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The dose makes the poison Alle Dinge sind Gift, und nichts ist ohne Gift, allein die Dosis macht dass ein Ding kein Gift ist. All things are poison, and nothing is without poison, the dosage alone makes it so a thing is not a poison. —Paracelsus[1] The principle relies on the finding that all chemicals—even water and oxygen—can be toxic if too much is eaten, drunk, or absorbed. How to make caffeine more effective in boosting productivity It’s easy to get stuck in a default caffeine habit–like pouring yourself a coffee each time you take a break at work. Caffeine is a (mildly) addictive drug, so even small unintentional behaviors can quickly become chemically reinforced habits. But caffeine is powerful stuff, and because it has a direct effect on your energy level, you should drink it with intention rather than on autopilot.

American Express Gold Card Review: Worth the Annual Fee? “Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities.” In September of 2019, I leaped into the world of premium rewards cards when I applied for the American Express Platinum card. During the following months, I continually looked at the American Express Gold card as a potential companion to my newly-acquired card, but eventually disabused myself of that idea because I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to make full use of its perks.

Rare exercises on how to be functional when you’re crippled by severe depression - KarloLabsKarloLabs I know how depression feels – you’re are avoiding going to sleep just because you don’t want to experience the next day, or maybe the opposite, you’re sleeping all the time just to avoid dealing with your life. The smallest tasks seem impossible, you know that you should take a shower, but you just can’t muster up the strength to do it and sometimes you just don’t see the point either because you spend most of your time alone at home. Not even talking about other people, in most cases people that have never dealt with depression can’t even understand you, you sometimes even get responses like “Why can’t you just pull yourself together?” or “Just stop feeling sad!” This makes you feel even worse since you feel that you are all alone in this horrible nightmare.

Shift Your Brand Perception – Rally Others to Tell Your Story After reading my previous posts, you’re almost on your way to productively and energetically leveraging your brand’s perception to drive company growth and profitability. Our previous topics of focus covered the specific impact that brand perception can have on the bottom line and the need for clear positioning as the foundation for communicating about your company. It’s now time to examine effective ways to arm others with that refined market positioning. By understanding your story, employees, customers and other influencers will help you communicate this information to your marketplace.

16 Expert Blogging Tips To Position A Brand As An Industry Leader Company blogs are a form of content marketing that, done right, offer tremendous value to potential customers. With a well-conceived strategy, blogging regularly helps to establish your company as a leading authority in its industry. Moreover, the content you produce for it can also be repurposed widely across other channels to drive more traffic back to your site and further cement your reputation as a thought leader. While there are as many ways to approach the launch of a company blog as there are companies, anyone who is planning to start one should be aware of the most important aspects of highlighting a brand for the blogosphere. Below, members of Forbes Agency Council share 16 key pieces of advice that they would give a client who’s launching a blog to ensure that both the reader and the brand are well-served by its content.

How cultures around the world make decisions Sit down at a restaurant in France, and there’s a menu. Salmon with rice. French beans. Wine. They Were Sexually Assaulted. Here’s Why They Still Want Kavanaugh. LOS ANGELES, California—Back in March, The Daily Beast published an eye-opening exposé about the last days of Stan Lee, the iconic comic-book writer and one of the key architects of Marvel Comics. Months after the passing of Joan, his beloved wife of nearly 70 years, the “vultures” had descended on the 95-year-old Lee, then battling pneumonia, and his estate. There were reports of a forged check for $300,000 to Hands of Respect, a sketchy “merchandising company” masquerading as a charity; the mysterious purchase of an $850,000 condo in West Hollywood; a bizarre $1 billion lawsuit against POW!

Health and Nutrition 101: Using Food as Medicine SUPPORT THIS INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM The article you’re about to read is from our reporters doing their important work — investigating, researching, and writing their stories. We want to provide informative and inspirational stories that connect you to the people, issues and opportunities within our community. Journalism requires lots of resources. Today, our business model has been interrupted by the pandemic; the vast majority of our advertisers’ businesses have been impacted. I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972 - m4w I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972, the same day I resolved to kill myself. One week prior, at the behest of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, I'd flown four B-52 sorties over Hanoi. I dropped forty-eight bombs.

Tom Fiscoe on leadership: Be ethical, don't assign blame, build team unity Tom Fiscoe was managing partner of Dannible & McKee, a five-year term that ended in July. Mike Reilly succeeded him as the firm's managing partner. "Now I'm an audit partner," Fiscoe said. "I'll continue to service the clients that I've had for a number of years and will continue at the firm until I retire.

How to prevent middle-age weight gain – exercise, eat right, get enough sleep … and start now After she turned 40, Eunice Su-Ai realised that keeping fit was not as easy as it was before. In her 20s, she took part in triathlons, ran 12km (7.5 miles) every weekend, and hiked and climbed mountains regularly. Now, at 46, she says that recovering from strenuous exercise is harder and she doesn’t have the same energy she used to have. The freelance executive coach and trainer makes it a point to stay active, pounding the nature trails where she lives in Singapore, cycling every week and doing strength-training exercises at her local gym, Red Dot Fitness. “I tell people that I exercise to stay healthy, but the truth is that I love eating and indulge in all kinds of food – even unhealthy ones – so I exercise mainly to keep the excess [weight] at bay,” says Su-Ai.

Stop Searching for Lifehacks. Focus on This Instead. Compounding interest produces the most meaningful results, not individual swings. Why then, has the world become obsessed with “lifehacks?” Partly because a small selection of shortcuts are useful and meaningful.