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Fragrant Nature offers ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ for GCC visitors

Fragrant Nature, the creator of premium lifestyle hospitality experiences in Kerala, is showcasing three exceptional hotels and resorts in Kerala at the Arabian Travel Market 2017 in Dubai. The Arabian Travel Market (ATM), which opens tomorrow (April 24) will run till April 27. The award-winning hospitality operator has also strengthened its new ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ package, especially for visitors from the GCC region, promising them three authentic lifestyle experiences just in time for summer. Already one of the most-recognised hotel and resorts operator in Kerala, Fragrant Nature Resorts is also looking to expand to the GCC region, and bring its flavour of hospitality that is defined by personalised service, organic food, wellness and exotic locations. “Our ‘Kerala Golden Trio Package’ has been specially created for visitors from the region, who want to experience the diversity of Kerala’s natural beauty and also have memorable and authentic hospitality choices.”

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What to expect from a three day juice cleanse - FASHION Magazine By Hilary Hatt Date April 12, 2017 I am a complete novice when it comes to all things diet related: My biggest diet accomplishment prior to embarking on this three-day juice cleanse was cutting out bagels from my morning routine. Believe it or not, I used to eat a Tim Horton’s bagel almost every morning for breaky, which was wrong on multiple levels: Firstly, I am potentially gluten intolerant (yes, aren’t we all—but seriously). 15 Days Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga Retreat Kerala, India Vedic way of wellness can be explored at Fragrant Nature Resorts Ayurveda spas in its purity. From its own certified farms comes pesticide free, nutrient balanced food produces that at the kitchens turn to great flavors. This is Fragrant Nature, striving to serve novel experiences.

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7 Common Cat Allergies Common Cat Allergies By Jennifer Coates, DVM Allergies are on the rise in people, and nobody is exactly sure why. Maybe it’s because we no longer have to continuously battle parasites and germs, which leaves our immune systems free to overreact to potential allergens. While we don’t know if a similar process might be happening in cats, it is safe to say that feline allergies are big problem for the pets and owners who are affected by them. Read on to learn about the most common allergies in cats, what the symptoms of these allergies are and how they’re treated. ‘Fragrant Nature Resorts’ launches ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ for GCC visitors – Gulf NewsWeb Fragrant Nature Resorts, the creator of premium lifestyle resorts in the south Indian state of Kerala, has launched a dedicated ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ experience for visitors from the Gulf Cooperation Council region. A first-of-its-kind initiative, ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ opens doors to three authentic experiences for visitors from the Gulf region, which is fast emerging as one of the most popular inbound visitor segment for Fragrant Nature Resorts. The hospitality & leisure division of UAE-based Aroma Group, Fragrant Nature Resorts is now further strengthening its presence in the Gulf region through more sale representatives and travel partners. The GCC operations are led by Anne Sajeev, Managing Director of Fragrant Nature, and one of the few women entrepreneurs in the hospitality business in the region. Anne Sajeev said: “In the past few months, visitor enquiries from the GCC region have increased considerably for Fragrant Nature’s resorts in Kerala. Like this:

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