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At the Human Performance Institute, Division of Wellness and Prevention, Inc., in Orlando, FL, our clients are high-performing professionals from a variety of industries. These men and women face incessant demands on their time, along with the pressure to perform at high levels and balance their careers and personal lives. From our work with elite performers, we have learned that managing energy is the key to sustaining high performance. However, when facing seemingly infinite demands, one’s ability to manage and expand physical energy can be severely compromised. This can result in persistent fatigue (physical, but also emotional and mental) and a growing level of disengagement with one’s career, family, friends, and personal well-being, which can ultimately lead to performance failure. Traditionally, resistance training often is performed separately from aerobic training — typically on two or three nonconsecutive days each week. Contraindications Exercise Selection Exercise Order 1. 2.

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5x5 Workout Routine For Functional Strength & Mass by Kevin • Workout Routines • Tags: 5x5 Workout, Gain Muscle, Muscle Tone, Workout Routine • 27 Comments Welcome to the site ... why not sign-up to the free newsletter before you go. The 5×5 workout routine is quite popular, and for good reason. When it comes to building mass and strength it can be surprisingly difficult. You would think that the two would go hand in hand but they don’t. As I’ve discussed in some of my previous posts, strength training is actually a great way to improve muscle definition yet it doesn’t work all that well for gaining muscle mass.

Hal Higdon Training Programs 5-K Training: Advanced How to Train for Maximum Performance IF YOU'RE A SEASONED VETERAN OF THE RUNNING WARS, an individual who has been running for several years and who has run numerous 5-K races and races at other distances, there comes a time when you want to seek maximum performance. Regardless of your age or ability, you would like to run as fast as you possibly can. Body Weight Circuits Are Kickin' My Butt! - Fitness Black Book I used to think I was in outstanding shape. I can go into any gym and lift impressive weights for my size and I look like a Ninja Master on the treadmill. I can run a few miles in a decent period of time, I don’t have any noticeable body fat, etc. That was until I explored the world of bodyweight circuits.

Exercise Routines for Beginners When I was in high school, I didn’t have to worry about creating and sticking to a fitness routine. I had football coaches who took care of that for me. I just had to show up at the weight room at the designated time with the rest of my teammates and do the scheduled workout. Because of that consistency, along with a lot of hard work, I was in really good shape when I graduated and headed off to college. Advanced Body Weight Workout - This Will Kick Your Ass Join the Rebellion, get free eBooks. If this little dude can get in shape without a gym, what’s your excuse? Most gyms these days are loaded with chumps, meatheads, pushy salesmen, and people who suck at working out. (If you DO go to a gym, make sure you DON’T suck at it).

Fuckarounditis - Berkhan, M. (2011) Fuckarounditis: A Serious Threat I have been trying to cure people of fuckarounditis since the late 90's, starting from the day I was first cleansed from it myself. Ever since I recognized the disease, I have acknowledged it as a serious threat to physique development and mental well-being. It is therefore with shock and horror I have watched an increasing number of people fall victim to the disease and the dubious training practices it inspires.

Westside for Skinny Bastards - Starting Strength Wiki (credit to VikingMan) I ripped most of this straight out of Joe Defranco’s Westside for Skinny Bastards. It has some modification in it for things I like, but it’s still pretty much his! For more information and some good resources, visit his site, at and also the link down at the bottom of the page. Basic Westside Barbell Template - Starting Strength Wiki Here is what a basic Westside split looks like. Monday - Max Effort Squat/Deads Variation of Squat/Deads (pick one) - add chains/bands + vary stance/boxes a. Low Box Squat b. High Box Squat c. Deadlifts off Box d. Sean10mm's Fitness Blog: Rippetoe's Starting Strength revisited The newbie fitness guide (see sidebar links) talks about the "Starting Strength" workout developed by Mark Rippetoe, and include links to a description of it on the . Well, I've found a better description of the program written by poster on the same forums, so here it is. This is a slight variation of Rippetoe's outstanding "Starting Strength" workout. You train on 3 nonconsecutive days per week.So week 1 might look like:Monday - Workout AWednesday -Workout BFriday - Workout AWeek 2:Monday - Workout BWednesday - Workout AFriday - Workout BIf you choose Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday as your workout days, the planets won't get knocked out of alignment, so don't sweat this one, as long as you get in 3 workouts on non-consecutive days each week.Dont' blow off workouts. Dont' adjust the workouts.

How to Get a Full Workout With Only Dumbbells Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Joe Hashey, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). After a hard day’s work you head over to your local gym. Unfortunately, so does everyone else in town who works the same hours. Soon the place is buzzing with people and there is a waiting line for nearly everything except that long row of dumbbells. Frustrated, you have to settle for a quick workout because you still want to get home and enjoy your evening. Perhaps you even give up on those gym hours and try to work out at home.

How to Stay in Shape While Traveling Everybody travels. Whether it’s for business, pleasure, vacation, world domination, or epic questing, at some point in our lives we all depart from the comfort of our personal “Shire” to visit another location. It might be a quick trip to the next town over for a business conference or a massive adventure halfway around the world for months at a time. No matter what kind of trip it is, one thing is certain: Family, Fitness, and Fun: Commando Workout Several years ago, when I was a more-or-less disillusioned sailor nearing the end of a loooong career, deployed to East Africa I came across this routine. The site I found it on said that the developer of this had made it for Canadian Special Operations troops. I did this for about 2-3 months there and, as I recall, it was a real kicker of a routine! I offer it now, to you all, for your training benefit and fun! Please, tell me how it works for you. If there is anything you want to know more about, just let me know.