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Aprender inglés con canciones

Aprender inglés con canciones

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Mi rinconcito de Primaria: Short stories for children Short stories for chidren 1. (21 vídeos) (Click en la imagen para verlos). Short stories for children 2. (21 vídeos) Draw and Tell – Create Animated Stories Draw and Tell is a free iPad app that elementary school students can use to create simple animated stories. At its most basic level Draw and Tell provides blank canvases on which students can draw pictures and or write notes. The app provides students with a variety of canvases including a blank screen, lined screens, graph paper, and colorful background borders. Students can draw on these canvases by using virtual pencils, pens, crayons, and paints. Students can also apply digital stickers and stencils to their creations in Draw and Tell. If making drawings is all your students need to do, then they can save their drawings in the app and on their iPads’ camera rolls.

ESL - Listening and Speaking Top Sites Classroom English Classroom English Common phrases used by ESL teachers in an ESL class Classroom Questions Listen and repeat questions and answers that occur in ESL classrooms English Songs American Songs Learn English through learning traditional American songs Learn Songs Learn to sing folk songs, campfire songs, and group-singing songs Songs for Kids A lot of great songs for you to enjoy and a great way to get better at speaking English Conversations

Spazio personale di mario aperto a tutti 24 ore su In the 1930s some novelists write a new kind of novel: the Anti-Utopian or Dystopian Novel. Among them we can mention Aldous Huxley with his Brave New World, George Orwell with his 1984 and the Russian Zamyantin with his novel We. Dystopian Novels are usually set in the future; they warn man to change his attitude to society. TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links - TESL There are currently 10192 registered links.Main Page | Links for Students | Links for Teachers | What's New Categories: Related Categories: Add a Link - Read about how to add our search code to your own web page.Copyright © 1995-2010 by The Internet TESL JournalUpdated: 27-Mar-2012

Random Idea English: Songs Song lessons Discussions related to songs Exercises based on several songs Songs for teaching various grammar points in TEFL and ESL This list has been compiled from a lot of sources on the web, mainly by googling around. Thanks to everyone who makes their resources public. Tell About This – Quickly Create Simple Digital Stories From the developer of the popular story starter app Write About This comes a new iPad app called Tell About This (free and paid versions available). Tell About This is a fantastic new iPad app through which students can quickly create short digital stories. The concept behind the app is simple and well-executed. When students open Tell About This they can pick from an assortment of pictures that contain a story starter. Students listen and or read the story prompt and reply by tapping the record button to record a short story about the picture that they see.

Songs and Activities for English Language Learners Songs can be an effective way to introduce or reinforce a grammar topic. Click on the topics below for companion songs and activities. (In a blog article posted Oct. 4, 2016 at, I list some of the benefits of using songs to teach grammar that I’ve observed in my own classroom.) Adverb Clauses in the Song “Baby, I’m Yours”Comparisons with LikeGerunds as Objects of PrepositionsGerund or Infinitive after begin, start, continue, like, love, hate, can’t standGet to Do SomethingGotta: Informal Spoken English for Got ToI’ve Got It and I’ve Got ‘EmMust Have + Past ParticipleNoun ClausesParticipial PhrasesReflexive PronounsUsed to + a Verb in the Simple FormUsed to vs. WouldWanna: Informal Spoken English for Want ToWish + Simple Past: Making a Wish About the Present

1984 v. Brave New World In October of 1949, a few months after the release of George Orwell's dystopian masterpiece, Nineteen Eighty-Four, he received a fascinating letter from fellow author Aldous Huxley — a man who, 17 years previous, had seen his own nightmarish vision of society published, in the form of Brave New World. What begins as a letter of praise soon becomes a brief comparison of the two novels, and an explanation as to why Huxley believes his own, earlier work to be a more realistic prediction. Fantastic.

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