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It Ain’t Rocket Science! How to Set up a Special Inside Sales System Anyone who has been in the B2B industry and came out alive would agree: Selling is hard. Indeed, industry players have upped the ante as social media has become a rallying point for business growth. But this is not to say the telephone has fallen from our favor. There is still compelling relevance in using inside sales processes to develop your lead generation. The main point is that inside sales is the only way for you to engage your customers directly. And an effective appointment setting and lead qualification could guide them to make an actual purchase.

Case Study: Callbox Opening Communication Lines Industry Telecommunications, VoIP, Business Phone Systems, Networking Solutions Location Downers Grove, IL, United States Headquarters Content Marketing Calendar Template [Free Download] Download our free template: All the tips, best practices, and how-to guides for achieving content marketing success can be summed up in just six words: “publish quality content regularly and consistently”. A content marketing calendar is the best tool to make this happen. Our ready-to-use template helps you quickly build an actionable one-year content marketing calendar. Appointment Setting Campaign Causes Rise in Sales-ready Leads for Cyber Security Firm Industry IT Security, Information Technology, Cyber Security/Cybersecurity Location New York City, NY Headquarters New York City w/ offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne

Drive Event Attendees Through These Effective Methods As a business owner, you are basically aware of the potential that corporate events have towards the bottom line. It is interesting to note that conferences and seminars can provide ample opportunities to generate high-quality leads and foster better client relations. In fact, Statista shows that at least 79% of marketers in the United States are able to get quality leads mainly through event marketing. The Event Marketing Institute, on the other hand, has pointed out that at least 74% of event attendees have a positive view of a brand being promoted through an event. This would obviously entail securing better positions to acquire more sales appointments. From this, we can all assume that corporate events are the way to go in terms of establishing better client relations and increasing profit margins significantly.

Case Study: IT Firm Uses Callbox to Divide and Conquer Market The Client The Client is a renowned IT consulting firm based in the US. It provides IT solutions used by well-known commercial organizations and government institutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce telecom costs. The Challenge The Client hired a North American telemarketing firm to promote its products. While the telemarketing company was able to deliver good numbers, the Client recognized that much of its time was spent meeting and dealing with people who were not ready to engage or ultimately unqualified.

Blogging for IT Leads: Top Ways to Drive New Clients Solutions providers for IT institutions will get the most out of blogging. Not only because it is a fad among B2B companies wanting to identify, locate and sell to their target clients. Engaging one’s audience via blogging platforms such as WordPress also brings added benefits to the high quality IT leads it secures. Aaron Orendorff for the Content Marketing Institute wrote that blogging: Builds trust – Over and above TV advertisements, search-engine ads, and online banner ads, information in blogs is trusted by a whopping 81% of consumers. Improves your SEO – Companies that blog receive 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages than a company without a blog.

Top Mobile and Web Firm Triple Win with Callbox ABM Lead Generation Campaign The Client The Client is a nine-year-old IT company that provides web application, UX development, mobile application and E-commerce solution services. Five years after their inception, they have gained the trust of most CEOs in India, and was recognized as one of the top ten trusted app development firms in the country.

Branding Ideas for Cloud Computing Companies We don’t need Coldplay to tell us about number and figures in the cloud computing industry. But Statista sure does have all the information we need to get us started on building a cloud-based service. Cloud computing remains to be an important driver for growth in the IT industry and it makes perfect sense for this segment to grow exponentially. More and more companies are looking towards the cloud (particularly software-as-service) to streamline essential business processes. From CRM down to lead management, you can never really deny the value of cloud-based services to the broader aspects of managing a business.

VoIP Switches to Callbox, Gains High-Value Sales Appointments Industry Managed Telecommunications Campaign Type Lead Generation, Appointment Setting Target Industries All Industries 6 Strategies to a Productive Event Telemarketing Campaign Industry events remain to be an essential channel for acquiring quality leads as most business leaders prefer face-to-face interactions over digital engagements. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research notes that “43% of event attendees believe the value of face-to-face interactions will continue to increase over the next two years.” For all its worth, an industry event such as a trade show, conference or a seminar generates higher quality leads.