Paper Roll Flowers & Butterfly Volume 90% Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcuts Play/PauseSPACE Increase Volume↑ Decrease Volume↓ Seek Forward→ Seek Backward← Captions On/Offc Fullscreen/Exit Fullscreenf Mute/Unmutem Seek %0-9 Directions to Make Paper Roll Flowers and Butterflies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. We love how these turned out!

2 – Back-to-school – English Aubras Ferris Ferris lives in Chicago, he is in his bed. He pretends to be sick for not going to school. His parents are worried. But his sister knows his trap, because he mocks her winking at her. The story takes place in Chicago, more precisely in Ferris’s room. The story is in Chicago, in a house, more precisely in Ferris’s room. This is in Chicago, more precisely in Ferris’s room. All Things Grammar - Home How to explore the British Museum from home When we first opened our doors in 1759, we proudly declared ourselves a place for ‘all studious and curious persons’. It’s a mission we’re still dedicated to – even if you can’t visit us in person yet. With that in mind, we’d like to share the many ways in which you can explore our galleries and the collection online. So, here are 11 ways for you to stay curious, keep learning, and experience over two million years of human history – all without stepping out your front door. 1. Did you know that the Museum is the world’s largest indoor space on Google Street View? As well as allowing you to plan your own route through our labyrinthine galleries, Google Street View has the advantage of letting you see the collection when the Museum is blissfully quiet. Drop into the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery 2. We also offer virtual galleries on our own website. Step into the galleries here 3. If you’d prefer some company on your journey around the Museum, try downloading the British Museum Podcast. 4. 5.

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