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Something is wrong on the internet – James Bridle

Something is wrong on the internet – James Bridle
[Edit, 21/11/2017: the original video cited here has now been removed as part of YouTube’s recent purge, although many similar videos remain on the platform. The video used animations from the Grand Theft Auto game series overlaid with cartoon characters assaulting, killing, and burying one another.] This video, BURIED ALIVE Outdoor Playground Finger Family Song Nursery Rhymes Animation Education Learning Video, contains all of the elements we’ve covered above, and takes them to another level. Familiar characters, nursery tropes, keyword salad, full automation, violence, and the very stuff of kids’ worst dreams. And of course there are vast, vast numbers of these videos. Channel after channel after channel of similar content, churned out at the rate of hundreds of new videos every week. For the final time: There is more violent and more sexual content like this available. To expose children to this content is abuse. This, I think, is my point: The system is complicit in the abuse.

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André Staltz - The Web began dying in 2014, here's how André Staltz The Web began dying in 2014, here's how 30 Oct 2017 Before the year 2014, there were many people using Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Today, there are still many people using services from those three tech giants (respectively, GOOG, FB, AMZN). Not much has changed, and quite literally the user interface and features on those sites has remained mostly untouched.

Imagined minorities: rethinking race and its appeal in Malaysia Despite the game-changing outcome of the 14th General Election, the spectre of race lingers in Malaysia. Appointing an ethnic Indian and Christian Tommy Thomas as the Attorney General has already attracted some predictable flak. When Hindu Rights Action Force 2.0 (Hindraf 2.0, a Hindraf splinter group) demanded that MARA University of Technology (UiTM) be opened to entry by all races, an online petition was immediately kickstarted and has collected more than 150,000 signatures in the first two days.

The Web We Have to Save – Matter It had all started with 9/11. I was in Toronto, and my father had just arrived from Tehran for a visit. We were having breakfast when the second plane hit the World Trade Center. I was puzzled and confused and, looking for insights and explanations, I came across blogs. Once I read a few, I thought: This is it, I should start one, and encourage all Iranians to start blogging as well.

The Top Art Projects Applying Blockchain  Blockchain distributed ledger technology seems to be very useful for the arts industry, it can help solve the main problem of the sphere – intellectual property registration. It is very easy – the system helps claim property rights to the pieces of arts that are very difficult to forge. Perhaps, that’s why 2015 was rich with art projects applying Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Let’s shed some light on the top art projects applying blockchain. How tech's richest plan to save themselves after the apocalypse Last year, I got invited to a super-deluxe private resort to deliver a keynote speech to what I assumed would be a hundred or so investment bankers. It was by far the largest fee I had ever been offered for a talk – about half my annual professor’s salary – all to deliver some insight on the subject of “the future of technology”. I’ve never liked talking about the future. The Q&A sessions always end up more like parlor games, where I’m asked to opine on the latest technology buzzwords as if they were ticker symbols for potential investments: blockchain, 3D printing, Crispr.

Kids can't use computers... and this is why it should worry you — Coding 2 Learn TL;DR? Why not just go watch another five second video of a kitten with its head in a toilet roll, or a 140 character description of a meal your friend just stuffed in their mouth. "nom nom". This blog post is not for you. The phone rang through to my workroom. Site Not Available The 11 children found on a makeshift compound north of Taos were being trained to commit school shootings, according to documents filed Wednesday. According to the criminal complaint a foster parent of one of the 11 children told investigators that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj had trained the child in the use of an assault rifle "in preparation for future school shootings." Over the weekend, police found 11 children on a makeshift compound north of Taos, near Amalia, New Mexico. The compound was discovered while law enforcement was trying to find 4-year-old Abdul-ghani Wahhaj. The boy was reported missing out of Georgia by his mother in December of last year. On Tuesday, the Taos County sheriff said remains of a child buried on the compound, but said he could not positively identify Abdul until an autopsy was complete.

The Secrets of Frida Kahlo's Bathroom The Secrets of Frida Kahlo's Bathroom by Vivien Lash The confident handwriting of Frida Kahlo's diary watches over the entrance to the display of her possessions at London's V&A in Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up (until November 4, 2018).