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Art 42: Archive

Art 42: Archive
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16 Inspirational Portrait Photography Techniques I’m learning that portrait photography can be tough in more than one way thanks to my participation in the December Challenge. I’m already getting bored with taking the standard cookie-cutter portrait, so I started digging around Flickr for some inspiration. Here’s what I turned up: [tweetmeme]And yes, I realize that the accompanying text is much shorter than I would usually supply, but the idea of this post isn’t to teach these techniques — it’s to introduce you to them and hopefully give you some inspiration with your own photography. Want more great projects, amazing photos, Photoshop tips, and articles on photography? If you’re good with post-processing and manipulations, use it to your advantage. If texture is a big part of your subject, make it stand out and make it obvious. Blowing out the highlights or making a high-key image makes a nice soft portrait with kind of a light airy feeling. A dominantly dark or low-key image will naturally draw your eyes to the lighter parts.

Idle fingers unpicking time 75 notes Does anyone have any good foreign film recommendations (any genre)? 12 notes Porsha got new boobs and is going to attack Kenya at the reunion I’m so excited 42 notes somebody give me the strength to complete my essay 398 notes West Coast by Lana Del Rey 122 notes Karlie Kloss photographed by Craig McDean for W magazine June 2011. 145 notes 'Face the Future' Carolyn Murphy photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia September 2012 394 notes 'The Resurrection of Titanium White' painting by István Sándorfi Tattoo images Lonely Lisa "Mes moments d'ennui" 01. "Tout me lasse : je remorque avec peine mon ennui avec mes jours, et je vais partout en baillant ma vie" Chateaubriand, Mémoires d'outre-tombe. 02. "Sais-tu quel est mon plus grand soucis ? C'est de tuer l'ennui. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09.

Animation, Concept Art, CG, Computer Graphics, Video Games, VFX, Visual Development, Comics, Illustration, Toys, Entertainment, Galleries, Images, Wallpapers – Galleries CG-Hub A community for CG professionals Log in or Sign Up! Ray just left a comment for image articles forums users images tools challenges master classes jobs more Upload Random Find images Wants Critique The Birth of Cthulhu Gideon's Avenger War Crunk Quicklinks Top Artists Top Images Top Scripts Invite a friend! CGHUB Gold Awards Editor's Picks Archive Gallery › Search Sorting: "Most Views" Sinzi by Rabbiteyes Full Size Quick comment Share 2D Digital Characters 16 December 2011 Zombie Ken Masters by Manuhell 2D Digital Fan Art 29 March 2010 The Egg Thief by tully 2D Digital Fantasy 13 January 2011 game project-23 by EVANLEE82 2D Digital Anime 16 August 2011 Medieval Interlude II by sparth 2D Digital Fantasy 18 June 2010 Spark by algenpfleger 2D Digital Illustration 01 March 2011 AWX: Eri by WarrenLouw 2D Digital Illustration 15 January 2009 the girl and her lover by EVANLEE82 2D Digital Fantasy 12 July 2011 Dome by Jaime 2D Digital Sci-Fi 09 July 2009 pretty by MingzhuYang 2D Digital Illustration 23 August 2011 Social Web E-mail Reddit

Page d'accueilUn peu de poésie | Parce que la poésie néoclassique est moderne Computer Graphics Resources For Digital Artists and Designers - Part 3 Howdy everyone and welcome to another enchanting photography showcase! This time we will focus on the grace and beauty given by the details of the butterflies. They can be an interesting subject both for macro and distance shots, depending on their colors and poses. Butterflies are mainly day-flying insects that go through four stages of […] The tropical area on the globe surrounds the Equator, being limited by the tropic of Cancer in the North and the Tropic of Capricorn in the South. Professional photographers know that when taking shots of beaches, there are some important rules and guidelines to follow, such as: looking for a focal point, not disconsidering the horizon, the importance of timing, the UV filters and many others. Obesity and being overweight are largely debated topics nowadays. Green, white and red – this is the flag that represents the land of beautiful Latin women, burritos, biodiversity and salsa. Aed Vignette is an artist who lives in Indonesia. Hello everyone!

Sur l'aile des poumons Dimanche 19 juin 2011 7 19 /06 /Juin /2011 22:25 ans mon canot d’écorce, je caresse des doigts la chair de poule du lac. Je tends ma ligne sur un cahier de cuir, repêchant quelques mots oubliés par le temps, la virgule d’une arête, une botte mouillée, quelques syllabes d’eau. J’écris autant que je rame. Je danse sur les chevilles fragiles des vagues. Le cri d’un huard s’envole sur l’aile des poumons. La pointe du canot agite la lumière. J’atteins la Bécancourt sans m’en apercevoir. J’avance à l’ombre des érables. 30 Mudbox Tutorials for Beginners and Professionals Mudbox is a 3D sculpting and painting tool that is commonly used for character design for movies and games. First used in Peter Jackson’s King Kong, Mudbox has been rapidly gaining popularity and was acquired by Autodesk, Inc. in 2007, where it has been refined into a powerful competitor to software such as zBrush. In this post, we’ve scoured around the web to find the 30 best Mudbox tutorials. Starting with a quick start guide that consists of Mudbox tutorials for beginners, the tutorials then progress into individual Mudbox effects, and also Mudbox project overviews. If you are interested in more of the best 3D tutorials, check out these posts: Enjoy! Mudbox Quick Start – Part 1 Mudbox Quick Start – Part 2 Mudbox Quick Start – Part 3 Mudbox Quick Start – Part 4 Mudbox Quick Start – Part 5 Mudbox Quick Start – Part 6 Mudbox Quick Start – Part 7 Mudbox Quick Start – Part 8 Mudbox Quick Start – Part 9 Mudbox Quick Start – Part 10 Mudbox Quick Start – Part 11 Modeling a Dinosaur in Mudbox Advertisement

plafonnier "façon Klimt" Voilà un peu plus d'un mois que je me creusais la tête pour répondre le plus justement à la commande d'un plafonnier destiné à éclairer le couloir d'entrée d'un sympathique appartement. La tache n'était pas des moindre : les murs du couloir sont recouverts d'un papier peint bleu à motifs nacrés, le mobilier est essentiellement en bois et le plafonnier est la seule source lumineuse de l'entrée. J'avais le champs libre pour le thème avec une petite préférence pour le style japonisant... J'ai donc décidé d'utiliser un fond blanc-crème et d'épurer un maximum le dessous du plafonnier pour laisser passer la lumière.Les motifs du papier peint, les meubles en bois et le thème du japon ont orienté mes recherches vers le style art déco et le travail de Klimt que j'adore... J'ai pris "L'arbre de vie" de Klimt comme motif de base et je l'ai répété 4 fois sur les côtés afin de représenter les 4 saisons. Dimensions du plafonnier : 30 cm de diamètre x 17 cm de hauteur

Best Wallpaper Download Sites 2 :: Best Sites List Series 2 of Best Free Desktop Wallpapers Sites for Single & Wide Monitor users. Wallpapers for Windows Vista , Mac OSX , Ubuntu. Cool wallpaper sites of Car, Model, Artist and so on.. Most sites provides high quality 1600x1200 resolution wallpapers This article is 9th one of Best Sites List Series 1. Best Dual Monitor Wallpapers Sites List2. Caedes- - the Desktop Wallpaper and Artist Community Caedes is Community websites for artists,photographer,designers. Hamad Darwish - - missing Windows Vista Desktop Wallpaper Hamad Darwish is a photographer of . ----New Windows Vista Wallpapers by high resolution ( 6000x4200 ) image of Windows Vista Aurora Wallper Mac OS X Tiger Wallpapers by - Macintosh Wallpapers !! All images are 2560X1600 resolution. ---- Apple OS X Wallpapers by - Mac OSX default wallpapers : Aqua , Flow , Tiles , Abstract Another sites

Old Hollywood : 1 of 155 Cary Grant receiving an Academy Honorary Award in 1970 (online here) "Years ago, when Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon were getting divorced, a perhaps apocryphal story appeared in the scandal sheets: As an example of Grant’s supposed irrationality, Cannon cited to the judge Cary’s yearly habit of sitting in front of his television and sardonically abusing all the participants. This item, true or not, must have amused nearly everyone in Hollywood, since nearly everyone in Hollywood does pretty much the same thing. The funny thing is that from all accounts, when the Academy Awards began in 1939, they were conducted in a similar spirit of irreverence, something that has practically disappeared from the event itself. Cary Grant corroborated this to me: ”It was a private affair, you see - no television, no radio, even - just a group of friends giving each other a party. -excerpted from Peter Bogdanovich’s Who the Hell’s In It