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WireGuard: fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel

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Convertisseur YouTube : YouTube MP3 et YouTube MP4 gratuit - noTube NixNet Meet NordLynx – the new solution for a fast and secure VPN connection When innovation knocks, what will you do: let it in or shut the door? Being forever-curious and imaginative geeks, we at NordVPN are always open to innovation. Today we are excited to announce our latest project: the NordLynx technology built around the WireGuard® protocol. The background Offering a high-speed connection while maintaining top-notch security is one of the biggest challenges for a VPN provider. The emergence of WireGuard, a new VPN tunneling protocol, seemed like a breath of fresh air in the industry. Modern, extremely fast, and insanely lean in its architecture, WireGuard uses state-of-the-art cryptography and is backed by thorough academic research. However, it’s not all as great as it sounds. But an opportunity to offer a faster and more reliable VPN connection to our users was right there. That’s how project NordLynx came to life. Project NordLynx The WireGuard protocol alone can’t ensure complete privacy. How we made it work And we found it. Linux users, try NordLynx now

Popup Blocker Ultimate Standing on Our Own Two Feet When a new Certificate Authority (CA) comes on the scene, it faces a conundrum: In order to be useful to people, it needs its root certificate to be trusted by a wide variety of operating systems (OSes) and browsers. However, it can take years for the OSes and browsers to accept the new root certificate, and even longer for people to upgrade their devices to the newer versions that include that change. The common solution: a new CA will often ask an existing, trusted CA for a cross-signature, to quickly get it into being trusted by lots of devices. Five years ago, when Let’s Encrypt launched, that’s exactly what we did. Now, those software platforms have trusted our root certificate for years. However, this does introduce some compatibility woes. Android has a long-standing and well known issue with operating system updates. Google no longer provides version numbers on its Distribution Dashboard, but you can still get some data by downloading Android Studio. What can we do about this?

Some Useful Tools For Linux System Admins This guide provides a list of useful tools for Linux system admins. This list doesn’t include any complicated programs (like Ansible, Puppet) that requires a steep learning curve to setup and use in production. Most of the tools given here are just scripts and are very easy to install and use in real time. If you’re a budding Linux/Unix sysadmin who has limited experience, make use of these programs to get the job done easily and quickly. Sysadmin-util is a collection of scripts that helps the novice sysadmins and users to perform various tasks. Sysadmin-util contains the following scripts. agochroniccidr2ipcollapsedupesempty-direxpand-ipv6flush-firewallgraphite_sendipaddrmaybemk-passwd-hashmulti-pingmysql-slave-checkpyhttpdrandpasssincesplayssh-auth-typesssh-testssl-expiry-datetimeoutuntil-erroruntil-successwhen-downwhen-upwhich-shellwith-lock Let us go ahead and see how to install and use some of these tools with examples. Installation and usage ago $ cd sysadmin-util $ . Examples: $ . $ . $ .

FreeMail | Kostenlose E-Mail-Adresse von WEB.DE E-Mail-Postfach mit bis zu 10 GB Speicher Ihr WEB.DE FreeMail-Postfach bietet Ihnen mit der praktischen Zusatzanwendung WEB.DE MailCheck 10 GB Speicher – dauerhaft und kostenlos. Damit wird Ihr Postfach zum komfortablen Platz für Ihre E-Mails und Sie haben jederzeit schnell alles im Blick, ohne sich immer wieder einloggen zu müssen. Der MailCheck informiert Sie beim Surfen im Internet direkt über eingehende E-Mails. Zugriff über, POP3/IMAP oder mit der App Bei WEB.DE haben Sie verschiedene Möglichkeiten, auf Ihre E-Mails zuzugreifen. Schnell & einfach E-Mails schreiben und sortieren Das Schreiben und Versenden von E-Mails ist bei WEB.DE auf Ihre jeweiligen Bedürfnisse abgestimmt: Haben Sie es eilig, können Sie per „Schnellantwort“ direkt zurückschreiben ohne dafür extra eine neue E-Mail aufsetzen zu müssen. Viele E-Mail-Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten mit Briefpapier und Smileys Bestimmt haben auch Sie Anlässe, zu denen Sie besondere E-Mails schreiben möchten. Schließen

Piloting SecureDrop Workstation for Qubes OS - SecureDrop In March, Freedom of the Press Foundation will begin to pilot SecureDrop Workstation for Qubes OS with select news organizations. The goal of the project is to make the SecureDrop experience more intuitive, and to decrease the time-on-task for journalists, without compromising security. With SecureDrop Workstation, journalists can use a single integrated computer to review messages and documents submitted by sources via SecureDrop, and to reply to them. We’re deeply grateful to Freedom of the Press Foundation’s friends and supporters for making this project possible, including the Mozilla Open Source Support Awards and our individual donors. Overview SecureDrop Workstation is based on Qubes OS, a desktop-based distribution of Xen. The user experience of a journalist is similar to using a messaging app: The SecureDrop desktop app has no direct Internet access; it can only communicate with the SecureDrop server. Pilot Whitepaper Bug Bounty Getting involved