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Fragrant Nature records 30pc growth in GCC visitor arrivals

Fragrant Nature records 30pc growth in GCC visitor arrivals
Fragrant Nature Hotels & Resorts, the creator of premium lifestyle hospitality experiences in Kerala, has recorded 30 per cent growth in visitor arrivals from the GCC region in the past year, and expects GCC arrivals to gain momentum post its participation at the Arabian Travel Market. Anne Sajeev, managing director of Fragrant Nature Hotels & Resorts, said: “The Gulf region is increasingly becoming one of our top source markets with visitors especially from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. That is why we have now launched the ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ package, especially for visitors from the Gulf region – not only Arabs but also expatriates – so that they can experience three diverse lifestyle experiences in Kerala in one visit.” She added: “With Fragrant Nature, we are offering three hotel and resorts experiences in three vibrant tourism hotspots – Munnar, Fort Kochi and Kollam. Each of these properties is set in unique locations that visitors from the region admire.

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