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Top Influencers Weigh In: Social Media's (Measurable) Impact on Sales

Top Influencers Weigh In: Social Media's (Measurable) Impact on Sales
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How to Lead Successful Webinars through Telemarketing B2B marketers should know better than to ignore the impact that webinars have over the bottom line. There is, in fact, compelling evidence why these corporate events can bring a company closer to its revenue goals by generating a steady stream of qualified leads. One thing’s for sure, webinars are not only platforms for knowledge sharing and influencer marketing. They have also been proven to help companies generate quality leads and secure a competitive edge in the marketplace. The stats tell it like it is: Webinars come second only to videos in terms of content marketing effectiveness, with at least 66% of B2B marketers making the case. At any given point, companies will eventually adopt webinars into their multi-channel campaigns. This is often the dilemma most B2B executives face. Phone invites are the best! Nothing still beats the effectiveness of B2B telemarketing. Send an email. Related: Subject Lines that Gets Event Emails Deleted Make the call. Ask and tell. Follow up. Related:

Create the Best Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business Social media became one of the most basic platforms to engage with present customers as well as reach new clients. Using a social media account for your company is essential. Making a social media marketing plan to reach your small business goals can be tough. Established a GoalExactly what do you plan to completeEvaluate your goal. Here you will be more certain and explain more in depth what your objectives are.Quantify your goals. Who’s your main Audience? Your social media marketing plan shouldn’t be longer than one web page. Exactly what should my personal social media calendar currently have? Produce diverse columnsDateSocial Media Marketing platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)Post/ContentEngagement (%)Build a whole month ahead of time.Set the images you are likely to use.What exactly are you likely to write every day? Evaluate your data and your posts. Image resource — geralt, animatedheaven, Photo-Mix, geralt Content Resource — Niume

Content Marketing Statistics and Trends 2017 Although we’re well into 2017 by now, it’s never too late to start working on improving your marketing for this year but also for future. Content marketing has been on the rise for a while and it’s definitely here to stay, as one of the key parts in every online marketing campaign. Content is everywhere around us and it’s one of the rare parts of online marketing that is continuously important. These days when ad blockers are being used every day by millions of people. Traditional online advertising might not get marketers the results they want and expect. If you look at the stats, you can see that online marketers recognized that 75% of them are planning to increase their budget for content marketing in 2017. As for what types of content are popular, marketers predict blogging is the best way to do content marketing in 2017, but anyone who is serious about it should try more than one tactic. Read more marketing and tech news today!

Callbox Solves Software Company’s Marketing Conundrum The Client is known in the cloud-based communications and security software industry in the continental US. It plans to increase its market share by targeting all industries, offering high-availability global communications, collaboration, secured services, and advanced analytics. It asked the help of Callbox in finding interested companies to engage with their services for the long term. The Client wanted Callbox to provide them with a list of accurate contacts and quality appointments with interested prospects whose pain points it can thoroughly address, and who would consider a long-term partnership.Callbox started by updating existing data to improve its quality, and then rolled out the trusted Callbox Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool to automate the other tasks that followed. Find out how Callbox took full advantage of its multi channel marketing program to produce positive results for the The Client and win for itself a new contract.

How to Turn Cold Leads Into a Sale? - Get B2b Leads B2Bs love referrals, inbound warm leads, and repeat business. However, scaling warm leads is not that easy. Once you run out of leads, it will be difficult to increase your revenue. Hence, it’s always important to focus on driving new leads so you’ll make sales every day. But how can you effectively turn cold leads into a sale? Importance of Sales Professionals in Companies There are so many sources for sales professionals when it comes to pulling out leads. Yearly company revenue.Total employees working for the company.Global and domestic locations.Contact details of key individuals in the company.Business summary and objectives.Key partners and target customers of the company. Turning Cold Leads into New Customers Phone-based systems in lead generation and conversion are easier than responding via inbound emails. Target carefully. Businessmen always make sure that they are mingling with the right people. Better start with a FRESH and CLEAN Marketing List! Research. Know your next move.

Pros & Cons of Outsourcing IT Lead Generation Outsourcing is a key strategy in a business. Today, you can outsource anything from HR payroll to marketing. However, no matter how strategic and beneficial it can be, it can also become a setback for any business. There are horror stories to outsourcing. In the IT industry, unlike in B2B setting, outsourcing becomes even more complicated, not only because it is more demanding, product knowledge should be exceptional. But IT products are not a walk in the park. Nevertheless, IT companies continue to trust marketing agency to generate IT leads for them. Cons Complex purchase cycle for unskilled marketing telemarketers. IT companies see agencies as a separate agency. Lack of confidentiality agreement processes with agencies. Pros Outsourcing can streamline your marketing process. Outsourcing provides you another quality control level when it comes to quality of IT leads. Related: Quantity vs Quality: What’s Best for IT Lead Generation? Marketing can respond faster to leads.

SEO Isn't Dead. It's Just Different Over the last few years, search engine optimization has become one of the most misunderstood terms in the world of publishing. Ask marketers about SEO and some will probably tell you it’s a chore, a nuisance meant to promote spam. Others might nod vigorously like the term is important, even if they don’t really know why. For those who are still unsure or unconvinced, know this: SEO remains incredibly important. Starting in the late ’90s, publishers and marketers alike started to taint SEO with the ugly of practice of keyword stuffing. To see how keyword stuffing might look on an article page, Google gives an example about humidors: We sell custom cigar humidors. But Google stopped all this by changing their search algorithm so it would penalize content creators who tried to rely on cheap tricks like keyword stuffing by pushing them down search rankings. But as search engine algorithms have gotten more sophisticated, experts say we need to get more sophisticated as well.

The Search Evolution: Link Building to Link Earning Way back 2000 to 2006, SEO was all about exchanging and buying links and directory submissions. As Google aims to provide the best and relevant search results for its users, SEO strategies must conform to certain guidelines. However Google spammers didn’t stop to exploit the algorithm, formulating tricks to manipulate the king of all the search engines. It didn’t take long when manual penalties were passed and had affected many websites. It was just the latter that SEO peeps realized that link building was actually about ‘earning‘ and only those who keep up with the changes stays. A nicely crafted infographic from globe runner illustrates the evolution. Related: How to Make Friends with Search Engines: Tips for Greater Online Visibility and Better IT Sales Leads Aside from search marketing, find other ways to generate IT leads!

5 New (And Effective) Ways To Measure Event ROI Events drive leads for sales and are a powerful networking tool that enables companies and brands to connect with their audiences and clients face to face. At least, that’s what we know. But as any marketer, sales rep and event organizer will tell you, qualifying those collected leads is anything but certain. Why? Because not all leads are created equal, and every individual at your event has their own unique journey to the final sale. According to Statista, only 14% of B2B marketers’ budgets are being allocated for in-person trade shows in 2015. Traditionally most event organizers and sales reps have focused on the data that is generated before and after an event, which gives a good picture of who showed up, but not much else. Here are 5 ways that event marketers can use the data that is being generated before, during, and after their events to create a richer experience for their attendees, while providing insights into the value of their show. 1. 2. 3. Image Source 4. 5. Conclusion

Data Cleansing: Ensuring your database is up-to-date By logic, if you’ve been using the same database in the last 2 years, it is likely that about two-thirds of your marketing communications could be going to waste. With a campaign as off-targeted as that, you get a snowball’s chance in Houston of getting a sale. Now more than ever, you need to put more emphasis on data quality. We offer the following services: Data Cleansing / Data ScrubbingVerification of DataDeduplicationDatabase Management For quality data cleansing solution, we telephone contacts on your database to confirm every piece of business information you hold with them. IT Business List for Marketing | ITSalesLeads Finding IT sales leads, cracking new accounts, and creating new business opportunities have never been easier with us. We provide leverage to telemarketing campaigns by generating high quality business lists for IT and software companies. Our services are focused on the IT industry alone, making us the most efficient IT sales lead generation channel you can find. While most general business contact databases have sparse coverage of IT executives, our leads are highly targeted and carefully screened to pass strategically-defined lead qualification standards. We generate IT sales leads and deliver corporate prospect contact lists with the following field records. company namecompany profileprospect’s contact information (name, phone number, title, etc.)address (city, state, zip)website informationemail address