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*How Google Search Works

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How Google Book Search Got Lost Google Books was the company’s first moonshot. But 15 years later, the project is stuck in low-Earth orbit. Books can do anything. RSS Search Engine - Find Feeds with Instant Search Instant RSS Search engine will help you discover RSS feeds on the web around your favorite topics. You may use the tool to search RSS feeds for blogs, news websites, podcasts and more. It is instant search and hence the search results display as you type. Animated Slider / Slideshow - Google Docs Presentation Limitations There is a minimum width of 550px for the gadget else it displays black bars on the left and right sides, a maximum width of 1050px else you see a black bar at the top, and you must use the Standard 4:3 page setup, other than that the only real limitation is your creativity and what Google Docs Presentations allow. Instructions Feedback Screen Shots

How the Internet Has Changed the World [INFOGRAPHIC] From hactivism to the flipped classroom, the Internet has sparked an online revolution with digital tools. Classified documents on Wikileaks helped spark the Arab Spring, and protestors organized through Facebook. Daily tweets about the Egyptian revolution increased 100% after the overthrow of the country, showcasing the power of trending. Not only has the World Wide Web assisted in shaping our political persuasions, but also our personal interests. While there are 139,500 professional photographers in the U.S., Instagram rekindled the snap-happy side of everyone, with 90 million active users each month on the social platform. As the number of Internet users grow, the world changes, as suggested by this infographic from NowSourcing.

Google Shows Results for Similar Searches Google has a new feature that shows results for different versions of your query. Usually Google removes one or two keywords from your query or replaces them with similar keywords if there aren't many relevant search results for your original query. For example, when you search for [google maps flash html5 api v4], Google also shows results for searches like: [google maps flash html5 api], [google maps html5 api v4], [google maps flash api], [google flash map api]. It's interesting to notice that the first page of results shows 2 results for your query and 8 results for related queries, but the numbers are different depending on the query.

The Advanced Google Searches Every Student Should Know - November Learning “Did he seriously just ask that? How old is this guy?” Well yes, I recently seriously just asked a group of students if they knew how to search Google. And yes, the students got a good laugh from my question. “Of course I know how to use Google,” I have been told by every student to whom I have asked the question. Scrapy - a screen scraper Scrapy is an application framework for crawling web sites and extracting structured data which can be used for a wide range of useful applications, like data mining, information processing or historical archival. Even though Scrapy was originally designed for screen scraping (more precisely, web scraping), it can also be used to extract data using APIs (such as Amazon Associates Web Services) or as a general purpose web crawler. The purpose of this document is to introduce you to the concepts behind Scrapy so you can get an idea of how it works and decide if Scrapy is what you need. When you’re ready to start a project, you can start with the tutorial. Pick a website¶ So you need to extract some information from a website, but the website doesn’t provide any API or mechanism to access that info programmatically.

Google Authorship Published February 15, 2013 by Brad Knutson I’m sure you have noticed while paging through Google search results that some results have the authors image next to them. This is called Google Authorship, and Google has given us the ability to stand out and drive even more traffic to our sites. Google retail stores: Ripping off Apple, Steve Jobs again? Yes and no. Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images Steve Jobs must be going thermonuclear in his grave. According to Walter Isaacson's biography, the late Apple chief was so incensed at Google over its Android mobile operating system—a "stolen product," in his eyes—that he was willing to risk everything to destroy it. Instead, Android has captured 70 percent of the global smartphone market. Now the Wall Street Journal, following the blog 9to5Google, reports that Google is working on plans for a string of Apple-like retail stores, presumably as showcases for the company's mobile devices, among other products.

10 Google Products You (Probably) Never Knew Existed I don’t know about you, but it feels like Google launches a new product every time I turn my laptop on. And these new products tend to fit into two distinct categories: Incredibly usefulIncredibly bizarre Fortunately, most of these products are free so we’re really not in a position to complain! After some lengthy research, I was surprised by how many tools Google has either developed or acquired over the years. So much so, that I thought it was a good idea to compile a list of the secrets of the Google product empire. *Google makes us all dumber: The neuroscience of search engines (Ian Leslie) In 1964, Pablo Picasso was asked by an interviewer about the new electronic calculating machines, soon to become known as computers. He replied, “But they are useless. They can only give you answers.”

Put multiple links into one - Oops! The bunch is either not defined or has been blocked. If you followed this bunch link from another website, you should notify the site owner. 20 Google Docs Secrets for busy teachers and students. Google Docs has revolutionised the way we create and edit content on the web. It is a genuine collaboration tool like nothing that has come before it. Up to 50 people can simultaneously edit a spreadsheet, presentation or document at no expense, and it is available on all mobile and desktop platforms. Today we are going to look at 20 great tips every teacher and student should be using to get the most of the collaborative learning opportunities Google Doc’s offers. Allow editing without signing in: If you’re sharing a document with classmates who don’t have a Google login, just make it available to edit without signing in.

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