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50 Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom

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30 Free Google Drawings Graphic Organizers Several years ago when I started making webinars, my first one was on creating Graphic Organizers with Google Drawings. This was before I had started the this blog, so I never really shared all of that information in an official blog post. Until now... Graphic organizers are a great tool to share information, explain a concept, or illustrate a relationship using elements including images, shapes, text, colors, and connecting lines. They can be used in education with any age group or subject area. Quillionz - Get Quiz Questions Automatically Generated From Documents Quillionz is a new supporter of Quillionz is a new service that makes it super easy to have a set of reading comprehension questions and quiz questions generated from a passage of text. There is a free version and pro (paid) version of Quillionz. This post is about the capabilities of the free version. To get started using Quillionz you will need to create a free account on the site. You can do that by connecting your Google account, connecting your Facebook account, or by signing up with any email address that you have.

Top 5 Google Docs Lesson Plans for Middle School Google Docs is one of the most popular applications in middle school computer courses. With it, students can do everything they can in Microsoft Word and then some. Whether it’s collaboration, modification, or cross-platform compatibility, Google Docs is a powerful tool that today’s students need to know how to use. So that leaves one big question. How do you teach it?

25 Of The Best Math Resources For 2018 - by TeachThought Staff What are the best math resources? Because of the skill-based nature of mathematics in general, math resources pair especially well with digital tools like apps and websites. On these kinds of platforms, accounts can be created, progress can be visualized, mastery can be documented, complexity can be adjusted to individual needs, and achievements can even be given as a kind of motivation mechanic. Year to year, the best math resources tend to stay the same, with large platforms like the Kahn Academy being supplemented by well-designed apps like Quizlet and Math Agent. (Many of these are covered in our best math apps for kids.)

Game Time!!!! 10 energetic, fun games to inject enthusiasm into any English classroom Do you sometimes look for a game, a challenge that will inject some life into an otherwise lifeless class? Do you look for ways to energize your students and motivate their level of enthusiasm? Are you constantly looking for something different to try when laying out your long-term yearly planning?

Google Tools For Educators These training videos show you some very useful techniques for searching for images in Google. Google image search is one of the essential tech tools for teachers. This series will teach you how to search for specific coloured images, specific sized images and even specific formats of images (for example you can look for clipart or animations.)

Murder in the Classroom - Murder Mystery Game Published on 10-May-2015 View 7.827 Download 94 This is an activity for the ESL classroom though it can alo be used in other contexts. The slide deck is adapted from Murder in the the Classroom a lesson plan on One Stop English and you can find that via the link below. I have also designed a set of Character Cards to use with the game as the original lesson plan is all text based. You can also download those at the link below.

SchoolNet SA - Dialogue for Digital Learning: Four Google cheat sheets - a great example of Hyperdocs in action So when I came across @cogswell_ben's superb Google Cheat Sheets I realised that these are excellent examples of Hyperdocs. Ben has kindly given these a Creative Commons license so that they can be reused. One can't embed them but if you click on the images below you'll be taken to the originals. This concept is so useful for creating documents for students to use in the classroom. It is definitely worth pursuing the topic of Hyperdocs! Visit Ben's blog Mozaik Digitális Oktatás Your cart is empty Shop Quantity: 0 Total: 0,00 Go to cart Log in

Presentation Library — Flipgrid 👋 Thank you for building a culture around empowering student voice! We’re super excited that you are presenting Flipgrid and we have made sharing your Flipgrid story and building your Flipgrid community simple and fun. Unlock Community Builder badges when your educator peers sign up for Flipgrid using your unique Community Builder Code before, during, or after your presentation. Presentation Slides Feel free to adjust the order, remove slides, and insert your own content as you see fit. 10 add-ons to Google Classroom you MUST try Google Classroom’s basic features are powerful. Take it to the next level with some add-ons created just for teachers and students. The basic functions of Google Drive and Google Classroom are only the starting point for the innovative and creative uses one can use in the classroom. Alice Keeler, my co-author in our upcoming book Ditch That Homework, proves that again and again. Alice is one of the only people I know personally who codes for fun.

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