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Social media marketing is becoming a more and more powerful tool with every passing day. A social marketing agency can help you get there. Get started today! Contact with us

LinkedIn Social Selling Index: 5 Things You Need to Know. An extremely effective tool to boost sales, brand recognition. Your Guide to Social Media Content Creation That Sells. You started a strategy that took a couple of weeks to prepare.

Your Guide to Social Media Content Creation That Sells

And then you realize too late that creating social media content that sells for your social media channels is a lot harder than it looks. Of course it is! There are lots of aspects you have to keep in mind in terms of your audience, what you’re selling, how you should sell it and what platform you’re using. One of the biggest reasons that companies turn to social media content creation companies is so that they don't have to worry about whether they're providing the data, information, education, creativity and inspiration that their followers are looking for in their social media feed each day. The average consumer is more informed than they were twenty years ago. Information is powerful, but with a little information comes a need for more. In our current digital age, social media plays an important role in keeping people informed about the world around them. Social media grants us a certain kind of power. The Beginners Guide to Your LinkedIn Profile Optimization.

Home to more than 660 MILLION businesses and professionals across the globe, LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world.

The Beginners Guide to Your LinkedIn Profile Optimization

And that means that standing out from the crowd and above the noise on a platform with so much competition is not an easy task. LinkedIn profile optimization requires creativity, an ample investment of time and research, and perhaps most importantly: the education to know what and when to do things to help YOU stand out in your industry. This isn’t a post for members who need help getting creative with their profiles in an effort to be found. We’ve seen plenty of those articles around and we don’t plan on adding to the conversation unless necessary. However, what we haven’t seen is very many in-depth glances at how you can make your LinkedIn profile the center of your career in attracting better leads, closing deals, drumming up business and even guiding your leads into the next stage of the buying process. We can’t promise you overnight results. Best Lenses for Product Photography.

Product photography: one of the single most important aspects of your social media eCommerce campaigns.

Best Lenses for Product Photography

While it would be incredibly difficult to pinpoint the lens that will work best in your particular line of work, we wanted to present the best lenses for product photography that work across the board to help you get better, faster and overall cheaper results. After all, if you were able to spend less time and money promoting due to the fact that you were receiving more clicks and conversions from a single picture, would you be more inclined to invest? Social media marketing isn't cheap.

And eCommerce photography, (at least high-quality eCommerce photography) can be one of the more expensive parts of the puzzle. So if you're going it alone, we want to be there to help every step of the way, beginning with choosing the right lens for the job. Ready to get started? The Canon EF 24-70 mm f/2.8L II Products highly reflective? Pros Include: Cons Include: The Sony FE 50 mm f/1.8. Social Media Marketing Services For Your Business Growth. Canva Alternatives: 11 More Social Media Content Design Tools in 2020.

When it comes to Canva alternatives, there are plenty to choose from.

Canva Alternatives: 11 More Social Media Content Design Tools in 2020

However, Fotor is quite possibly one of my favorites. Why? Because it lacks the precision editing that some of the other alternatives have, it grants editing capabilities that a sad few of the other alternatives possess. Things like HDR, custom templates and even stickers make creating fun and engaging content a breeze. Canva is one of the best social media graphic design tools on the web.

Most Effective Strategies To Stays On Top. Build Your Brand Awareness With Sociallyin. Content Creation Companies With Professional Writers. Social Media Agency - Best Social Media Marketing Solutions. Canva Alternatives: 11 More Social Media Content Design Tools in 2019. Social media management and can spot trends, as well as new ways to help your business.

Get A Social Media Consultant & Ensure Your Most ROI. Find Competitors Facebook Ads to Enhance Your Own Strategy. By using the “Info and Ads” tool on Facebook, you’ll be able to easily see your competitors ads through their business pages.

Find Competitors Facebook Ads to Enhance Your Own Strategy

Liking pages, joining mailing lists and visiting their websites are also some other ways to see your competitor’s ads in your Newsfeed. Ready to find your Competitors Facebook Ads? Let's get started! This Facebook ads course is not just about finding your competitors Facebook ads, but also about crafting an industry leading Facebook ads strategy. To Measure Your Snapchat Marketing & Improve Sales. Snapchat Events Marketing. Marketing your event through Snapchat is a way to capture a younger and more imaginative audience in new and creative ways.

Snapchat Events Marketing

It allows you to share real-time updates about your event, as well as behind the scenes shots of you and your crew. Not to mention that with Snapchat, you can create excitement around your event with filters, stickers, .gifs and more and encourage your followers to join in on the fun with snaps and stories. Do you have a big event coming up? Have you been advertising it using various social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram? If so, great! But Snapchat events marketing can also be a beneficial method for event promotion!

Though Snapchat’s logo is a ghost, it’s really not that scary. Snapchat has over 200 million monthly users. What’s with the love for Snapchat? One reason for this love is the ease of sharing live experiences virtually. Tell me more…. Have you ever heard of FOMO or the “fear of missing out?” Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition #3. Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #3: "Never pay more for an acquisition than you have to.

Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition #3

" Greetings hew-mons! It is my pleasure to take over this blog series (Rule #13, Rule #194) and educate you on how to maximize profits the Ferengi way. Let's begin with one of the fundamental Ferengi rules. Rule number 3 as quoted in the Deep Space Nine episode "The Maquis, Part II," states that you should never spend more for an acquisition than you have to. Your knowledge and application of this rule determines the profit potential of your product and service.

Let's use your business's marketing spend, for example. When it comes to spending money on your business you, like all Ferengi, are looking for the best return on investment or ROI. Here are some recent statistics involving Inbound's superiority over traditional Outbound: Better Brand Authority With The Help. Social Media Agency Services For Your Business. Social Marketing Agency - Best Social Media Marketing Solutions.