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Podcast Marketing on Social Media: The Official Guide The hardest part is over after you order the equipment, right? From there it’s all downhill? Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Buying the equipment and choosing a subject are actually the easiest part of the process and the most difficult parts…SURPRISE! Find Competitors Facebook Ads to Enhance Your Own Strategy By using the “Info and Ads” tool on Facebook, you’ll be able to easily see your competitors ads through their business pages. Liking pages, joining mailing lists and visiting their websites are also some other ways to see your competitor’s ads in your Newsfeed. Ready to find your Competitors Facebook Ads? Let's get started! This Facebook ads course is not just about finding your competitors Facebook ads, but also about crafting an industry leading Facebook ads strategy. And that's why you need to know that it's important to take stock of how your competitors are using the platform

LinkedIn Stories: The Ultimate Guide to Follow If you’re familiar with Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, then you’re probably familiar with the “Stories” concept already. Maybe you’ve even got a “game plan” for how your business utilizes “Stories” across each platform. That’s fabulous, honestly. But unfortunately, (and fortunately) you’re also probably familiar with the concept that just generally posting the same content with the same copy across each platform isn’t necessarily the best strategy. And in some cases, it can actually be detrimental to your social media strategy, so today we’re going to go over how you can utilize LinkedIn Stories for your business, why you should utilize LinkedIn Stories and answer some of your most frequently asked questions, (so far) around LinkedIn Stories and LinkedIn marketing as a whole.

To Measure Your Snapchat Marketing & Improve Sales By measuring your open rate, screenshot rate, and your growth rate, you can figure out what content is performing the best and use that knowledge to your advantage when you’re creating a new content schedule. Getting notifications about your followers screenshotting a story or update is especially helpful because it means they found your content valuable! Is your business unsure of how well they are utilizing Snapchat? LinkedIn Social Selling Index: 5 Things You Need to Know If you want to be a true “selling star” instead of a cheap sales performer, it’s time to put some action into improving your LinkedIn social selling index score and learning to take advantage of LinkedIn, among other social networking sites. Your SSI score, otherwise known as “The LinkedIn Social Selling Index” is a score that was developed to indicate how well you are leveraging your LinkedIn profile for sales and marketing opportunities. It rates your efforts on a scale of one to one hundred. LinkedIn has reported that social selling experts with higher scores have been able to close 45% more deals than their counterparts with lower LinkedIn social selling index scores over the course of a year. In addition, sales professionals utilizing LinkedIn and raising their social selling index scores are 51% more likely to achieve their sales quota and meet other sales goals.

Snapchat Events Marketing Marketing your event through Snapchat is a way to capture a younger and more imaginative audience in new and creative ways. It allows you to share real-time updates about your event, as well as behind the scenes shots of you and your crew. Not to mention that with Snapchat, you can create excitement around your event with filters, stickers, .gifs and more and encourage your followers to join in on the fun with snaps and stories. 55 Epic Call To Action Examples At Sociallyin, our goal on a regular basis is to increase sales, downloads, clicks, engagements, follows...all of the wonderful things that often lead to an increased ROI and more money in our clients pockets. However, the only way to see the increased results you’re hoping for is to embrace an epic call-to-action. Or, more specifically, find call to action examples you can spin and use for epic results. The goal is to guide customers seamlessly towards whatever you want them to do and these 55 call to action examples will help you do just that.

Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition #3 Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #3: "Never pay more for an acquisition than you have to." Greetings hew-mons! It is my pleasure to take over this blog series (Rule #13, Rule #194) and educate you on how to maximize profits the Ferengi way. Let's begin with one of the fundamental Ferengi rules. Rule number 3 as quoted in the Deep Space Nine episode "The Maquis, Part II," states that you should never spend more for an acquisition than you have to. Your knowledge and application of this rule determines the profit potential of your product and service. Subscription Marketing on Social for Amateurs Whether you’re looking to promote your subscription service or are just beginning to dip your toes into the subscription marketing landscape, we’ve gathered some incredible insight into subscription marketing from our experience with clients AND research to give you the best start possible. What is Subscription Marketing? Okay, so you’re probably more than familiar with the term subscription service, but maybe not so much about subscription marketing specifically. Over the last decade, subscription services have become increasingly more popular for online brands.

Canva Alternatives: 11 More Social Media Content Design Tools in 2020 When it comes to Canva alternatives, there are plenty to choose from. However, Fotor is quite possibly one of my favorites. Why? Because it lacks the precision editing that some of the other alternatives have, it grants editing capabilities that a sad few of the other alternatives possess. Things like HDR, custom templates and even stickers make creating fun and engaging content a breeze. Canva is one of the best social media graphic design tools on the web. 15 Powerful LinkedIn Selling Steps for More Sales NOW We want to make your life easier. Whether that’s by helping you implement a new social media blueprint for your business, finding a new cheap or free Canva alternative, or helping you find a new, more powerful and unconventional way to make new sales on LinkedIn through B2B LinkedIn selling, we want to be the social media marketing agency with the answers. And that’s why we’re putting our focus on social selling on LinkedIn today. It’s a hot button topic right now, (and with good reason!) which makes it easy for misinformation to spread and for bad practices to be adopted by businesses with the best intentions. What we want to give you today is a predictable, easy and effective way to make more sales.

Best Lenses for Product Photography Product photography: one of the single most important aspects of your social media eCommerce campaigns. While it would be incredibly difficult to pinpoint the lens that will work best in your particular line of work, we wanted to present the best lenses for product photography that work across the board to help you get better, faster and overall cheaper results. After all, if you were able to spend less time and money promoting due to the fact that you were receiving more clicks and conversions from a single picture, would you be more inclined to invest? Social media marketing isn't cheap.