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Women's History Month: 10 Things to Thank Feminists for By joslyngray | Bringing a trumpet to a protest totally makes it a party! Oh, those wacky feminists. Always burning their bras and eating granola and asking for equality ‘n’ stuff. Like, you know, the right to vote, control your own money, and leave a man who beats the crap out of you. Crazy stuff like that. Strengthening Grassroots Organizations and Feminist Solidarity: Back on the European Caravan © We Are Here - courtesy Photoshare Strengthening Grassroots Organizations and Feminist Solidarity: Back on the European Caravan | By Mégane Ghorbani

The XX Factor Thanks to the BuzzFeed quiz, we now all know which city we should live in (Paris), what kind of sandwich we are (grilled cheese), and which Twin Peaks character we are (Agent Dale Cooper). BuzzFeed quizzes exploit our urge to belong, to categorize ourselves into an identifiable group that we are instantly a part of. (Oh, you’re a Miranda? Me too!) Which is why the latest BuzzFeed quiz, “How Metal Is Your Period?” is such a masterpiece of the form. 15 Black Women Visual Artists You Should Know Visual Artists rarely get enough credit and recognition, but black female visual artists are a group that seems to be left out of the spotlight completely. Growing up as a young black female visual artist, there seemed to be no one who looked like me to look up to. But black female visual artists do exist, and they are creating some of the best art out today. Here are some of our favorites: "Kara Walker (American, b. 1969) is best known for her room-size tableaux of black cut-paper silhouettes that examine the underbelly of America's racial and gender tensions. Her works often address such highly charged themes as power, repression,history, race, and sexuality.

Feminism and the Kurdish Freedom Movement 20 April 2015 This article is an edited version of a presentation at the “Dissecting Capitalist Modernity–Building Democratic Confederalism” Conference at Hamburg University, April 3-5th, 2015. The fact that we are discussing the Kurdish freedom movement’s approaches, ideas, and re-conceptualizations of freedom today at this conference with people from so many diverse backgrounds is quite telling of the larger impacts of the Kobanê resistance, which go far beyond its military aspects. The World Women’s March this year was launched at the border between North (Bakur) and West Kurdistan (Rojava), the artificial line which separates the twin cities Qamişlo and Nisêbin from each other.

The Happy Feminist: FEMINISM 101 Feminism is not a monolith, nor is it a dogma. The only thing you have to believe in order to call yourself a feminist is that ensuring women's freedom and equality of opportunity in all spheres of life is a crucial priority. That's it. Black Feminism LIVES! What: This is a weekend retreat to practice and celebrate the technology of black feminist breathing. We will use breathing, mantras and poetry rooted in short wise sayings from black feminist teachers and writers as a resource for mindfulness, sustainability and connection to legacy and purpose.

Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism: Jennifer Baumgardner, Amy Richards: 9780374528652: Books I read Grassroots as an antidote to Going Public by Michael Gecan. Gecan's book is useful for people who don't know glitter from gold about organizing. But, it's also very old-school, very hierarchical, and very male.