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Sakimichan (sushi) on deviantART

Sakimichan (sushi) on deviantART

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Healthy options at Boston Market - Eating Rules Boston Market has about 530 company-owned restaurants, and touts their food as “fresh, delicious, home-style meals just like you would prepare and serve at home if you had the time–without the hassle of preparation and clean-up.” When you do cook at home, I hope you don’t add as much salt. However, what impressed me most about the Boston Market online nutrition information is that they publish the ingredients in their food! (Scroll down past the spreadsheets) That’s the first time I’ve seen that from any chain, and I’ve got to say that — long lists of additives notwithstanding — it’s a huge level of transparency that I applaud. They also list some meal combinations under 550 calories.

A photographer took 12 stunning pictures to capture how depression and anxiety can feel. One of the most common mental health disorders in the U.S., in 2012 the National Institute of Health found that almost 7% of adults had experienced a major depressive episode in the previous year. Even more prevalent is anxiety, with about 18% of U.S. adults reporting an anxiety disorder. And yet it can be hard to explain depression and anxiety to someone who has never experienced those things. That's why Katie Joy Crawford created a photo series she calls "My Anxious Heart."

Manga farming 12 Apr 2010 Tokyo-based artist Koshi Kawachi recently demonstrated his "Manga Farming" technique -- which uses old manga as a growing medium for vegetables -- by cultivating a crop of radish sprouts in an installation at the Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya. [Link: Koshi Kawachi] miyuli Anonymous asked: I like the thought of the girls donor being the heart smith :) maybe he was another patient who made friends with the girl and gave her that book and he was sick but surprisingly his heart was a a match for her body and she was able to get his heart when he died. And she knew about his love for the doctor cause they were so close Answer: I have to admit, this is one of my secret theories.

Gadgets are back Gadgets are back. It’s not even the first official day of CES 2015, but the biggest tech trade show of the year is already off and running. And unlike the past few years there’s already been a deluge of interesting new devices that seem like something more than blindly desperate attempts to copy Apple or latch onto to a trend no one cares about. Inside the Phallus Palace: Understanding the Art Collection of Charles Leslie Photo of Charles Leslie by Alex Geana Once considered the standard of artistic achievement, the male nude is now an afterthought — and that’s partially our fault. Due to the visibility and power of the LGBT movement, it’s difficult for many to look without seeing male nudes in anything but a homoerotic context. In The Art of Looking (Bruno Gmünder), author Kevin Clarke examines that progression by analyzing the life and collection of Charles Leslie, one of the key people who collected and supported artists who made homoerotic work from the 1950s to today, especially through the times of the AIDS crisis and official government homophobia during the Reagan years. Leslie's voracious need to collect was an act of emancipation and liberation, and it culminates in his New York City SoHo apartment, “the phallus palace,” with its horde of artwork that includes a coffee table of crystal and ceramic penises and ancient Japanese dildos.

Abscam Not to be confused with Adscam. Abscam—sometimes written ABSCAM—was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sting operation that took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s.[1] The two-year investigation was directed from the FBI's office in Hauppauge, New York, and was under the supervision of Assistant Director Neil J. Welch, who headed the bureau's New York division, and Thomas P. Puccio, head of the Justice Department's Organized Crime Strike Force for the Eastern District of New York. The operation initially targeted trafficking in stolen property and corruption of prestigious businessmen, but was later converted to a public corruption investigation.

Marina Abramovic: 'The planet is dying. We have to be warriors' Let’s start with a quick quiz: what do Marina Abramović (Serbian performance artist) and Tony Abbott (Australian prime minister) have in common? Answer: they’ve both been filmed eating a raw onion. A whole one. Typodarium 2016 by Verlag Hermann Schmidt on The Bazaar This is the totally legal designer drug for people who've got the typography virus – which is currently spreading ... not least thanks to the worldwide success of our Typodarium typography calendar. The curious lifting of the day's page (to reveal information on the font of the day on the back) has become something of a typographical morning greeting, with real connoisseurs having several treasure chests of type specimens tucked away in their desk drawers. Each daily dose of typographic inspiration is collected, because you don't always have the immediate chance to use the typeface you've set your eye on every day. This small, fine type marvel has been given an even more elegant box this year and – more importantly – a generous splash of colour. Enjoy!