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At the Human Performance Institute, Division of Wellness and Prevention, Inc., in Orlando, FL, our clients are high-performing professionals from a variety of industries. These men and women face incessant demands on their time, along with the pressure to perform at high levels and balance their careers and personal lives. From our work with elite performers, we have learned that managing energy is the key to sustaining high performance. Regular aerobic and resistance training are two of the strategies we suggest to help individuals manage and expand their physical energy, prevent fatigue, and sustain engagement in those things that really matter to them. Traditionally, resistance training often is performed separately from aerobic training — typically on two or three nonconsecutive days each week. HICT is not a new concept, but it is growing in popularity because of its efficiency and practicality for a time-constrained society. Contraindications Exercise Selection Exercise Order 1. 2. Related:  health

uk.businessinsider @lindseyvonn Rather than splurging on a new gym membership in 2015, try out a fitness app that gives you the benefits of a sweaty bike ride and a trip to the weight room in 7 minutes. Originally envisioned by a personal trainer and an exercise physiologist, the 7-minute workout app builds on new research suggesting that short spurts of intense exercise can provide long lasting benefits comparable to longer, more grueling regimens. Anyone can use the app — all it takes is a smartphone, a spare wall, and a chair. The Workout The 7-minute session (which was so successful it inspired the New York Times to release their own version of the app a few months after the original came out) consists of 12 relatively standard exercises like jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups. Here's the Times app counting down: 18 more seconds of jumping jacks. Here's the full set of exercises, which I tried out myself: 1. Between each exercise, you rest for 10 seconds. Worth The Hype? A Few Caveats The Science

Ab Exercise Don't underestimate the tame-looking side bridge. "Men think a good ab exercise has to make your abs burn," says Michael Boyle, M.A., ATC. Here's the truth: Side bridges improve the stability of all the muscles surrounding your spine and stomach. The Moves Hold for the time specified below, then switch sides. Kneeling Side BridgeLie on your side with your forearm on the floor and your elbow under your shoulder, your knees bent 90 degrees. Side BridgeLie on your side with your forearm on the floor under your shoulder, and your feet stacked together. Elevated Side BridgeSame setup as you use for the side bridge, but stack your feet on a bench. The WorkoutDo this routine two or three times a week. Transform Your Body!

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout Photo Editors’ note: Here’s one of our favorite stories from the archives with a helpful tip for Smarter Living. For a greater challenge, see “The Advanced 7-Minute Workout.” And download our new, free 7-Minute Workout App for your phone, tablet or other device. Exercise science is a fine and intellectually fascinating thing. But sometimes you just want someone to lay out guidelines for how to put the newest fitness research into practice. An article in the May-June issue of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal does just that. “There’s very good evidence” that high-intensity interval training provides “many of the fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training but in much less time,” says Chris Jordan, the director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Fla., and co-author of the new article. Interval training, though, requires intervals; the extremely intense activity must be intermingled with brief periods of recovery.

The Daily Routines of 7 Famous Entrepreneurs & How to Design Yours Our daily routines can make a huge difference to how healthy, happy and productive we are. I’ve recently tried adjusting my own routine in the hopes of getting more done and wasting less time in-between tasks or activities. While it’s important to understand how your own brain works and what routine will suit your body best, I always find it interesting to see what works for others when planning something new for myself. Amazing routines of 7 successful entrepreneurs In the hopes of building the best routine I could, I did some research on the daily routines of some of the most successful people I know of. They certainly inspired me to think about different parts of my routine – perhaps they’ll be useful to you as well. Jack Dorsey, CEO Square & Founder of Twitter In this video interview with Twitter and Square co-founder, Jack Dorsey, he explains his daily routine as he juggles a full-time role at both companies. The only way to do this is to be very disciplined and very practiced 1.) 2.)

You Know You Want Sexy Abs! | healthkicker The next month or two of work on Xanga 2.0 is going to be busy, so I wanted to share with everyone a roadmap of how we’re thinking about things! We’re dividing the work on this project into four basic phases. Phase 1. Data migration As described here, we’ve imported over every account that we have on Xanga over to the new system so that anyone who could sign into Xanga can still sign into Xanga 2.0. (Try it here!) Finally and most important of all, we’ve imported over 2 million blogs from the old system. * We’ve archived the blogs of the hundreds of thousands of blogs where the user has logged in in the past 5 years and has at least two subscribers. * We did an additional set of archives for 200k users who had logged in the past year and had at least 10 blogs. * We’ve also archived the blogs of every single user that’s ever been premium at any point in the past… And of course, a lot of you guys archived your own blogs using the old Xanga archive generator. Phase 2. Phase 3. Phase 4.

MY ASICS: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Running Performance - 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Running Performance This series is brought to you by MY ASICS , the high performance training app that personalizes every plan. At the heart of MY ASICS is a suite of adaptive training programs developed at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, designed to take novice and professional runners alike to new heights. Small changes to your training methods can often lead to big improvements your running performance. 1. If you find you can’t maintain your running pace after the first five or ten minutes, it could be because your body hasn’t had time to warm up. Your body needs to adapt to the sudden exertion of running – whether you run in the morning after lying in bed for eight hours, or after work when you’ve been sitting still for most of the day. It’s always a good idea to warm up before your run by doing some stretching exercises. 2. If you’re putting in all the effort and not seeing the rewards, it could be that your running program is not working. 3. 4. 5. Get it for Android Get it for iPhone

What 12 Successful People Do During Their Morning Routine ~ Levo League What you do before you sit down at your desk and open that first email can pretty much determine how the rest of your long day will play out. A morning routine can be a thing of art or chaos in the making. Sometimes you can make a great breakfast, put together a snazzy outfit and finish up a project all before you march out the door. Other days, it is a miracle if you manage to find a matching pair of shoes and get them on your feet. Wake Up Super Early You may still be that in that college mindset that you can wake up 10 minutes before class. >> Start your Monday morning right with the latest from Levo Exercise For some of us, we can’t imagine stretching in the morning much less running or spinning. And she isn’t alone. Talk With Your Family or Friends Obie Mackenzie, managing director of BlackRock, spends 84 minutes every morning chatting with his wife on their morning commute. Keep Your Beauty Routine Short Play a Competitive Game Watch the News Answer Emails Walk Your Dog Meditate

Christian Bale Workout and Diet for Batman The Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale is no stranger to pushing his body to its limits to create the most believable look for the films he stars in, whether it’s slimming down to an almost emaciated shape for The Machinist or bulking up to portray Batman in Chistopher Nolans re-envisioning of the Dark Knight, Christian Bale is focused and dedicated in his workout routines and diet. Christian Bale is currently working on his third Batman film portraying millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne by day and superhero Batman The Dark Knight by night. Batman Begins was the first film series in which Bale had to gain 100lbs in just 5 months to bulk up from his 121lb physique in The Machinist to his muscular frame in Batman , the second in the series was the Dark Knight also starring Heath Ledger as The Joker and now the third film The Dark Knight Rises sees Batman as a seasoned crime fighter. Intensity and Frequency >Click to Download the Full Christian Bale Workout now Christian Bale The Dark Knight Rises Workout Exercises

New forensic technique for estimating time of death by checking internal clock of the human brain - Science - News People with severe depression have a disrupted “biological clock” that makes it seem as if they are living in a different time zone to the rest of the healthy population living alongside them, a study has found. It is the first time that depression has been linked unequivocally to the internal circadian clock of the human brain, which regulates the body's day-and-night cycle over a 24 hour period, scientists said. The researchers found that they could estimate a healthy person's time of death to within a few hours by analysing the activity levels of a set of genes - whether they are switched on 'high' or 'low' - within certain regions of the deceased brain. However, this correlation broke down when they analysed the autopsied brains of people who had suffered from depression. Their gene activity bore little relationship to the hour of death, which indicated they suffered a severely disrupted sleeping pattern, the scientists found. "There really was a moment of discovery. Further reading:

How to Get a Complete Workout with Nothing But Your Body How our brains stop us achieving our goals and how to fight back 1.8K Flares 1.8K Flares × As admittedly wonderful and fascinating as the human brain is, it definitely can feel like our brain is out to get us sometimes. Summed up perfectly in the many observations of the “Scumbag Brain” meme, our brain does seem to engage in “sabotage” in terms of how it naturally reacts to situations. The scary thing is that in some circumstances, these feelings are backed up by actual research! We’ve already discussed how poorly our brain operates while multitasking (despite tricking us to feel fulfilled while we do it), and today I’d like to expand upon 5 new dangers present in our ‘scumbag brains.’ In this post you’ll learn how to combat your brain’s own brilliance, overcoming it’s instinctual reactions which often have devastating effects on those all-important long term goals that you set for yourself. Let’s get started! Would you believe that fantasizing is the #1 way your brain can unintentionally ruin your goals? It seems unlikely, right? Why? Ms.

The Simple Truth About Happiness “The opposite of happiness isn’t sadness — it’s boredom.”Tim FerrissTweet Over the past 4 years, I’ve read a countless number of articles on following your bliss, building passions, and being happy. Most articles touch on some common themes: finding passionate work, building positive and healthy relationships, being open-minded, and trying new things. This is, as you know, is all great advice. But over time, even though I started to explore and define my own life with these themes in mind, something felt off. There would be days where I would be insanely happy and days where I felt immensely depressed. But the down days were much, much worse. On the surface, there didn’t seem to be any correlation. But after a couple of months of accepting my bad days as normality, I stumbled across the reason for exactly why the worst days occurred and why my happiest days were so awesome. The Principle A mentor told me a couple years ago a core principle that he lives by: And it makes total sense. Examples: