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Rookout: Rapid Debugging. Frictionless Logging.

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How to take advantage of the holiday code freeze? - Rookout The weather outside is not yet frightful, but it's getting cold in the codebase! As winter descends and temperatures plunge, many software companies implement a Holiday code freeze over the holiday period. The theory makes sense. New code means new and enhanced features, but also the risk of serious new bugs. The period from Halloween to January is a peak time for commerce sites, with urgent gift shopping in early to mid-December, followed by January sales. Online retailers make 40% or more of their annual profit in these 6-7 weeks. Go Loco for local? The no-bullshit microservices dev guide (part 2) - Rookout In the first part of this series, we discussed how developing with microservices differs from monolith development, and how those differences impact the choice of dev environment. In this second post, we’ll talk about when it's best to leverage the local environment and the tools that can help. The Pluses of Local Development... For most developers, the natural impulse is to begin tackling microservices dev on your trusty machine. This is pretty much the tack that just about everyone takes when they start. Just like the good ole’ days, right?

Why ditching Nginx in K8S is a Traefik choice - Rookout A Kuberentes Ingress is a collection of rules that allow inbound connections to reach cluster services. It can be configured to give services externally-reachable URLs, load balance traffic, terminate SSL, offer name-based virtual hosting, and more. Nginx ingresses are pretty much the default choice for cloud-agnostic ingresses, and it was our choice as well. How to debug a Node.js application deployed with Jenkins X - Rookout If you’re a developer working on building software these days, it’s more than likely that you’ve considered using the microservice architectural pattern. With individual services that can be run and deployed independently of one other, this architecture is loosely coupled, fault-tolerant, and more easily scalable. Achieving these lofty goals requires a system that can support running microservices at scale and most organizations view Kubernetes as the optimal orchestration system. Although a powerful platform, K8s comes with a learning curve.

The 5 Approaches to Production Debugging - Rookout A genius friend of mine used to say – “Just do bugless oriented programming- when you code, if you see you’re about to write a bug- simply don’t – it saves a lot of time”. As bugless oriented remains a concept for gods, we mere mortals better find other practical approaches that actually work. Software is eating the world – reaching greater scales, speed, and complexity; software development is constantly racing, trying to evolve in answer to the increasing demand. In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of DevOps – a collection of methodologies and tools for software development with greater agility and scale. The surge including highlights such as CI/CD, containers, microservices, auto-scaling, resource orchestration, and serverless.

A “From the Trenches” Guide - Integrating Datadog with Kubernetes and Python - Rookout A few weeks ago we installed Datadog in our staging and production environments.All in all, it was a smooth ride, with a few small hiccups that we resolved along the way. If you’re about to install Datadog and your environment is similar to ours (with Kubernetes, Python and these other goodies) you should find this post handy. As a brief introduction, Rookout’s SaaS solution offers Dev/Ops teams some sleek and handy tools for rapid production debugging, including the ability to collect ad-hoc custom metrics and send them to Datadog. When customer adoption started soaring and we were getting millions of messages per day from our clients, we figured that it's high time to take our SaaS performance and availability monitoring to the next level by adding Datadog to our own setup. API, Agent, APM Datadog’s monitoring solution is renowned for its ease of use and friendly pricing.

Emyoli מחפשים מיקור חוץ פיתוח תוכנה? בית תוכנה כל מי שטייל בהודו יודע לומר שאחד הדברים המאפיינים את המדינה, לצד הקסם האינסופי, התרבות המרתקת והטעמים המשגעים של האוכל ההודי הוא הבלגאן האינסופי ששורר במדינה. בעוד במהלך טיול הבלגאן הוא חלק מהחוויה ומוביל לעתים קרובות לסיפורים שכל אחד זוכר, במסגרת פיתוח מוצרים מתקדמים קשה מאוד להתנהל כאשר יש פערי תרבות וחוסר סדר. לצד המחיר הנוח, מנהלים ישראלים רבים שפעלו מול בתי תוכנה בהודו ידעו לספר כי במקרים לא מעטים הקוד שנכתב על ידי מהנדס התוכנה ההודי היה מבולגן, לא מסודר וקשה לקריאה ולהבנה. יתרה מכך, גם כאשר אותם מפתחים היו מסמנים עם ראשם כי הכל מובן, בכל זאת היו קורות תקלות. בסופו של דבר תקלות אלו היו מובילות לכעס, בלבול ובזבוז של זמן וכסף עבור צוותים ישראליים שבסופו של דבר חיפשו לחסוך בכסף ולהתייעל Shipping To Africa From Australia Sea Freight Shipping Containers - CargoMaster “Welcome to CargoMaster Africa, thank you for visiting us! CargoMaster is renowned for delivering cost effective and innovative Sea Freight Container Shipping and Air freight to Africa”. “Did you know world civilization began in Africa, Africa is made up of 54 recognized states and is the worlds second largest continent, covering approx 30.5 million square kilometers and with a population of over 1.2 billion people, it is the second most populous continent on Earth. CargoMaster delivers all over Africa, East Africa, West Africa, South Africa, Southern Africa, South East Africa, North Africa, North West Africa, North East Africa (HOA), and Central Africa. To help make your shipping experience easier (or if your not familiar with Africa), we have divided Africa into five recognized geographic zones (as above).

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