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Mr. Money Mustache — Early Retirement through Badassity

Mr. Money Mustache — Early Retirement through Badassity

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Thailand Travel regulations, Coronavirus regulations, travel bans - Travelbans 19.08.2020 Thai AirAsia recently updated International schedule for the remainder of summer 2020 season, until 24OCT20. Between 16AUG20 and 24OCT20, planned International operation as follows. Additional adjustment may be filed, pending on latest development on travel restrictions. Bangkok Don Mueang – Changsha eff 04SEP20 1 weekly Bangkok Don Mueang – Manila eff 02SEP20 2 weekly Bangkok Don Mueang – Nanjing 1 weekly Published on 18.08.2020 Thai AirAsia Aug – Oct 2020 International operations as of 16AUG20 Spain - Early Retirement & Financial Independence Community Whew! The spouse and I just got back from a 4 week vacation to Spain and Morocco.* We hopped a military Space-A flight so airfare was free, and once there we used a combination of rental car (for one week) and trains to explore the southern part of the country - Seville, Cordoba, Granada, plus smaller towns and villages.* We also enjoyed a 5 day side trip to Morocco and a week in Madrid where my mother-in-law joined us for part of the time

Books Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? Why do drug dealers still live with their moms? How much do parents really matter? Zen and the art of torso maintenance: Matthew McConaughey's guide to life The biggest question in the universe, writes Matthew McConaughey in his new autobiography (of sorts) is “WHOWHATWHEREWHENHOW?? – and that’s the truth. WHY? I didn't want to fly – so I took a cargo ship from Germany to Canada ‘Are you a crew member?” the security guard asked, fixing me with a stare in the van’s rear-view mirror. “Passenger,” I replied. The guard gave me a quizzical look then muttered something to himself in German, shaking his head. It was 7am and the port of Hamburg was a hive of activity, our port security van speeding past whirring cranes and towering stacks of shipping containers. As the ship’s immense hull came into view, I entered a world where everything was larger, louder and more dangerous than my life on land.

Blowback TheIntercept_ BlowbackBlowback: How U.S. Drones, Coups, and Invasions Just Create More Violence Financial Literacy Library – Moneysplained There’s an overwhelming amount of financial media out there, here’s a curated list of resources that I find helpful. Books Get a Financial Life by Beth Kobliner Read this book now. Kobliner does an incredible job of covering basic financial concepts. The Measure of a Plan The best time to plant a tree — or learn about personal finance — was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Personal finance education is so important, yet so ignored. The Scandinavian way to tackle winter - BBC Reel BBC Reel goes beyond the headlines to see how the Nordic countires are getting their work-life balance correct. HumansThe Nordic queen with freedom to roamSweden celebrates the right to roam in the country’s nature, and women embrace the tradition alone.Watch now

Why our dreams could be the key to time travel - BBC Reel Exploring the latest understanding of why we sleep and what we dream and what effect this has on us. Could your dreams predict the future?Have you ever gone to sleep and had a dream about something, only for it to then actually happen in reality?Now Playing The link between sleep and memory lossCan we manipulate our sleep to improve cognition and health? PsychologyWhy insomnia affects your mental healthWhy do we feel so low when we've not had enough sleep? Social life in Baku – Fizz of Life Blog This is a repost of a piece published a year ago on this site, especially for all the Baku newbies who have arrived in Baku or are about to: Arriving in a new place can be incredibly daunting, no matter how experienced you are as an expat. So you’ve found somewhere to live in Baku and are happily getting ensconced. You’re exploring the area and taking note of every recommendation that comes your way. With any luck, you may have moved to Baku with all your furniture and belongings but perhaps you are renting a furnished property and want to set a few accents of your own to make it feel more like home. And then there’s the every day stuff, cooking, cleaning, getting your daily routine to run smoothly.

Minimalistic Cartoons Reveal Differences Between Tourists and Travelers Do you fantasize about curling up in a luxurious hotel when taking a holiday, or do you take pride in being able to sleep wherever and whenever, often opting for that scrappy, budget hostel? Enjoy taking the road less travelled, or is a clear, well-marked path the way for you? In a quirky series of illustrations put together by travel company Holidify, the differences between a seasoned traveller and a tourist are highlighted and examined through simple, silhouetted illustrations. These 12 minimalistic cartoons draw attention to the contrasting approaches that these two types of people take to exploring the world, making you ponder your own style of vacationing/exploring. While the depictions may oversimplify the situation, capping examples that are on two ends of a spectrum where a majority fall somewhere in between, it does so harmlessly, as neither approach to travel is ranked as better than the other. Still, which do you identify with more?